Friday, December 22, 2017
Folks...we're in a war on freedom. The Democrats are fashioning a 2018 message for parasites, servile supplicants and their would-be masters...telling them their empire is under attack and to defend the whip-and-chain...they must choose Democrats...politicians dedicated to delivering more not less government handouts.

Countering this flood of whip-and-chain rhetoric...though...the Republicans can easily frame such Democrat nonsense as a "Hun-horde gobbling and grabbing"...a nasty allusion most voters will hold as a powerful reminder of "why" they can't support the Democrats.

President Trump told the world he was signing that tax cut today. The MASS MEDIA was telling its small group of listeners Trump would not sign the tax cut even though he promised the same. burst their hateful bubble...Big Don signed the tax cut! WOW! VIVA TRUMP!

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