Friday, December 22, 2017
Instead of worrying about the appeal of President Trump to the female voter in 2018...the Republicans should fashion their message around liberation and prosperity...promising to delete even more bigfoot government grip and grab...and...forcing thereby the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA to acknowledge Americans want liberty not "whip and chain".

To counter this obvious message of power and prominence...the Democrats are busily fashioning a frame of WOMAN-HATER and putting it around President Trump. They noted Big Don wanted ROY MOORE over DOUG JONES that socialist-idiot running on the Democrat side of the ledger. When DOUG JONES prevailed because 20,000 Republicans chose DOUG JONES...though...the Republicans became "iffy" and decided President Trump should not travel the 2018 campaign trial pushing Republicans...accepting the FRAME the Democrats and their MASS MEDIA allies created.

Folks...we're in a war on freedom. When the Republicans joined with Big Don and removed a wee bit of the grip of big grab government by their tepid tax cut...the Democrats saw their own demise as a socialist-gathering. Their ranks were dwindling leaving only the parasites, servile supplicants and would-be masters to fill the auditoriums when elections riot and burn parade across the TV screen demanding the producer deliver even more next year.