Sunday, December 24, 2017
Why is Andrew McCabe still employed at the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)? What kind of insulation does that scumbag have? How about Bruce Ohr and Lisa Page...two other jerks who were caught conspiring to RIG the 2016 presidential election? Why are they still employed? What protection do they enjoy?

Might they have "dirt" on too many politicians to be attacked? Might they have what has been called "Democrat-Jon Corzine" kind of dirt...stuff that can take down Senators and Judges? And with such a portfolio of injustice and criminal misconduct might they spill such data onto the world stage if attacked?

Folks...they can only stay insulated while in their office. When they go home...they're exposed to public derision. Indeed...this BLOG has dispatched demonstrators to walk on the public front of their homes...carrying signs that tell the world about these jerks. Just by passing the sign...using the FREEDOM-APP...a person...using this app...can receive a drive-by account of the criminal acts of the targeted politician. a result of this effort...Andrew McCabe has been thrown out of 3 social clubs and has been asked to depart his subdivision by the property management company describing his presence as anathema to his neighbors. Bruce Ohr was spat upon in the grocery store by so many angry patriots he could not identify them when he called the police. As for LISA PAGE...her pole-dancing days are over. Instead of $20 bills in her panties...scorpions and black widow spiders.