Sunday, December 31, 2017

12-31-17 coming end

Tomorrow will be just as much a mystery as today was yesterday...with one exception...this BLOG is going to launch a video segment that discusses what is about to happen. Take for instance the North Korean dictator. He's a noise-maker.

When the industrial-military complex requires funding...a BIG THREAT must appear. In the most recent instance...the "little fella" suddenly and surprisingly had intercontinental ballistic missiles...and...nukes to deploy from space. He could not announce as much but had to appear as if he were slowly progressing when he had the BIG STUFFF all along.

Nowadays...however...he isn't afraid to collapse a mountain and flood the air with poisonous gas. He nuked that mountain to make it unstable so that if he's some fashion invaded...he merely detonates the hydrogen nukes buried there and the world is flooded with poisonous radiation..."ON THE BEACH" kind of horror.