Thursday, December 28, 2017
After the Kurds drove the Daesh from Iraq and Syria...they were pushed aside. The towns they'd taken from Islamic State...for instance...were grabbed by the cowardly Iraqi forces once the zone was safe to occupy. Even when the Kurds demanded the Iraqis stay away from these towns which had been liberated by the Kurds...their demand was ignored...their interest in expanding Kurdistan sidestepped...and...their desire to be free from the grip of Baghdad socialists unquenched and unrequited.


Instead of hearing about the plight of the Kurds...the American MASS MEDIA prefers to dwell on the Russian involvement in the Ukraine...a region long under Russian hegemony and a security zone all Asians know to be critical if peace is to be maintained.



Instead of commending President Putin for his brilliant foreign policy and congratulating the people for their ability to produce and prosper...the American MASS MEDIA fills its spaces with "hate-speech"...nasty...idiotic hate-speech....calling for Russia to step out of the on-going civil war in the Ukraine...a fight between the would-be master and envious mob in Kiev...and...the freedom-lovers of the eastern region whose loyalty to President Putin unquestioned. VIVA PUTIN!

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