Sunday, December 31, 2017
The dictator told opposition leaders and their armies to meet him at a specific place to parlay and negotiate a peaceful settlement of grievances. Naturally...because they were tired of the butchery and destruction...all agreed and into that place they went to meet and discuss. When they arrived...the door was closed...and...everyone therein slaughtered.

Might the Iranian leadership sense opposition has grown in the 8 years OBAMA was in office and that now America is led by a real leader...a freedom-fighter...WHO might very well ignite opposition and such Opposition could unseat them out of their palaces and perches?

And to identify that kind of opposition what better way than to create riots...using their own shills...their own operatives...and...the real opposition members...not knowing they are being pulled out of hiding and thereby susceptible of identification and eradication...not knowing such ulterior motive afoot...they go out into the streets...they write stuff on social such efforts these dissenters identified and eradicated.

U.S. Rep. John Garamendi...a Democrat who backed OBAMA'S policy in 2009...when asked about IRAN declared, "No...if revolution is to occur in 2018...America must invade and invite opposition to participate. Those who rally to the mission spared...those who aligned with the mullahs slaughtered. I'm told the KURDS would be all too pleased to assist in eradicating the mullahs and their henchmen. running KURD with knife can slash a thousand throats in a night."

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