Friday, December 22, 2017
When empires are built through freedom...they tend to remain so long as the heirs remember what made the fortune in the first place.

There are environmental factors...though...which can destroy a business. Take for example citrus-greening. The fruit looks good but is so sour and acidic you can peel paint with it. The farmer thinks he has good-looking crop having spent $100 per acre making the fruit. It only took 60 months...5 growing seasons to put 90% of all citrus farms out of business. They were forced to fence their property and raise cattle and elephants. Florida property taxes did not abate and the burden has only grown to nasty proportions threatening almost 78% of all farms. Indeed those farms are in danger of being sold for ad valorem taxes liens

President Trump spotted this horror and directed the estate tax be eliminated. VIVA TRUMP!

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