Wednesday, December 27, 2017
When the Democrats were asked to support greater tax cuts, they refused. U.S. Senator Menendez,(D.NJ)...for instance...was told to ask for and he would get 100% deduction for state and local taxes but...if ole Bob remained quiet...his constituents would get a groin kick with a cap of $10,000 in the face of an average New Jersey tax bill of $21,000. Instead of demanding 100% deduction...Menendez chose to support the Democrat idea of "scorched earth"...high body count...and...stories of grandeur yet to come bubbling from every politician's mouth.

Menendez already told the folks back home their tax bills were going up...and...he could not stop it. Never will he tell them he could have delivered a 100% deduction but chose to remain quiet and permit the Republicans to stomp Democrat New Jersey...a state which thrives on socialist siphons.