Wednesday, December 27, 2017
In 2016...OBAMA directed a goon squad at the so-called Environmental Destruction Agency(think Animus River poisoning) prepare a WILDFIRE HORROR story to be told to gullible children and their fanatic-parents. The idea was to blame mankind for the fires Mother Nature saw fit to start...and...demand mankind return to a more romantic time...a time of tent and mule... a time when around campfires people would dance and sing till dawn,(WSJ A-3;12-27-17).

Yes...according to Governor Jerry Brown...mankind is to blame for the wildfires consuming California. Sure...had the residents been permitted to cut down trees and clean out thickets...wildfire would never happen...but...such prudence* was not considered.

What people are not that planet Earth scourges itself with fire and flood...and...from what geologists are discovering...that purge occurs about every 15,000 years or so. Mankind is like the ant on the butt of an elephant. While it might appear with spoon and bucket one might dip the ocean can't happen...just as mankind could not change climate or the tilt of the world.
*Those people who chose to reside in such such scrublands...knowing what might occur...deserve what Mother Nature unleashes from time to time...whether it be fire or flood...they chose their they should bear any loss for their impudence.

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