Tuesday, December 26, 2017
The Children's Health Insurance Program(CHIP) was passed in 1997 and it gave parents who made more than the "cut-off" for federal poverty programs a way to get health insurance for their children and pass the cost on to the taxpayer. As with all socialist nonsense...it only works so long as there are available funds taken* from other people.

Recently...the Republicans cut off funding for CHIP. Instantly...the socialists screamed that they wanted more not less funding. Their protest was met...though...by the power of this BLOG. "Why not form a charity to pay for such CHIP?" asked the editorial staff of this BLOG..."If it's so important...why not dedicate all your income and wealth and leave other people who don't care alone?"

When scumbag- Schumer was asked that question...however...he stepped back and choked on his cud. "How dare you ask me to dedicate my wealth...my future to such an effort! I'm a socialist. I spend other people's money. I create victims who are so dependent they lick my boot. I'm all-powerful because I fund their children's health care. They kneel and worship me. I'm not about to leave my perch and grovel for donations to pay for CHIP."
*When the cupboard is bare...however...big spend government simply prints more money, (think Zimbabwe or Venezuela). The printing of money siphons off the value of whatever paper script is out there...reducing the value of all the colorful-paper money. In Venezuela...a socialist paradise...for instance...inflation is running at 5% per day...making that $1.00 chocolate bar cost $1.05 tomorrow...and...$1.15 the very next day. It tends to crush the fixed-income people...and...those too old to work as hard as needed to keep up with that kind of "inflating-the-price".

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