Wednesday, December 27, 2017
Kellyanne Conway was asked about the buy-line being told by all the MASS MEDIA...that in 2018...the Democrats would retake control of Congress and finally enslave America sending it into the socialist toilet. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied:

"In 2016...the MASS MEDIA all but assured the world that Hillary Clinton was to be the 45th president. It used FALSE POLLS...false stories...exaggeration and innuendo...designed to hurt and undermine...and...from all sources available it was foretold that HILLARY-THE-HAG would ascend to the Oval Office to continue OBAMA'S tribal socialism and the nasty economic malaise it imposes.

Of course...the myopic MASS MEDIA could not sense the voters had had enough socialism and Eco-fascism. In the region surrounding the Animus River basin...for example...99.9% of all inhabitants voted for Trump. Their pristine Animus River had been intentionally POISONED by one of Obama's stooges: Gina McCarthy...the hag* over at the so-called Environmental Destruction Agency. In West Virginia...Union coal miners told Senator JOE "traitor" MANCHIN he had best retire or find himself in some stripper pit pushing daisies. Naturally...JOE was assured by his colleagues and the complicit MASS MEDIA that the 1500 guards required 24/7 would always be there and that he needed to continue to betray West Virginia."
* Recall she sent a goon squad to dynamite the Gold King Mine and release a trillion tons of TOXINS into that pristine river basin. But...the goon squad was caught in the act and escaped condemnation because the MASS MEDIA told America it was good that Gina McCarthy dumped toxins into their water supply.

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