Wednesday, December 27, 2017
When it was discovered top echelon personnel at the Federal Bureau of Investigation were engaged in using government this and that to RIG the 2016 election...many people instantly condemned all worker bees associated with the FBI...concluding if the top is that nasty...the underlings...those quiet agents who'd kill their own mothers to please their bosses...must be just as bad and should also be purged. Indeed...Stalin...would erase entire regions making sure not even the dog lived. Might President Trump metaphorically delete 99.99% of all federal employees claiming they're unfit for duty?

By eliminating 3.78 million federal worker bees...America will be able to breathe free again. Of course...those 3.78 million are so qualified...the owners of laundries and burger joints will have a good inventory of workers from which to choose. Take LOIS LERNER for instance. She left the IRS in disgrace having been caught attempting to RIG the 2012 election. Her job opportunities after IRS have been such things as: slaughter-girl at the local meat packing plant...and...toilet attendant at the HARD ROCK CAFE in Vegas.

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