Friday, December 29, 2017
Lady Elizabeth told a jubilant crowd she intended to cut taxes even more...dramatically reducing the grip of big grab government. Of course...among the cheers and clapping could be discerned the hissing and booing of the parasites whose future depended on taking from producers and redistributing the plunder to wretches such as they. If their umbilical cord cut...their entitlement* stopped...what would they do? How would they replace that GIFT delivered by the would-be master in exchange for their loyalty at the ballot box?
*Unlike the OBAMA give-away entitlement approach...Social it was originally designed and intended...was not an entitlement per se but rather a pact between the worker and the government. From the income of the worker bee...a portion was taken...and...placed into a TRUST FUND...a LOCKBOX...its trustee using that precious money to buy gold and platinum...stockpiling the treasure so that when any worker bee-contributor retired...that worker bee would receive a stipend based on what had been contributed. The bet for the worker bee was that he or she would live long enough to recoup that precious money taken over the that when earned could actually buy something.

Over time...though...both sides of the aisle tapped that LOCKBOX...replacing the treasure with I.O.U. paper...worthless I.O.U. paper...not the promised GOLD...but...worthless I.O.U. paper. So much paper that nowadays...the LOCKBOX is stuffed with paper and not any GOLD anywhere therein to be found. The THEFT by both sides of the aisle is tragic. However...the entire system could be deleted and everyone paid off...unfortunately...the pay-off will have to be with colored-paper script...but...that's all that's left after 70 years of socialist grip and grab.

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