The Strategic Air Command issued an advertisement wherein a stealth bomber shown dropping two huge bombs...obliterating targets below.

Somehow...that awesome display of power was offensive and hence required a trip to REGRET ISLAND.

Indeed...the top brass was asked to explain "why" for 2019 New Years Eve messaging...SAC chose OBLITERATION.

Although speaking out-of-turn...former Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn...defending choice of content...replied, "How suitable...how quaint...how poignant...and...how indicative of what rag heads face should they attack America."
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"Open those borders!" demanded Pope Francis when asked about America's southern border imbroglio. Indeed...Pope Francis was reacting to information delivered* to him by knaves whose passion for socialist flood as unbridled as the Pope's directive itself.
*As one knave said, "Rome shall hear of this!" To which President Trump quickly responded,"Roam thither then."
Former President Obama has a 10 foot wall around his homestead. He has guards and man-eating dogs patrolling the perimeter...with surveillance drones hovering 24/7. Answering the question "why" have such security...long-time friend Valerie Jarrett said Obama's involvement in the assassination of U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY and Ambassador STEVENS had made him paranoid and suspicious of shadow and muffled noise.
Sensors squawked...agents and helicopters scrambled...but...when the INTERDICTION TEAM arrived...all they saw were tracks into the desert...tracks that disappeared into tire tracks of transport trucks....trucks that merged with traffic in such fashion as to blend and disappear. Had there been a wall...some kind of FENCE...the STOP-BORDER-JUMP effort would have worked.

But...without that BARRIER...mass migration such as presently ensconced in Tijuana... can't be stopped.

Almost giggling about the prospect of a majority...U.S. Senator Elizabeth "1/1024th papoose" Warren,(D.Mass) pointed out those border-jumping migrants were devout socialists...dedicated locusts...ready to consume...trekking 2400 miles to plunder storeroom...grab socialist freebie...take advantage of socialist favor...and...bloc-vote for socialist-Democrats so that their FREEBIE-FAVOR can continue unabated.
Bobby Jindal should have directed the Democrat Party to pivot and offer liberation instead of subjugation, (WSJ 12-31-18;A-17).

Instead of such enlightening prose...however...JINDAL identified several NEW TAXES...and...NEW REGULATIONS...both of which would destroy whatever prosperity TEAM-TRUMP delivered. JINDAL framed these new shackles as "shrewd"...and...quite popular with the voting public.

When asked about his choice...JINDAL...looking back at how his fame had dwindled...replied, "Enslavement is wanted by most Americans and such can be imposed if it's framed as "free with benefits".
The Miami Herald...a venerable rag of socialist drivel and tripe...carried an article by DAVE PERRY...about the travails of Trump...packed and rife,(WSJ A-17;12-31-18).

Instead of telling the world about TEAM-TRUMP'S effort to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE...however...PERRY chose to highlight the hurdle and hassle erected to discourage and even interdict this incredible march to make salt...this unbelievable attempt by a majority of Americans to breathe free again...to escape the grip of big grab government...and...thereby usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

President Trump will not stop his TITAN-like attempt to eradicate the yoke and choke agenda...an agenda that is stifling most of the civilized world. If PERRY...a knave given to base-spaniel fawning...wished to help dismantle this 20th Century welfare-state...he would have focused on what TEAM-TRUMP has done and what can be done in 2019 to continue to loosen the stranglehold Uncle Sugar has on the throat of liberty. VIVA TRUMP!
U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro...a freedom-hating socialist...was asked about making children sick before they reached the southern border and then blaming TEAM-TRUMP when they die. Joaquin said he loved the idea but wanted to remain insulated from the PLAN* in order to be able to denounce and excoriate when American border guards failed to save those dying children.
*According to an aide for Senator Elizabeth "1/1024th papoose" Warren(D.Mass)...Jakelin Caal died from dehydration and septic shock. The doctors said the child had not had water for a week and had festering wounds which appeared to be intentionally inflicted by the father.
As the massive spider ate the armored roach...the worms who resided beneath that armor departed sensing doom finally arrived for their erstwhile host.

Similarly...as the federal government shutdown continues...many parasites will desert and go elsewhere...a benefit few Republican politicians appreciate but one which businessman turned President Trump knows will be of incredible benefit to the "always-oppressed" taxpayer.

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The august editorial staff of this BLOG met to recap and discuss what might be.

Confronting America in 2019 are the ruling elite and all the scumbags in between.

Because of the formidable WALL the MASS MEDIA erected to interdict escape from the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the Democrats took control of UNCLE SUGAR'S purse...their purpose to enslave.

Although on a local level...this BLOG took down U.S. Senator BILL NELSON...a well-known socialist knave...elsewhere...the MASS MEDIA succeeded in installing socialists and other freedom-haters in the U.S. House of Representatives...and...thereby grabbing the bucket and cup from which TEAM-TRUMP must drink.
Kellyanne Conway was asked if the federal government shutdown were not a well-wore tactic. After conferring with her IVANKA EMAIL...she replied, "The defense wasn't fooled as the trick play was run. Whatever artifice...veneer undone. Thrown for a loss...next time pick novel route...but...next time...might...not come about."
Some time back...a Chinese chemist took potassium nitrate...sulfur...and...powdered charcoal...mixed them together...added fire...and...poof! Nowadays...that same chemist has mixed this and that and found ETERNAL YOUTH. Might Chinese invention and innovation once more be afoot? And...if so...for how long...before...it's once more...shut down...shut down as it was so long ago...when another chemist made something go "poof'...and...added POWER to mankind's glow?
Hong Kong is roughly 414 square miles while Florida is 65,755 square miles.

Florida has a TRILLION DOLLAR economy...while...HONG KONG generates $7 trillion per year in aggregated commerce.

As now-U.S. Senator Rick Scott(R.FL) noted, "If federal and state politicians work together...Florida can be the most prosperous place on the planet...eclipsing HONG KONG...SINGAPORE...and...any other so-called best bastion of commerce." 

"Give President Trump the funding for his security-wall along the southern border...and...you give him the 2020 election by a landslide," whispered U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown,(D.Oh) when asked about Democrat intransigence to Big Don's demand for $5.5 billion to erect the final portion of the security-wall designed to stop "over-or-under" breaches.
The so-called federal government shutdown...the SCHUMER SHUTDOWN...as it's known by most Americans...has been forecast as a WIPE-IT-ALL-OUT flood event...."40 days and 40 nights" kind of stuff...MASS MEDIA raining down 24/7 every horrific anecdote and back-up video...all intended to make Americans demand the imposition of the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE and stifle whatever future Americans might have otherwise enjoyed.

As U.S. Senator Jon Testor said, "This 2018 shake-out is wondrous since it will assist in the elimination of "needless" worker bees. While all federal employees...to me...are essential...it might every well be there are a few out of this 1.2 million who are not needed any longer. But..as a socialist with delusions of power...I can't identify such "dead wood".
Needless battle in a wasteland far from home...whatever gained not ever known.

You're the soldiers of God...you must understand...fate of country in your young hands. May God give you strength...do your job well...if it all be worth it...only TIME it will tell.

In the morning...with tears for eyes...stench of death drift the skies...a soldier so ill in last breath if right to kill...inquired from one so wise...choose it now...red or blue...the pill.(https://youtu.be/WOs3uIEyHaY)
Drawing straws to decide who would tell her...Hillary was approached and told her chances in 2020 were NIL and she had best fade away. Like that old soldier in that barracks' ballad...she needed just to fade away. Her days as "glass house" Hillary had been too much for most voters many of whom had lost dear friends by supporting her attempt to become QUEEN!
"What am I to do?" asked the unpaid federal worker bee who had come to rely on that incredibly-large bi-monthly paycheck.

"I know I'm not needed...that I'm a parasite...but...I need my paycheck...and...TEAM-TRUMP is not giving me what I want. I would support plundering storeroom...even killing those who refused to give...but...I want my paycheck and I want it now!" shouted the angry federal employee speaking on condition of anonymity.
Every federal worker bee knew their job would only lasted as long as there was federal funding for it. They knew not to RELY on their government employment. Yes...federal worker bees are almost impossible to fire. They can kill...lie...deceive...and...never be prosecuted*...UNLESS...they're Republican.

But...they can be denied their salary if there are not funds appropriated for the same. TEAM-TRUMP is draining the SWAMP. As White House Chief of Staff Gen. Jim Kelly once said, "Inch by inch...anything's a cinch."

Indeed...as more and more Americans sense these 1.2 million federal worker bees are NOT ESSENTIAL and won't be missed...the power of socialist-Democrats who rely on such a federal workforce will be drained. VIVA TRUMP!
*Mr. Wolfe was caught leaking data to the Trump-hating mass media. However...because he was Anti-Trump...his BETRAYAL was commended not condemned by the Democrats and the complicit Trump-hating MASS MEDIA.
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Listening to star-gazing physicists discuss the universe...one usually hears them say there isn't enough MASS in the known universe to account for what's observed requiring one to suppose there is "dark matter"...stuff that is there but can't be measured except by the consequence of its existence.

Along the same lines of job-security...recently...job-defending researchers even declared they had finally measured a gravitational wave that happened to be moving through a region that was observable from their erected detection-web on Earth.

However...applying logic and reason...though...there might be another explanation. It might be the "observable" universe is simply a part of a larger universe...and...that what is still NOT OBSERVED is delivering the "gravitational" SUM (matter + dark matter) as well as the persistent gravitational waves. Yes...we detect light from the "farthest away" galaxies...but...farthest way from what? There very well could be a universe still farther away in terms of light years...and...be of such distance that LIGHT therefrom hasn't reached the boundary* of what we can OBSERVE.
*BIG BANG THEORY: that from a mathematical point...the entire universe sprang...expanding as if an explosion. What made that POINT...at that timeless moment...expand? What board meeting was held to decide such a thing? What made that point create the concept of TIME when infinite density meant TIME as a measurement could not exist? In answering those questions...the inquiring mind might consider: As one approaches the speed of light TIME slows down until it cannot be measured. Electrons move at the speed of light. Are not electrons the ultimate TIME MACHINE?
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What righteous-good flows from this recent federal government shutdown?

Socialists...Eco-fascists...and...other freedom-haters sense their omnipotent NANNY STATE is becoming less important...less needed...less wanted...less considered...and...that has frightened them.

So afraid are they...their cohorts in the MASS MEDIA have been directed to attack such an effort to liberate America from the grip of big grab government.

However...this relentless bombardment hasn't fetched the intended results with a majority of Americans...still...wishing to breathe free...free from the oppressive grip of the would-be master with envious mob. Indeed...most Americans...when asked specifically if they want to be slave or free...eschew CAGE for KEY.
In a 45 to 34 fight...the Alabama CRIMSON TIDE defeated Oklahoma Sooners. Both teams fought valiantly...but...the TIDE had more blue-chip players...something that comes with a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

Yes...folks...in the final game of the year...the Clemson TIGERS will be blown off the field in the 1st quarter giving the TIDE'S 4th string players a chance to play against the best Clemson has to offer since the Clemson coach will keep his 1st team on the field hoping something might occur.
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There isn't anything noble in any form of enslavement. Yet...with the adroit assistance of the FREEDOM-HATING MASS MEDIA...the Democrats have successfully sold ENSLAVEMENT...telling voters neither notice shackle nor feel bite of whip.

And...from 2018 election results...it seems such an EVIL MESSAGE has drawn the souls of those Americans and put them into a voting bloc of misery and privation. It might very well be public schools have taught enslavement so well these students-now-voters don't sense the EVIL they have been told the worship.

Folks..we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. When this BLOG commenced in 2008...its mission statement to be a BEACON...a light inside a pitch-black room...enabling by LIGHT the discovery of a future boundless and blossoming...all without the intrusion of the NANNY STATE.
What if George H.W. Bush were directed to breach his promise not to raise taxes by his most trusted allies whose forecast of great political benefit little more than idiotic guessing devoid of reason?

In his 1994 acceptance speech for the nomination for president...having realized the pitfall into which he had plummeted...BUSH-THE-TRAITOR told voters he had breached his promise and now regretted the BETRAYAL. "You get good judgment from experience and you get experience by having bad judgment." His BETRAYAL cost him his 2nd term.

President Trump knows the MASS MEDIA has already prepared a collage of TRUMP-STATEMENTS...and...should Big Don cave in on the WALL and reopen the SWAMP in a "go along to get along" approach...TRUMP will suffer the SAME FATE as GEORGE-THE-TRAITOR!
The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA...instead of focusing on the esteemed benefits derived from downsizing the federal government footprint...has been discussing the federal government shutdown in terms almost apocalyptic.

According to these "chicken little" rant-and-rave talking heads...if those 380,000 federal worker bees don't get paid...Mother Earth will cease spinning...America will become instantly impoverished...and...disappear in a sea of despair and misery.

The BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT machine* must be funded. Any downsizing would undermine the effort to enslave America...and...smother it in European diktat and control. 

"How dare President Trump attempt to remove the stranglehold the NANNY STATE has on the producer!" shouted U.S. Senator "1/1024th papoose" Warren(D.Mass)...adding in her own way:  "VOL needs to eat!"
*In a Star Trek episode...a computer in a cave had to be fed every day lest it lose its ability to function and destroy the Enterprise.
Pulling out of one area and strengthening another is expected when conducting a war. The more uncertain the enemy is of what America is going to do keeps them cautious and less likely to undertake attack. Such tactic has been marvelously successful for the military since Big Don took over as Commander-in-Chief. Let's hope TEAM-TRUMP has enough political support to continue this remarkable eradication of terrorists...an effort neither BUSH nor OBAMA could achieve.
Drexel University has a stain on its English Dept.: Paula Marantz Cohen. If COHEN were ruler of the world...she'd impose KANT MORALITY...the same collectivist nonsense that was used to KILL millions of people as the murderers proclaimed a MORAL IMPERATIVE to eradicate "impure"...and..."tarnished".

To pick* apart every one of Cohen's idiotic assertions,,,though...would take too many screens and the effort unworthy of the time...except...that her declaration that KANT was somehow a great person...or...meaningful to a meaningful philosophy of life...was too much to overlook.
*Ayn Rand in her booklet: FOR THE NEW INTELLECTUAL dismembers KANT...and...reveals the IDIOTIC ASPECT of whatever he thought. Using REASON to deny existence of REASON is preposterous but core stuff for KANT.
Peggy Noonan knows Obama directed the assassination of U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY and Ambassador Stevens. However...she won't tell what she knows because she's a tribal socialist bent on the destruction of American liberty.

To reveal* the EVIL of OBAMA would be to hurt her cause...undermine her goal...and...that she will not do.

No...folks...Peggy Noonan hates LIBERTY...and...loved Obama because Obama also hated liberty and was doing what he could to impose socialist "freedom-to-obey"...an imposition which made Peggy's left leg tingle,(WSJ A-13;12-29-18).
*Based on rock-solid evidence: U.S. border guard Brian Terry had to be snuffed out before he could tell the world what Obama's Black Ops teams were doing along the Mexican border; and Ambassador Stevens was deleted on 09-11-12 in a Benghazi embassy compound before he could publish game-changing data which would have derailed the Obama re-election effort in 2012.
Carbon Dioxide(CO2) is a trace gas in the atmosphere and what CO2 is found is only there due to the fact plant life hasn't eaten it yet. Recently...near Indonesia...Mount Anak Krakatau erupted and spewed more CO2 than mankind has emitted since the dawn of the industrial revolution. And Mother Earth has not into flames burst. That emitted CO2 was absorbed by the Earth's equilibrium aspect. Indeed...that recent eruption demonstrated the "greenhouse gas" MYTH is nonsense.

However...the MASS MEDIA won't admit as much since such acknowledgement would eviscerate and disembowel the MYTH of man-caused climate change.
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"Marines...we are leaving!" shouted the Captain as he dashed towards the armored personnel carrier that had not been destroyed by Taliban artillery.

They'd been ambushed and already 15 of the 90 man mission were down...some dead...some too hurt to move.

Looking at the scene...the Captain told the marines he was departing and they had best grab their comrades and depart with him.

As they climbed crammed-like into that haven on wheels...the Captain looked back to see 10,000 Taliban headed their way...firing machine guns...and...rocket-propelled grenades. It would be a miracle if they survived.

Yet...from out of the sun...came an APACHE helicopter and slaughtered every last one of those rag heads. It was marvelous to watch as rag heads disintegrated. So many were killed so quickly those Taliban still coming from the caves didn't know those before them had been obliterated. It was great to see so many TALIBAN FIGHTERS blown to smithereens.
Der Spiegel magazine fired Claas Relotius for LYING. They were appalled to find most of what RELOTIUS had written was FALSE.

Hearing about how unprincipled and reckless RELOTIUS had become...the Corrupt News Network(CNN) offered CLAAS a job as an anchor man...hosting a show dedicated to TRUMP-HATE.

Their idea was to use RELOTIUS to present so much FALSEHOOD...so much HATE-TRUMP stuff...voters...in 2020...would choose socialism and enslavement instead of supporting the effort by TEAM TRUMP to delete the grip of big grab government.

The MASS MEDIA'S success in 2018 in helping to seize control of the U.S. House of Representatives has only emboldened* them. As U.S. Senator Elizabeth "1/1024th papoose" Warren(D.Mass) said, "People will choose enslavement if they're told it's free and comes with benefits."
*Bold wag by praise made bolder.
In Syria..near the Jordanian border...sits the al-Tanf garrison whose personnel include American soldiers. Their battlefield is an expansive desert and mountainous terrain...pitted with caves...crammed with mine-fields...and...so desolate a place not even scorpions can call it home.

Somehow...military experts...people in Washington DC...though...have determined al-Tanf is of such strategic importance that to lose it would mean a loss of the entire Middle East...and...maybe...even the destruction of Israel.

Speaking on condition of anonymity...one Pentagon official with shiny boots and battle ribbons said, "For want of a nail..the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe, the horse was lost. For want of a horse, the soldier was lost, For want of a soldier, the war was lost. We lose that SPOT in SYRIA and we lose the entire Middle East to the control of Muslims!"
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Many doctors are refusing to treat any patient whose payment for services will come from the federal government. They don't want to have such exposure to outright EVIL ATTACK by the U.S. Injustice Dept. on a charge of FRAUD.

Yes...folks...the scumbags in the Injustice Dept. have hired equally loathsome experts who are willing to look at medical data and LIE about the medical services provided declaring them "unnecessary". The data on which these REPROBATES rely is always less than the data upon which the "treating-doctor-now-defendant" relied in making the decision to expand treatment beyond an initial "look-see".

"It's the stain of Cain," quipped one doctor who said she never helped anyone whose payment came from government. Not ever. They had to pay with CASH...or...go seek their future elsewhere. She wasn't about to open herself to ATTACK by GOVERNMENT KNAVES. Not now...not ever!
There are 2.1 million federal worker bees ...1.2 million grantees...and...the equivalent of four million full-time contractors...all of whom deliver goods and services on behalf of the faceless public. They do not produce anything of economic value. They take from others and deliver as directed but never do they produce anything of economic value. They're parasites and WILL NOT BE MISSED in an economic sense by the macro-public.

Yes...they spend their paychecks...but...that paycheck had to come from the storeroom of the producer. There had to be a "taking"before a "giving"...and...that "taking"...has been ruinous for America. President Trump observed as much and has been doing all he can to remove the stifling grip of big grab government. VIVA TRUMP!

Merle Haggard was asked if LEFTY and PONCHO applied to the recent imprisonment of MA JIAN.

A former Chinese intelligence official was sentenced to life in prison for corruptly collaborating with Guo Wengui...a/k/a...MILES KWOK. During their decades-long friendship...MA JIAN and MILES made millions of dollars buying and selling using "insider" data. If MILES wanted something...those who had whatever wanted...would miraculously deliver such to GUO...whose feigned surprise dramatically delivered each and every time.

Nowadays...though...MA is in JAIL...and...MILES is in New York City...in a penthouse apartment...sipping ancient brandy and discussing ways to topple the XI JINGPING REGIME.

As Merle said, "So different their fates...Chinese jailers say...they could have had MILES any day...they let him go so long...just trying to be kind...I suppose."
Somehow...according to the socialists and fascists...idling 380,000 federal worker bees is a terrible thing...and...will destroy the American economy.

So idiotic is that assertion it required rebuke.

Government worker bees produce NOTHING! They take...they consume...they hassle...they stifle...they hurt...but...they produce nothing of economic value. Most of them are needless...and...won't be missed. Those few who do perform essential services will be retained and their jobs available once the DEMOCRAT GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN ends.

Folks...we're witnessing the last days of socialism. Yes...the BLUE EDGE of America put Democrats into power in 2018 election cycle in the U.S. House of Representatives. Somehow...a majority of voters in big cities chose socialism having been told the socialists will plunder storerooms for them and redistribute booty in a fair and compassionate way...their way. And...somehow...those voters believed these PIED PIPERS ignoring the fate of the Venezuelans who followed the same tune.

The reaction to the Republican loss of control of  the U.S. House of Representatives manifested in so many ways. Not only has the stock market reacted...but...consumer confidence has fallen. Indeed...a measure of consumer confidence among American households fell for a second consecutive month, weighed down by the advent of the take-over...a take-over that bodes ILL for the average American...a disaster to most should Democrats impose their SOCIALIST TERROR.
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Oh my god! The door to DECEIT was opened...wide open...so that anyone who wished to look could see LIE and know it to be LIE.

Two competitors with access to the venerable man-caused climate change computer delivered two opposed forecasts...each declaring their prediction based on that omniscient computer model.

One forecast said man had caused the climate to warm so much that the winter of 2018-2019 would be mild...temperatures above record-normal...while the other PROGNOSTICATOR asserted the winter would be "teeth-chattering cold".

Both could not be right...yet...both asserted their prediction was correct because it was based on COMPUTER MODEL.

Might the MODEL be little more than GUESS dressed as FACTUAL UNDERPINNING? Might the entire man-caused climate change theory be HOKUM?

Indeed...comparing the Old Farmer's Almanac with the Farmer's Almanac...one must conclude the theory of man-caused climate change is nonsense and has been proffered as a reason to enslave the producer even more.

Ultimately...as always happens...the deceit and profit therefrom will become more known as more and more people find themselves looking at different answers to the same equation of 2+2. How can one model say "4" and...another say "5"...and...both be called EQUAL OUTCOMES?
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U.S. Senator Elizabeth "1/1024th Papoose"Warren(D.Mass)...in one of her more venomous moments...turned and said to a persistent cub reporter whose incessant questions about EVIL AND SOCIALISM had pushed Warren into hyper-hate mode, "No person who has a name but falsehood and corruption do it shame. As far as I'm pushing it...slander lives on succession forever housed where it gets possession."
Kellyanne Conway was asked about what voters could do to help TEAM-TRUMP delete the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. She looked at all the well-dressed donors in her midst...and...then...replied, "Jesus told his disciples of a lady who donated TWO MITES. While others tossed gold...she was able to put forth TWO MITES. To her...those TWO MITES represented almost all of her worldly wealth,(MARK 12:42)". 

Listeners asked KELLYANNE what she meant. She looked at them sternly and said, "Whatever you can do to help fight this oppressive NANNY STATE...you must do. Even if you believe it's so little...so insignificant...nonetheless...it must be done. Toss in your TWO MITES. It will be accepted and exalted. But...help you must!"
Hazard all in hope of fair advantage. While President Xi Jingping...himself a TITAN...knew of DONALD JOHN TRUMP...and...heard him promise to make America great again...never did XI DADA conclude this businessman was a TITAN...capable of accomplishing what he wanted.

However...nowadays...with such realization...XI DADA has looked for ways to co-exist in an OPEN AND FREE MARKETPLACE...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. Himself an unbounded visionary...XI DADA has seen fit to merge ONE BELT-ONE ROAD with President Trump's effort to expand the future to include everyone.
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Folks...GOP.COM is a good website...but...quite difficult to navigate. When FREEUSFLORIDA.COM attempted to direct their efforts along a different path...the emissary was told the GOP message was a welfare-state message with some peppering of freedom here and there to keep the base happy. Instantly...an alarm was sounded. The GOP had been taken over by socialists disguised as Republicans. In many ways...it was an "Oh My God!" moment for many Republicans who want this NANNY STATE dismantled not improved...not tinkered with...but deleted!
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From 25,800 to 22,300 is quite a reaction by producers to the advent of a socialist take-over of the U.S. House of Representatives grabbing just enough seats to tip the balance.

Producers saw in the 2018 change of power a dreaded socialist advance that would eviscerate and subjugate...take away...and...impoverish...and...they wanted to grab their profits now before the scumbag-socialists begin destroying what little liberty left in America.

Yes...TEAM-TRUMP tried to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...but...U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,(R.Ky) chose* not to allow CAGE escape and permitted SCUMBAG-SCHUMER and his scurvy-Democrats to stop the elimination of the grip of big grab government.

And...2019 will be a year of fuss and fight. PELOSI and SCHUMER will do all they can to stymie and stifle. Indeed...PELOSI has promised to bring about a RECESSION as soon as the MASS MEDIA has laid the groundwork...lined up all the "cry-and-beg" stories...and...the rioters paid and scripted. Once the players are ready...PELOSI will direct the OBAMA moles to do whatever they need do to hurt the economy enough to give MASS MEDIA the ability to fan the problem into CRISIS AND CHAOS.
*McCONNELL betrayed patriots and other would-be freedom-fighters...and...such two-face nonsense will be framed by historians as the greatest betrayal in the early days of the 21st Century ever committed.
U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) told a cub reporter TRUMP would have more success taking suckling cub from she-bear than he would being granted sufficient funds to WALL-BUILD.

A police officer from FIJI Islands who came here lawfully was killed on Christmas Day by an illegal alien who was stopped for speeding and who didn't wish to be caught so the police officer was shot and killed to avoid capture.

The stakes in this BORDER WALL DISPUTE are that high. Of course...SCHUMER admitted he didn't care about that police officer...his wife...or...5 month old boy-child. No...Schumer was more interested in keeping TRUMP away from erecting the WALL on which he campaigned and on which Americans so hardily depend at this time.

Knowing how vicious and nasty SCHUMER and his fellow Democrats are...TEAM-TRUMP is maneuvering to FUND the WALL by other means. Indeed...across America $5.5 billion has been requested and donations are pouring into the BUILD WALL FUND. The contractors have promised to do the wall as cheaply as possible but putting into the structure anti-tunneling and anti-sail-over aspects...so formidable...so scientific...so sensitive...the odds of escaping detection before interdiction are almost nil. VIVA TRUMP!
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OBAMA lied about OBAMA-CARE. He lied about "shovel-ready" and lied about green-energy program benefits. His LIES hurt people. However...he was never exposed as a LIAR by the MASS MEDIA. Yes...voters knew Obama was a LIAR...but...the complicit MASS MEDIA...because OBAMA was a tribal socialist dedicated to destroying liberty...his LIES were never highlighted and he was never condemned.

In 2018...though...any exaggeration by President Trump...any overlooked footnote...everything is LIE...and...he's castigated 24/7 on the matter by a hateful MASS MEDIA. When the Corrupt News Network owners were asked about the difference they chuckled and replied that TRUMP was trying to liberate the producer and they were not about to permit escape from the clutches of the NANNY STATE.
Dr. Who was always fighting the DOLEKS...creatures whose best and most fearsome word: EXTERMINATE!

When TEAM-TRUMP took over in January of 2017...Islamic State was slaughtering...butchering...and...telling the world their intention was to EXTERMINATE!

Might President Trump have eradicated those vermin and extinguished their threat? It seems as if he did.

As one OBAMA-ERA tactician admitted, "Obama was the creator of Islamic State. Indeed...in 2009...it was Obama who released al-Baghdadi...leader of Islamic State. But...it was TEAM-TRUMP who eradicated those critters!"
no image
George H.W. Bush was TRICKED into RAISING taxes and violating his promise not to do as much. That REVERSAL cost him the 1990 election and opened the door for BILL CLINTON.

While it might seem that President Trump has been forced into a wet-paint corner by Senator Schumer...it's merely an appearance. Unlike any other ...PRESIDENT TRUMP doesn't need the "damn" job and will do what's best for America not what's best for some interest group demanding something TRUMP said he would not do. If DONALD JOHN TRUMP does not get that $5.5 billion for that WALL...the bloody federal government can just stay shut-down with charity groups taking over the various government functions that were once done by federal worker bees.

Take for example the national parks. Charity groups are entering the facilities and delivering services on a volunteer basis. Even some of the federal worker bees are donating their time because they don't want to be seen as "UNNECESSARY"...a label feared by most federal worker bees. Of course...the TRUMP-HATING MASS MEDIA hasn't shown those facilities "up-and-running" because that would undermine their "NEED GOVERNMENT NOW" narrative.
Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel was informed FREEDOM was afoot...and...as a devout freedom-hater...he had best be about stomping and chomping. Hence...came DIKTAT 349...a LAW that permits CANEL to decide what is and is not permitted to be shown to the world.

La Alianza singers, who go by the names NAVY and NENE 9mm, believe the move to stifle originality and artistic expression is linked to the advocacy in their lyrics. "We generate discomfort because we talk about hidden realities, such as racial discrimination," said the artists known as NAVY,(WSJ A-7;12-27-18).
Folks...FAKE NEWS is almost everywhere nowadays. Even the venerable WALL STREET JOURNAL (WSJ A-4;12-27-18) has some knaves willing to present LIE as TRUTH.

Take for instance Natalie Andrews and Kristina Peterson...two devout Trump-haters...who wrote a story about the government shutdown portraying the matter as GRAVE AND SERIOUS instead of framing it as a BOON to the taxpayer...and...an esteemed benefit to every American who wishes to breathe free and not be hassled by federal worker bees.

Their photo of trash piling up on the National Mall in Washington D.C. was intended to tell the viewer that the federal government's own backyard is filling up with trash. But...whose trash? How did those 15 bags of debris get placed by that one trash can situated by a metal bench? Who stopped their vehicle...climbed out...grabbed those bags of trash...carted them to that spot...and...took those photos?

Answer those questions and you'll instantly sense the LIE...and...become angry that two ladies...for 30 pieces of silver....would do what they could to derail the escape from the would-be masters of the NANNY STATE CAGE. The underlying argument is that Americans must kneel and worship the federal government as if some kind of gratuitous GOD...and...to do any less will fetch TRASH PILE-UP.
Matthew Whitaker...while playing football at the University of Iowa...was listed as "GTE District VII academic All-American". At the time...GTE was a sponsor of that award. Naturally...WHITAKER recited the accolade on his resume' never thinking he was declaring a FALSEHOOD. However...Matthew was never listed on the official roster as having been a recipient of such an honor; and that lack of confirmatory scribble prompted TRUMP-HATERS to bubble forth and demand an explanation* and dismissal of Whitaker as acting U.S. Attorney General.
*An Academic All-American...residing in Vero Beach, Florida...was asked about the imbroglio. It was OBVIOUS to him that the BOILING POINT had been reached for TRUMP-HATERS and they were going to kick anyone connected to Big Don.
no image

Folks...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA won't give TEAM-TRUMP any credit for the remarkable recovery America has made since TEAM-OBAMA was evicted in 2016. The fluctuations of the stock market...for example...have generated incredible profits for those investors pursuing a straddle-put-call strategy. Companies are setting records in profit and innovation. Unemployment is at an all-time low...wages and salaries are rising. As one socialist had to concede, "Liberation does fetch prosperity and benefits for all...but...it leaves little room for the tyrant with envious-mob...something I find opprobrious and downright bad."

But...come 2019...with the socialists having power over the purse in the U.S. House of Representatives...TEAM-TRUMP will have to manage governing without BIG BUCKS to spend. Efficiency at the least price possible will be the hallmark of government...and...those worker bees who have jobs will be required to do their utmost to serve their constituents selflessly never asking for higher pay...and...never wanting taxpayers to fund their retirement packages.
RUTH "BUZZIE" GINSBURG survived yet another bout with cancer. She told a cub reporter she was going to remain aboard until she died. "They'll have to poke me to see if I'm still alive," whispered Ginsburg as she looked at the U.S. Supreme Court docket. "I'm a freedom-hater and I will do what I can while on the Court to steer America into the socialist toilet. America deserves to know misery and privation not bounty and surplus," declared the 85 year old freedom-hater.
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Pelipe Alonzo-Gomez died in U.S. Border Security custody. The 8 year old child had been forced to walk 2567 miles by his child-abusing father and had been subjected to an illegal border jump. The child's constitution simply could not take the punishment the child-abusing father had inflicted.

Yet...U.S. Rep.Joaquin Castro(D.Tx) demanded a Congressional probe never acknowledging the culprit to be the child-abusing father. If CASTRO were to blame the father...though...there wouldn't be any POWER-POINT...not any political benefit. Hence...CASTRO blamed TRUMP declaring TRUMP to be the child's killer.
U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz(D.FL) and Louis Farrakhan embraced. They spoke about the JEW and what could be done to assist the Palestinians.

"I know Louis hates JEWS...but...he likes the way I cheat and deceive. He appreciates a fellow traveler...and...embraced me for such purpose," dripped Schultz as she looked at her plans for 2020 attack on TEAM-TRUMP.
Department of Environmental Quality employees Michael Prysby and Stephen Busch entered pleas of "no contest" in exchange for plea deals which involved testifying against their fellow workers. These two Democrat-bureaucrats were instrumental in hiding the LEAD POISONING that the DEMOCRATS caused in Detroit. They had attempted to put the BLAME on the Republicans despite the OBVIOUS TRAIL of wrongdoing that led to the Democrats' front door. These two jackals changed sides when they saw advantage and benefit from betrayal* of fellow workers who had joined them in the HIDING of that horrific event.
*U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer(D.NY) said he was glad Prysby and Busch were squealing but had they been in his circle...he'd have deleted them...HOFFA STYLE.
STOCK MARKET SWING! Had the investor taken the advice of this BLOG and pursued a STRADDLE-PUT-CALL strategy...that INVESTOR has reaped a BILLION BUCKS in the last few months. Years from now...as historians examine various BLOGS of this era...they'll focus on this BLOG as the most foresighted and sagacious daily memo ever conceived as if NOSTRADAMUS and SHAKESPEARE were conjoined at the hip.
President Trump stood in IRAQ...a conquered land...and...looked out on Baghdad and wondered "why" Americans were still in the region. Yes...rag heads in Tehran were very involved in Iraq but...so what. The tribes and mullahs of the Middle East have been slaughtering each other since THE PROPHET died without naming an heir. Unlike OBAMA...ever the dung-throwing monkey...however...President Trump knows who the PLAYERS are and the MOVES they plan to make.
President Trump has led America in ways not anyone...except this BLOG...envisioned. He is demanding liberation of the subjugated-producer and has pushed ESTABLISHMENT-REPUBLICANS to follow him to freedom...to help him open the door to the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and allow prosperity to flood America.

The voters...who chose DONALD JOHN TRUMP...looked to him to enter the Oval Office and delete the grip of BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT. They rejoiced when he cut taxes and dispensed with stifling "green" regulation. They cheered as he announced America was withdrawing from needless wars. Perhaps...Big Don is just the first of such FREEDOM-FIGHTERS...people willing to stand up...and...declare FREEDOM is better* than socialist-enslavement.
*The Founding Fathers foresaw tyrants and other would-be masters with envious mobs would attempt to overtake...overwhelm...and...grab control of government. They built into the U.S. Constitution a way for voters to change the leadership every 2 years for power-over-purse(House of Rep)...and...the U.S. Senate which was picked by legislators of that state not the voters. The power of impeachment also was vested in the House of Representatives.
U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters,(D.Ca) said she would chase TRUMP around Perdition's Horn before she'd give him up. "I'd smite the face of God...if he insulted me...I'd stand and view Medusa's head had it but defied me to see...and...I will pursue DONALD JOHN TRUMP unto the bowels of hell...that great despicable President...whose political-death...when slayed where demons dwell."
BONANZA...coming and going! The computer models which buy-sell securities have been taking profits and such sell-off has driven the stock market down. However...the same algorithms are directing "buy" on a cornucopia of "down-stocks" at this very moment...sending the stock market climbing a THOUSAND POINTS in one day.

Except for this BLOG...though...not anywhere is there one MASS MEDIA outlet congratulating TRUMP on delivering the kind of up-down market which generates fabulous fortunes in hours instead of days as straddle-put-call theory is used to fetch fortunes!
President Trump is so hated by the MASS MEDIA...the troop withdrawal mentioned by Big Don has been called IGNORANT and SHORT-SIGHTED. When the commander-in-chief invited all those war-mongers to walk point on village patrols in Syria and toilet-bowl Afghanistan...they refused. They could "talk-the-talk"...but...too cowardly to "walk-the-walk".

Unlike "fascist" BUSH-CHENEY and "tribal socialist" OBAMA...President Trump mastered the ART OF WAR. He understands the BOARD and PLAYERS so well...he has anticipated their moves...everyone of them so far...in ways even the most ardent foes acknowledge to be almost God-like.

By 2020...President Trump will have concluded America's participation in the wars in Iraq...Afghanistan...and...Syria. The Trump-haters don't want him to extricate America from the meat grinder since such LOSS OF PERSONNEL will be a focal point in the 2020 contest.

U.S. Senate Minority Leader...sensing an opening to slap TRUMP...told the world that America must remain mired in the Middle East lest Islamic State reappear...a threat SCHUMER...during the OBAMA ERA ...downplayed as a minor irritant to global peace.

Joining "scumbag" Schumer are most of the socialist-winners of the 2018 election cycle. "I'd like to see thousands of dead soldiers," quipped U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez(D.NY) when asked about TRUMP troop extraction and what such withdraw would mean to the 2020 contest.
no image
The Corrupt News Network(CNN) has its share of talking heads willing to tell* the world their opinion on the cause of the UP-DOWN of the American stock market.

*Naturally...because it's CNN...the talking heads are telling their very limited viewing audience...those bored enough...or...gullible enough...to waste the time to hear drivel and tripe...that TEAM-TRUMP is stopping WARS...CUTTING TAXES..REDUCING REGULATION AND GOVERNMENT SPENDING...and...that contraction is hurting the stock market.
no image
Withdrawing troops is not withdrawing firepower. Indeed...left behind will be WAR-BOTS(tm)...stationary...inert DEVICES...self-contained mechanisms...designed to detect...identify...pinpoint...and...eradicate TALIBAN. So feared is WAR-BOT(tm)...TALIBAN has considered disbanding lest gathering become their tomb.

Of course...the TRUMP-HATING MASS MEDIA has equated troop draw-down with reduction in FIREPOWER FOOTPRINT...a conclusion that is so far off the mark as to be little more than scurrilous commentary and nasty-opinion disguised as FACTUAL REPORTING. Indeed...Secretary of Defense James Mattis...in one of his departing comments...told a cub reporter TALIBAN had been targeted for termination and they had best remain under whatever rock they call home.
President Trump and First Lady Melania appeared in the GREEN ZONE to meet with military personnel. The surprise visit was executed in such fashion so that TALIBAN could not shoot down AIR FORCE ONE as it made its landing in KABUL.

Instantly...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA blamed the death of an 8 year old Guatemalan boy on the President declaring TRUMP'S precipitous visit to IRAQ caused a disease which consumed the child. With talking heads and experts connecting the dots and describing how TRUMP'S IRAQ VISIT had killed the child...it was clear to viewers the TRUMP-HATERS weren't overlooking anything usable to besmirch TEAM-TRUMP.
SUPPLY and DEMAND in commodities are well-known. More supply...or expectation of more supply...will send the price of a commodity downward. The so-called CARTEL was unable to control SUPPLY since DEMAND was burgeoning and only a FOOL permits another FOOL to stop the FOOLERY. As soon as advantage was observed...the OPEC producers broke ranks and pumped and sold before the others could. Fortunately for America...with the USA the biggest OIL and GAS producer...the OIL CARTEL is a thing of the past...another noise-maker whose day as bottleneck...come and gone.
no image
STRADDLE PADDLE? If an investor where straddling with put-call in the present volatile stock market...that investor is making 400% on their investment every 72 hours! Pick a "plummeted" stock* and straddle and watch that profit flood.
*APPLE, INC....and...most other TECH STOCKS are plummeting in value. Maybe they're gone...maybe they're just dipping down and coming back...maybe...their best days are yonder...way ahead of foresight and conjecture. Why not RISK some BUCKS and profit from the recommendation?
George Mitchell, a 1st generation oil man born of Greek immigrants, was often told that beneath America were trillions of barrels of oil and cubic feet of natural gas in such abundance that mankind could burn 24/7 for 10,000 years and never find bottom. The story always ended with a forlorn declaration that such bounty was forever locked inside shale deposits...and...there was not any way to break that FOSSIL FUEL free from Mother Nature's grip.

"Can't never did anything!" Mitchell was heard to say as his 35th attempt to extract SHALE STUFF floundered and spit forth little to nothing of value. So much of a loser was MITCHELL that TEAM OBAMA ignored him and what he sought to deliver to the world. Had they but known he was the pioneer of FRACKING...that his 36th attempt would be fruitful...they never would have permitted him to do what he did. They would have sent freedom-hating ecologists to SHUT HIM DOWN.

However...OBAMA'S scurvy crew was not watching for such innovation and they were not quick enough to shut off that SHALE STUFF...and...thereby continue to force Americans to pay more for energy thereby justifying their IDIOTIC green structures(wind and solar farms). Once Mitchell demonstrated how $18.00 per barrel OIL was a just few feet beneath planet Earth...though...TEAM OBAMA began to plot ways to interdict...stifle...and...hinder.

" How dare someone attempt to open the CAGE!" screamed U.S. Senator Sherrod Borwn,(D.Oh)...a scumbag whose idea of GREEN AMERICA does not include fossil fuels.

"We want to control how people get from here to there...control how they live...and...what they do and think," whispered Senator Brown as he looked at how his GREEN TEAM could shut FRACKING down.
Maia Kats...big shot for the so-called Center for Science in the Public Interest...declared CHEEZ-IT should have been sued because the package front said WHOLE GRAIN...and...there was some processed flour found therein...something that was disclosed as to percentages...however...not in as BIG PRINT as the words: WHOLE GRAIN.

Somehow...MAIA KATS does not believe consumers are required to ready anything other than the BIG PRINT...and...KELLOGG and all other makers of FOOD had best play for such an odd-ball consumer as what attacked KELLOGG. When asked if the proverbial BLUE FINGER used on maps to say "YOU ARE HERE" could be used to GUIDE the "ignorant-neanderthal-like" consumer...MAIA KATS declared, "NO!"
Taking a child...particularly a sickly one...and...marching that child 2400 miles to the American border would be considered aggravated child abuse.

However...because the sickly child was taken by the father illegally across the border and caught...the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION has been blamed for the child's death. Without any discussion about the CHILD ABUSE the decedent suffered...the MASS MEDIA has been excoriation TEAM-TRUMP.

"How dare Team-Trump attempt to stop illegal border crossings and discourage people from torturing their children with such trek," shouted U.S. Senator Elizabeth "1/1024th papoose" Warren(D.Mass) when she heard another child of the caravan had died in American custody.
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Two people stood and watched as a storeroom was looted by an envious mob led by a would-be master who decreed, "Our tears...your purse!"

The EVIL of looting was overlooked by the socialist-Democrat...while the Republican freedom-lover cried out, "STOP!"

Socialist-Democrats didn't see anything wrong with taking other people's money or wealth so long as the mob overlooked their stuff. The EVIL embedded in that looting was not considered important so long as they received their SHARE of the loot.

no image
The hatred and anger bubbling forth is mostly contrived...concocted...and...packaged for publication by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA. By November of 2020...the MASS MEDIA hopes its HATRED will affect voters so much they won't pick TEAM TRUMP even though a vote for Democrats will send America into the socialist toilet,(think Venezuela).
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WOW! President Trump sent 380,000 parasites home without pay and most Americas cheered he had the courage to close down needless...wasteful federal government nonsense and send those worker bees home. Maybe...these worker bees will go and find real jobs. America needed to downsize...and...these 380,000 are just the beginning of the shake-out. VIVA TRUMP!
Claas Relotius became famous attacking capitalism and its producers. He went to America and wrote nasty LIES but portrayed the article as "grass-roots" truth. Nowadays...after being exposed as a LIAR and FIRED by Der Speigel magazine...his talent is in high demand from the Democrats who see in him what's needed to defeat DONALD JOHN TRUMP in 2020.
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A 10 foot Tsunami struck without warning. SEVENTEEN...a band that was banging and clanging at the time was wiped out...a comedian and master of ceremonies also slain. Mother Nature attacked without any alert...without any notice...totally by surprise...Mother Nature attacked. Environmentalists are angry and demanded the U.S. Senate vote to sanction her. U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer...a Democrat with GREEN tendencies...demanded America pass a LAW forcing Mother Nature to perform as mankind commanded.
no image
Even on Christmas Eve the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA has focused on the CHRISTMAS TREE in the national park that must be viewed from 50 feet away because that part of the park was closed due to federal government shutdown. Instead of congratulating TEAM-TRUMP for its patriotic effort to make America great again...the MASS MEDIA...even on Christmas Eve 2018...is calling President Trump as many bad names as they can imagine. Talk about peace on Earth and goodwill towards all people...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA won't let up.
Reacting to the recent volcanic eruption, resultant tsunami...and...loss of 200(+) lives...Environmentalist Al Gore stood at the base of Anak Krakatau...a 1000 foot volcano in the Sundra Strait...and commanded it never erupt again. Using the theory of man-caused climate change...AL GORE stood there and spoke magical incantations...words...ancient words...spoken as they were spoken and heard centuries earlier by Hawaiians as they virgin-tossed to stop volcanic eruption. When asked "why" rely on such an approach...AL GORE stiffened and replied, "When 10,000 scientists sign a consensus letter saying virgin-toss can stop eruptions...I'm going to toss them as many times as possible."
The blossoming and blooming which was observed after TEAM-TRUMP eliminated some of the grip of the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE has subsided somewhat as investors and producers sense TEAM-TRUMP cannot overcome all of the formidable barriers to prosperity erected over the decades by both sides of the aisle.

The 2018 Democrat victories in the U.S. House of Representatives heralded the determination by the would-be master and envious mob to stop escape from their beloved CAGE and compel the producer to accept shackle-and-whip.

There are so few voices preaching liberty and whatever said drowned out by the incessant 24/7 barrage of socialist nonsense telling voters to choose whip-and-chain...and...not to support escape from CAGE.

And...this SMOTHERING...this potential stifling promised by the freedom-hating Democrats...such harbinger has pushed investors to the sidelines and businesses to draw back and watch. "Why lose your team to folly at the hands of Democrat-miscreants?" pondered Timmy Titler...the richest man in the world,(WSJ A-4;12-24-18).
Evan Spiegel's SnapChat went from $25 billion to $6 billion in 9 months due to a redesign of the SnapChat app. which EVAN insisted was the NEW WAY and the BEST WAY.

Despite his underlings telling him the new app. would be a BUST...EVAN persisted.

The reaction was almost instantaneous as users dropped SNAPCHAT and went elsewhere.

The stock is hovering at $4.99 per share...and...a smart investor might BUY NOW...assuming EVAN might climb down from OLYMPUS and examine the world below...and...conclude he cannot bid flood change purpose.
*Straddling SNAPCHAT STOCK with put-call might be very profitable.

no image
As the thugs beat the man...bystanders watched never wishing to intrude and be hurt. They were waiting for the police and didn't want to inject themselves into what was a hellish beating. BY the time the police arrived...the gang had evaporated...and...not anywhere were there any witnesses...at least witnesses willing to be witnesses. The gang had taken over that area...the police knew as much...and...people around there accepted it as too much to worry about.
Hyper-hate. Such the frame for the 24/7 bombardment of TEAM-TRUMP by the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA. Might such vehemence be so obtuse...so obvious...voters will be pushed towards President Trump since he offers liberation from the subjugation the Democrats would otherwise impose. Indeed...to hear BERNIE, BETO AND BIDEN tell it...America must turn away from the door...throw away the KEY...and...accept enslavement inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Countering that promise of "free stuff"...TEAM-TRUMP offers lower taxes...less regulation...and...a hands'off approach to passage of wealth from generation to generation....things the Democrats are loathe to offer or mention.
no image
The illegal migrants are released into America with a hearing date for asylum some time in the future. Until then...they receive from taxpayers: free medical care...free education...free shelter...free clothing...free food...free transport...and...spending money. As one Guatemalan parasite admitted, "It's worth the 2300 mile walk to get free stuff from such fools."
U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer(D.NY) was asked about his effort to push TEAM-TRUMP out of power and send President Trump away beaten and done. Schumer...always the camera-clown...replied, "There was blood on the saddle...blood all around...and...there was a great big puddle of blood on the ground." [https://youtu.be/j-ERitO9qeM]
As Anne Frank was taken away by the NAZIS...not anyone said "STOP!" When the 16th amendment to the U.S. Constitution was proffered not anyone cried out such was UNIVERSAL ENSLAVEMENT. And...in 2018...as President Trump demands the NANNY STATE be dismantled and liberty and prosperity permitted to flood...who stands forth to support* his march to make salt?
*Gandhi walked to the sea...grabbed sea salt...and...offered it to India. His act was a life-in-prison felony...yet...he chose to break that UNJUST LAW.
no image
Casey got hit with a bucket of s--t...and...the band played on. Casey got hit with a bucket of s---t and the band played on. Casey got hit with a bucket of s---t and the band played on.

When Mother Nature became bored with repetition...she dashed away with tsunami wave.

Yes...folks...had there been virgin-toss...that volcano would not have erupted and that tsunami would not have struck that nightclub and washed away the band.
President Trump must not underestimate Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer,(D.NY). Because U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,(R.Ky) refused to delete the 60 vote rule...SCHUMER was given a huge role in what TEAM-TRUMP could do.

Indeed...SCHUMER tried to derail the "economy-boosting" TAX CUT and DEREGULATION...and...without the extraordinary skill of some Republican freedom-lovers in key power-positions...the Democrats would have succeeded and America would be headed into the socialist toilet. Instead...Americans have enjoyed a brief period of prosperity...but...the Democrats will see to it such BOUNTY is taken back...taken in such fashion those deprived WILL know they are slaves and the ruling elite* will take and give as they see fit.
*Nowadays...President Trump has demanded the WALL. He received some funding but lacks the FINALE PORTION...that sum required to finish the wall...a wall that even EL CHAPO could not dig beneath...a WALL so high Everest-summit-reaching mountain-climbers say too much to tempt. Schumer is refusing to deliver the votes to get past the 60 vote hurdle and fund the wall. Schumer knows to give TRUMP the WALL is to give TRUMP the 2020 election.
no image
The curtain that divided the Jew from the ARK OF THE COVENANT was torn when Jesus died. The tomb from which Jesus departed, a folded napkin found within. Might President Trump in messianic format be delivering the peace and prosperity mankind has sought since cave-days?

Most voters want peace. The wars BUSH-CHENEY began must be ended. There was not any GOOD REASON to invade Iraq or Afghanistan. And for TEAM-OBAMA to involve our team in Syria's civil war was idiotic. Unlike the bellicose DEMOCRATS...however...TEAM-TRUMP wants to end war...and...inject PEACE.

A socialist regime such as TEAM OBAMA required WAR to deliver a reason to push people to support BIG TAX AND SPEND. President Trump suspected as much and has begun to draw down American troops and extract them from the meat grinders BUSH-CHENEY and OBAMA found.

In some ways...President Trump has torn the curtain and is going to impose PEACE and PROSPERITY by deleting the WAR-MONGERS' footprint.
What's more humorous than listening to talking heads tell America the STOCK MARKET PLUNGE was due to the effort on the part of TEAM-TRUMP to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STAT CAGE?

Somehow...oppression and big grab government were delivering prosperity...and...TRUMP'S EFFORT to dismantle the CAGE opened the flood gate and drained out all the PROSPERITY that was based on the socialist system TEAM-OBAMA imposed. So irrational and idiotic is that explanation for STOCK DROP...it had to come from the TRUMP-HATING MASS MEDIA'S THEORY ROOM. The place in which 24/7 TRUMP-HATE is forged...and...delivered to the talking heads for publication.
no image
Nobody missed them. Such the conclusion drawn by voters as they heard 800,000 federal worker bees were not paid their ENORMOUS bi-weekly paychecks...and...their ENORMOUS benefits were to be reduced. America operated perfectly well without such 800,000 worker bees. Whatever job these 800,000 had was needless*...not necessary...and...hence...they were not missed.
*President Trump was careful to keep the national parks open so the MASS MEDIA could not use that SCENE to attack PRESIDENT TRUMP'S effort to delete the 20th Century NANNY STATE with its YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA.
U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, (D.Ca)...poster child for scumbag magazine...said he was going to expose TEAM-TRUMP and reveal the crimes committed. When asked if he were willing to chase Democrats who obviously committed crimes...people such as COMEY, MCCABE, OHR, AND CLINTON...SCHIFF cud-choked. "I can't shoot my own ministers," he whispered as he looked at a book composed of Democrat criminal misconduct.

no image
With less than a minute to go...and...facing an awesome defense...there wasn't any way for Wake Forest to score. Memphis was too tough and had been that way all night...pushing..shoving...tackling...out-running...out-maneuvering...and...it was highly doubtful the Demon Deacons could achieve touchdown faced with such prowess.

However...RUDY was on the field...and...there wasn't anyway the Deacons were going home the loser. Yes...MEMPHIS was better...faster...quicker...smarter...with all the bells and whistles needed to overwhelm and stomp...yet...there was something that could not be canned...framed...or...found...and...that WHATEVER blossomed and bloomed.

Yes...the Deacons prevailed...the BIG NOISE in the room.

Donald John Trump came to heal the withered hand,(Matthew 12:10). And as Jesus was met with hatred and scorn for such an effort...so has President Trump been met by THE ESTABLISHMENT and its complicit MASS MEDIA with the same vehemence and anger. Yet...he'll succeed in deleting the NANNY STATE...healing the withered hand...so to speak; and he'll do it because America cannot for long suffer the burdens of socialism. We are a blessed land and a blessed people.

As the world reacted to Jesus...so has the ESTABLISHMENT reacted to TRUMP'S effort to dismantle the grip of big grab government.

"How dare a producer tell his brethren they can escape the grip of the would-be masters with their envious mobs...that they can unshackle themselves...and...breathe free again!" shouted Beto O'Rourke...the new poster child for enslavement...to a crowd of socialists gathered to discuss Beto's desire to lead America into the proverbial socialist toilet. The audience was crammed with parasites and cronies...come to hear how BETO and his team would enslave and redistribute; and what could be done to stop TEAM-TRUMP from deleting what stifled and stymied America for decades.
On November 14, 2016...MASS MEDIA moguls...miffed they had lost their power to determine outcome...agreed to bombard TEAM-TRUMP 24/7 with as much acrimony and hatred as possible...always chiding...admonishing...but...never commending. Indeed...before he was pushed aside for raping female employees...LES MOONVES led the effort declaring along the way: "slander lives on succession forever housed where it gets possession."
Another "too-valuable-to-lose" adviser Brett McGurk quit when Sec. of Def. Mattis resigned. Like Mattis...Brett knows OBAMA-era underlings are plotting to create a massacre of troops somewhere...and...he doesn't wish to be on that plate-of-blame.

President Trump demonstrated "why" he's respected around the world. Indeed...with the mission to delete Islamic State in Syria accomplished with aplomb...it was time for TEAM-TRUMP to depart. Somehow...TRUMP foresaw betrayal by underlings and his WITHDRAWAL is a way to do what he can to avoid such an outcome as troop-slaughter. VIVA TRUMP!
Remarkable that U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) would not give TEAM-TRUMP the necessary votes to pass the $5.7 billion WALL-BUILD law.

As one of the 800,000 federal employees noted, "I am not going to have a good Christmas because of SCHUMER. I agree with President Trump...it's the Democrats who want America flooded with migrants...grabbing what they can...hurting whomever they please...and...voting Democrat when called upon to muster at the ballot box. I'm not getting my paycheck because of Schumer...and...all of my co-workers...we all blame Schumer not Trump!"
President Trump demonstrated "why" he was elected. Unlike the past 4 presidents...BIG DON has a vision; and he's going to implement as much of it as he can before his term is done. In 8 years...TEAM-TRUMP...might very well delete so much of the 20th Century NANNY STATE that it cannot return to its former "big-grab" self.

Going into 2019...however...the socialists-Democrats and their cohorts in the MASS MEDIA sense TEAM TRUMP lacks the votes to delete most of BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT...and...will do almost anything to continue to prevent such escape from the clutches of their imperious CAGE. Their plan is to keep TEAM-TRUMP embroiled in so many MASS MEDIA fanned fires that it cannot organize an effective demand for more liberation from the grip of the NANNY STATE.

Looking back...had President Trump had a U.S. Senate Majority Leader who wanted to delete BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT...the 20th Century CAGE would have already been deleted.

 Tragically for the producer...Senator Mitch didn't want to liberate the subjugated. Yes...he went along with a SMALL TAX CUT and limited deregulation...but...as an advocate of the NANNY STATE...he wasn't about to loosen its grip.

As U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez...the socialist-Democrat...said, "The producer will be our slave from side to side...that's our ticket to ride."
President Trump announced he was departing Syria...mission accomplished. Naturally...many vested interests...surprised by his precipitous departure...wanted him to remain in that meat grinder and permit the military-industrial complex access to the wealth-of-war. President Trump...himself a grand master chess player...saw an advantage and took it. VIVA TRUMP!
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Before TALIBAN arrived...Afghanistan was a boiling morass of wants and needs. Pre-Taliban...a tribal approach to lifestyle was an obvious choice. For protection and safety...Afghans flocked together...dividing social labors...and...dealing with each other with respect. Inside the tribe...an unfettered market thrived...and...delivered whatever the members needed. The chieftain and the police were paid by donations...with delivery of their services impeccable lest they lose favor with the tribe and find themselves penniless.

BUSH-CHENEY entered and continued to impose the TALIBAN'S CENTRAL GOVERNMENT dedicated to socialism. The tribal way was pushed aside in favor of socialist diktat from KABUL and the GREEN ZONE. Of course...such an affront to the Afghans by BUSH-CHENEY permitted TALIBAN to rise again. This time as brave-ones willing to evict invaders.
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Folks...man-caused climate change is nonsense. You were taught it was a good theory but never were told it relied on computer models that did not have as their underpinnings ALL THE NECESSARY aspects to deliver a "valuable forecast"...and....not some nonsensical omen such as: MOTHER EARTH into flames will burst if mankind does not return to a time of tent and mule...a time without fossil fuel,(WSJ A-1;12-22-18).
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Investors...who straddle a stock using PUT-CALL THEORY...are making a fortune as the American stock market grips and grabs...pushes and shoves...and...looks like...seems like...but...might not ever be.

Even the Wall Street Journal on its front page echoed the fear of stock market crash...a crash created...if at all...by OBAMA ERA deficit-spending. Investors sense Americans want socialism and their investments will be less valuable. Hence...they're selling and taking their profits before the Democrats can begin their WAR ON WEALTH.
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TEAM-TRUMP came to Washington DC to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where would-be masters with envious mobs decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

He didn't come to perpetuate global warfare...and...certainly...didn't come to hurt people or destroy cities. Indeed...in times far hence...historians will tell of a TITAN who led America from 01-20-17 until 01-20-25! VIVA TRUMP!
President Trump has orchestrated a marvelous SCENARIO wherein the Republican majority of the U.S. House of Representatives pass the BIG TAX CUT AND BUILD-WALL bill on to the U.S. Senate where U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,(R.Ky)...then...uses the NUCLEAR OPTION and passes the bills on 51 vote...pushing that incredible CHRISTMAS PRESENT on to President Trump for his signature. VIVA TRUMP!
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The U.S.House of Representatives passed a BILL which included the $5.7 billion TRUMP needed in order to put more wall on the southern border. That vote was incredible and delivered the Oval Office to Trump in 2020. So miffed was U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer(D.NY) about this awesome political effort...SCHUMER shouted that he would stop any funding if it included border security...something Schumer didn't think an issue for 2020.
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When asked if they would choose a socialist or a freedom-lover to represent their interests should they ever be permitted to vote...most of those people in the caravan camped in Tijuana said they'd choose SOCIALIST because SOCIALIST meant they'd be given FREE STUFF...something they were receiving in their home country but which they stopped receiving when their home country ran out of other people's money and could not any longer free give away. Indeed...FRED SANCHEZ...a Guatemalan socialist-artist...acknowledged that he, his wife and 13 children were headed to New York City where the storeroom full and redistribution guaranteed.
Years hence...historians will recite GATWICK as the site where the 1st terrorist drone attack occurred. Gatwick...a Sussex airport hub for Europe-bound flyers...and...the 2nd busiest airport...was shut down when DRONES appeared in its air space and the consequential-DANGER too obvious to ignore. Airport officials shutdown the airport to avoid collisions. Who was operating those DRONES was not known...but...their purpose to interrupt and disconcert meant the culprits were interested in the TERROR AFFECT.
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What if President Trump were able to get 51 U.S. Senators and 218 Representatives to choose liberation from the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? What if escape were as easily accomplished as that likelihood? Yes...the Founding Fathers foresaw a time when an oppressive ruling elite might grab power and insulate itself from everything except radical excision...and...they built into the U.S. Constitution the ability of anyone so oppressed to assemble and forge the KEY to that cage or shackle.
DONALD JOHN TRUMP is a titan. At his ankles nip the MASS MEDIA chihuahuas...but...they cannot do any more damage than what they've already done.

Unlike his opponents...though...President Trump has gravitas...envy of which is all too obvious among the talking heads of the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA.

As British Prime Minister May said when asked about the difference in MASS MEDIA treatment between Obama and Trump, "Whereas...Obama liked hurting people...President Trump delivers prosperity and has offered to permit us to ride along."
President Trump wishes to deliver a PEACE DIVIDEND to America...and...cease protracted warfare once and for all.

Reliance on other countries to assist in identifying and eradicating HUMAN RIGHTS abusers has been a central theme of TEAM-TRUMP.

It might very well be the ENTRENCHED INTERESTS on all sides sense they're being pushed aside for a new world order...an order of openness and commerce...an approach where the individual and not the collective is of primal importance.

And it's this realization of getting minimized that has prompted so many war-mongers to come forward and demand TRUMP remain in every war possible and kill as many people as one might wish for the nightly news assessment.
If Lt. Gen. MIKE FLYNN can be attacked in the manner in which he was assailed...then...there isn't any citizen safe from such tactic. Perhaps...Democrats might wish to rethink their support for this kind of attack because one day they'll be on someone's menu and the tactics used will be those so well honed by the Democrats when they went about such things.
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The U.S. House of Representatives delivered for TEAM-TRUMP...and...passed on to the U.S. Senate a bill that included some hefty tax cuts and more deregulation...the ingredients of prosperity.

When he heard about the passage in the U.S. House...U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer(D.NY) laughed and said Democrat Senators would never permit escape from the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE noting the Republicans lacked 60 votes in the Senate. Hearing such bragging about STONE-WALLING...President Trump directed U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R.Ky) to pass the bill with 51 votes and permit him to deliver another extraordinary Christmas gift to voters.

Unfortunately for America...though...because U.S.Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is a COMPANY MAN*...he'll ignore this effort by TEAM TRUMP to escape the grip of big grab government...Mitch's big grab government.
*Why would Mitch wish to help Americans escape the grip of NANNY STATE bureaucrats when he was instrumental in their respective placement?
Kellyanne Conway was asked about the recent unmasking of CLAAS RELOTIUS...that DER SPIEGEL reporter who was caught fabricating his factual underpinnings...making up dialogues...composing scenarios...and...presenting them as TRUTHFUL. Was Claas so secure in his niche...he dared to write a sensational article about a Trump-militia operating along the Mexican border whose mission to find and delete migrants as they crossed the desert?"

After examining her IVANKA EMAILS...Kellyanne replied, "Sensing DER SPIEGEL...a renowned German magazine...was losing ground to such MASS MEDIA outlets as FREEUSFLORIDA.COM...Claas Relotius decided to "spice-up" his articles...adding FALSE dialogues...fake scenarios...and...thereby giving his readers insights not otherwise available. Miffed by his unilateral approach to augmenting patronage of DER SPIEGEL...the editorial board elected both to discharge Relotius...and...alert the world he's a FICTION WRITER not a fact-based reporter."
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Khashoggi was killed in a Saudi consulate in Istanbul and the reaction by TEAM-TRUMP was a U.S. Senate condemnation. A former Russian-spy was poisoned but not killed in Britain...and...Russia was blamed for what was obviously a BLACK OPS job directed by TEAM-OBAMA whose goal to "make it look like"RUSSIA was behind that idiotic poisoning. Might President Trump know as much but is using RUSSIA as his "whipping boy" for tactical purpose not yet revealed?

Across the Middle East...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...left a trail of bodies...women...children...old men...and...a huge number of camels and goats. All slaughtered by indiscriminate bombing and missile strikes...everyone of them personally directed by OBAMA. Unable to stomach the photos of what OBAMA did...Secretary of Defense James Mattis...TRUMP'S man with gun...finally threw in the towel and said he was done trying to fashion a peaceful settlement among miscreants and knaves.
"Step right up and join the garrison headed to Syria to replace TRUMP'S TROOPS,"declared U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, (D. Ca) himself unable to fight due to FLAT FEET.

"We'll send a militia comprised of Americans ready to fight bad-guys inside Syria. We don't care if the battle is nonsense...the land on which American blood will be spilled worthless...or...that we're spending a ridiculous sum in Syria when the mission against Islamic State is completed," quipped Adam Schiff as he asked people to go and fight in Syria.
Kellyanne Conway was approached by war-mongers who demanded TEAM-TRUMP remain in Syria and get bogged down in that quagmire. Looking at the sneers and glares of the Trump-haters salivating over her reply...she pulled back and said, "As they faced each other on the dirt street...their cannons ready to be pulled and fired...the ole hook-and-draw routine...someone asked the battle cease for a moment so that each might tell the other what epitaph to be etched on boot hill. Faster than before...not fast enough...two ways it could go...either way...outcome stuffed."
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Folks...we wouldn't miss having a federal government for months...maybe...even...years before someone asked about it. It's almost needless and has become a "hinder-hassle" component of the economy and must be down-sized. The answer to the budget deficit is deployment of the Omnibus Repeal Bill [ THE ORB] wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place wherein dung-throwing monkeys such as OBAMA and MICHELLE can impose tribal socialism and have such EVIL called "wondrous" by the complicit MASS MEDIA.
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President Trump directed America's team to depart Syria. Despite the wondrous aspect of PULL-OUT...however...there are people who want America to remain in Syria. They're not above causing some PROBLEM that keeps America in Syria. Maybe...it'll be a BIG GAS ATTACK...blamed on the Assad Regime when in reality it was a BLACK OPS undertaking designed to embroil* America in Syria for another season.
*Whatever needed to keep America embroiled in that quagmire will be done...and...because President Trump suspects as much...he has sent out WATCHERS whose duty to report back any kind of betrayal.
Pope Francis told the world migrants must be permitted to come and go as they please and while in-country be given free goods and services...not to be paid for...but...gifted. When asked if such PAEAN were not a welcome mat for onslaught of parasites...the POPE chuckled and replied, "They call it POPE ROPE...the twine they use to climb over TRUMP'S wall."
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When asked about his departure from Syria...President Trump smiled and said they'll not be hearing THE BAND PLAYED WALTZING MATILDA. Boarding the plane to depart "worthless-Syria"...TRUMP'S TEAM was singing: "Our hearts so stout...we got great fame...and...'tis know from whence we came...where we go...they fear the name...of Gary Owens in glory.
"Grenade!" screamed Mike. Instantly...Mike fell on it...saving the others surrounding him. Might Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn have fallen upon a Trump-haters' grenade saving his son from attack by MUELLER-THE-JACKAL...a scumbag with unlimited budget...and...a staff of screwballs and miscreants...unbridled and dangerous?

From the sentencing colloquy between Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn and Federal Judge Emmit Sullivan...observers drew the conclusion that FLYNN was protecting his son from attack. It was obvious he knew he was not guilty of LYING to the FBI...but...when told his son was in the "cross-hairs"...FLYNN instantly fell on the grenade in exchange for insulation for his son.

Judge Emmit Sullivan suspects as much but can't do anything about it. If he does...he will destroy the U.S. Injustice Dept. even though he knows it's critter-crammed and totally devoid of righteousness. Sullivan does not want to be poster child for any kind of REMOVAL ACTION. He is part of the SYSTEM and he'll do what he's told to do despite how EVIL AND WRONG he knows it to be.

 And it's that refusal by Sullivan...that fear* to speak out...it's that choice...that bad choice...that will destroy America.
*Maurice Ogden: THE HANGMAN. The HANGMAN has built his gallows and none speak out against it.
Into our town the Hangman came. Smelling of gold and blood and flame and he paced our bricks with a diffident air and built his frame on the courthouse square The scaffold stood by the courthouse side, Only as wide as the door was wide; A frame as tall, or little more, Than the capping sill of the courthouse door And we wondered, whenever we had the time. Who the criminal, what the crime That the Hangman judged with the yellow twist of knotted hemp in his busy fist. And innocent though we were, with dread, We passed those eyes of buckshot lead: Till one cried: "Hangman, who is he For whom you raise the gallows-tree?" Then a twinkle grew in the buckshot eye, And he gave us a riddle instead of reply: "He who serves me best," said he, "Shall earn the rope on the gallows-tree." And he stepped down. and laid his hand On a man who came from another land. And we breathed again, for another's grief At the Hangman's hand was our relief And the gallows-frame on the courthouse lawn By tomorrow's sun would be struck and gone. So we gave him way, and no one spoke. Out of respect for his Hangman's cloak. Durham West Arts Centre • 928 Reytan Boulevard, Pickering, ON Canada L1W 1Y7 TEL: 905-250-9891 • WEB SITE: dwac.ca • E-MAIL: info@dwac.ca PAGE 1 OF 3 POEM, “THE HANGMAN” FOR STUDENTS IN GRADES 6-12T Poem, “The Hangman” for students in grades 6-12 Durham West Arts Centre • 928 Reytan Boulevard, Pickering, ON Canada L1W 1Y7 TEL: 905-250-9891 • WEB SITE: dwac.ca • E-MAIL: info@dwac.ca 2. The next day's sun looked mildly down On roof and street in our quiet town And stark and black in the morning air, The gallows-tree on the courthouse square. And the Hangman stood at his usual stand With the yellow hemp in his busy hand; With his buckshot eye and his jaw like a pike And his air so knowing and business like. And we cried, "Hangman, have you not done Yesterday. with the alien one?" Then we fell silent, and stood amazed, "Oh, not for him was the gallows raised." He laughed a laugh as he looked at us: " … Did you think I'd gone to all this fuss To hang one man? That's a thing I do To stretch a rope when the rope is new." Then one cried "Murder!" One cried "Shame!" And into our midst the Hangman came To that man's place. "Do you hold," said he, "with him that was meant for the gallows-tree?" And he laid his hand on that one's arm. And we shrank back in quick alarm, And we gave him way, and no one spoke Out of fear of his Hangman's cloak. That night we saw with dread surprise The Hangman's scaffold had grown in size. Fed by the blood beneath the chute The gallows-tree had taken root; Now as wide, or a little more, Than the steps that led to the courthouse door, As tall as the writing, or nearly as tall, Halfway up on the courthouse wall. 3. The third he took-we had all heard tell Was a user and infidel, and "What," said the Hangman "have you to do With the gallows-bound, and he a Jew?" And we cried out, "Is this one he Who has served you well and faithfully?" The Hangman smiled: "It's a clever scheme to try the strength of the gallows-beam." The fourth man's dark, accusing song Had scratched out comfort hard and long; And what concern, he gave us back. "Have you for the doomed--the doomed and black?" The fifth. The sixth. And we cried again, "Hangman, Hangman, is this the last?" "It's a trick," he said. "that we hangmen know For easing the trap when the trap springs slow." And so we ceased, and asked no more, As the Hangman tallied his bloody score: And sun by sun, and night by night, The gallows grew to monstrous height. The wings of the scaffold opened wide Till they covered the square from side to side: And the monster cross-beam, looking down. Cast its shadow across the town.
The scaffold is first only as tall as the top of a door sill. How tall is it by the time it has claimed two victims? What makes the scaffold grow? 2.First two people protest the second hanging. Why does the protest against the killings stop? Relate this to the silences you have seen in your own life when no one spoke out even though he/she witnessed a crime. 3.What do you think is the trick in the hangman’s riddle that the noose is meant for “He who serves me best”? Who would ALWAYS end up serving the hangman?
Then through the town the Hangman came And called in the empty streets my name.
And I looked at the gallows soaring tall And thought, "There is no one left at all For hanging." And so he calls to me To help pull down the gallows-tree. And I went out with right good hope To the Hangman's tree and the Hangman's rope. He smiled at me as I came down To the courthouse square through the silent town. And supple and stretched in his busy hand Was the yellow twist of the strand. And he whistled his tune as he tried the trap And it sprang down with a ready snap

And then with a smile of awful command He laid his hand upon my hand. "You tricked me. Hangman!," I shouted then. "That your scaffold was built for other men … And I no henchman of yours," I cried, "You lied to me. Hangman. foully lied!" Then a twinkle grew in the buckshot eye, "Lied to you? Tricked you?" he said. "Not I. For I answered straight and I told you true" The scaffold was raised for none but you. For who has served me more faithfully Then you with your coward's hope?" said he, "And where are the others that might have stood Side by your side in the common good?," "Dead," I whispered, and sadly "Murdered," the Hangman corrected me: "First the alien, then the Jew … I did no more than you let me do." Beneath the beam that blocked the sky. None had stood so alone as I And the Hangman strapped me, and no voice there Cried "Stay!" for me in the empty square.
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Most Americans won't "take" if they know what "taken" came from someone who didn't give it up voluntarily but had to be compelled to surrender it. The FRENCH will take despite source...the BRITISH will...even GERMANS will...but...not Americans. They'd rather do without than to be given what was taken by force from others. The "taint" too much...the EVIL too embedded...and...they simply won't access that fund...that source...and...will prefer to do without.

Such explains "why" OBAMA-CARE is slowly withering away as the parasites...[those Americans who like taking no mater from whom it came or under what circumstances it was provided]...dwindle in number.

Democrats observed such lack of interest and hence sent agents to South and Central America to encourage its unwashed socialist masses to come to America so they might CHOOSE SOCIALISM and by bloc vote keep DEMOCRATS in power.
*According to official-experts...most of the migrants...presently seeking entrance into America...lack resources or education...and...are coming to America to CONSUME in locust-in-field format.
The Syria-pull-out by BIG DON is as remarkable and brilliant as it is exquisitely tactical! How dare the scumbags on the Wall Street Journal editorial board say TRUMP IS WEAK! Let these jerks go to Syria...and...die on some worthless piece of ground somehow demonstrating POWER AND STRENGTH to the Tehran-mullahs. As U.S. Senator Rand Paul said, "These noise-makers are the ones who ask:"'where have all the soldiers gone?"