January 2018
The Democrats know that a clever advertiser could take portions of various TV news segments...add to them several social media videos spicing the presentation here and there with excerpts from the 4-page MEMO...and...create a TORPEDO capable of sinking the Democrats' attempt to seize power and stop President Trump from dismantling their beloved NANNY STATE...a feat Big Don can accomplish. VIVA TRUMP!
Folks...with respect to the 2018 election...into each Republican seat another Republican must step. As for Democrat seats...freedom-hating Democrats* must be evicted and Republicans installed so that President Trump has a filibuster-proof majority in the U.S. Senate and a "retained" majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. Should Big Don get that kind of voting power...he could dismantle the oppressive 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE completely and deliver prosperity to America for a thousand years in all directions. VIVA TRUMP!
*Senator Bill Nelson must be defeated. He hates Florida farmers and has done much to hurt farmers by imposing an estate tax and hellish income taxes. He's a freedom-hater and must be defeated!
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A federal judge...an Obama-appointee...declared President Trump...as chief executive officer of the federal government...does not have the power to fire the leader of the so-called Consumer Finance Protection Bureau(CFPB)...that this Director can't be discharged unless that Director is found to be so egregious in conduct...so much an outlier...that discharge the only solution.

Imagine some Hitler-like scumbag grabbing that perch...wreaking havoc...and...the only way to stop the menace is to pass another law dethroning the jerk. Imagine as much and you've just sensed the framework of the Obama NANNY STATE.

The Republicans must delete this horrific CFPB...and...stop someone from destroying America using that incredible untouchable power. America was on its way into the socialist police state toilet and the CFPB is one of those tentacles that must be deleted...and...deleted right now!
Kellyanne Conway was asked about the 4-page memo and the demand by those people who were about to be exposed that such revelation not occur. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "TEAM OBAMA used the National Security Agency...the Federal Bureau of Investigation...the U.S. Injustice Dept....along with a host of other agencies and operatives to impose its "will" on those who refused to kneel and worship whatever idol TEAM OBAMA forged. Naturally...these scumbags left trails and these misdeeds are now being exposed. Yes...many federal employees will be fired...some prosecute...others so disgraced they can't even attend their local Rotary Club without being denounced and chided. But the American people need to know how many slips between the cup and the lip."
Head down...gazed fixed...nose in phone...the new way...people say...leave me alone. Before the cell...people were looking at each other...discussing this and that...but...since iPhone climbed cloud...nothing shared...little for chat. When one cellphone aficionado said, "President Trump's accomplishments are the only thing that makes me look up when I hear a list of accomplishments."
In an attempt to snuff a bunch of Republicans...Trump-hating BLACK OPS saw fit to park a dump truck on a railroad track knowing through such intersection that train would be traveling 200 mph...and...at that speed...everyone would be killed. Fortunately...the engineer slowed down as if he somehow sensed ahead doom be found.
Back in 2008...during Hillary's bid to be president...her spiritual guide...VERN STRIDER...was accused of sexual misconduct with female staff members...from closet intrigue to backroom trysts...the rumors combined to make a big problem for Hillary-the-hag.

Because of the #METOO movement in 2018...the white rose in the lapel to show solidarity kind of movement...Hillary was questioned about her 2008 decision to dock Strider's pay...and...send the complaining females to Alaska to work with Eskimos and walruses. Reacting to the 2018 anger most ladies have about Hillary's 2008 actions surrounding the STRIDER imbroglio...she delivered her RESPONSE just before President Trump delivered SOTU.
Government employees can destroy proof of misconduct...but...a private citizen is attacked for "tampering with evidence".

If equal justice is a principle of America...then...any hard drive...cell phone...or...writing in possession of any government employee that contained data should have been preserved and not destroyed.

An investigation into what was destroyed or lost and who had possession and custody of the item at the time it went missing or was destroyed must be undertaken...and...all participants indicted as co-conspirators under 18 U.S.C. 846.
Joe Kennedy III delivered the lackluster rebuke to President Trump's SOTU.

According to Kennedy...TEAM-TRUMP has left the "unwashed" behind...never mentioning the Democrats refused to delete whatever government "this and that" was keeping them in their pathetic-niche.

Pal-Joey...though...could not acknowledge Democrats are preventing escape from the grip of big grab government since he was sent to rebuke not admit...to denounce not acknowledge.

His speech was "bla...bla...bla...boring. His crowd of admirers cheered his message...however...and...screamed with adulation as he depicted America as a socialist toilet where people such as he the ruling elite...to be worshiped...praised...and...raised up as if some kind of would-be god. As one official expert, after Kennedy's speech, admitted, "Kennedy's crowd wasn't there to doubt...but...to cheer when the "applause sign" directed such reaction."
President Trump realized he stood at a moment in history...an epochal moment...the proverbial fork in the road...where America could continue down the path of socialism and Eco-fascism and end up just another collectivist toilet,(think Venezuela and Cuba)...or...embark on a march to make salt...to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE...and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

Fortunately for America...Hillary-the hag and her preference for TOILET were rejected by voters in enough states to deliver the Oval Office to President Trump...a Titan...a leader whose mission statement to loose the grip of big grab government...and...liberate the producer from the shackles of parasite and servile supplicant.

And...last night...in the SOTU...Big Don told the world that America was eliminating the hinder and hassle of the NANNY STATE...and...thereby...declaring America once more "open for business". The offer of wealth to those willing to produce...angered the would-be masters whose puppet MASS MEDIA was instantly dispatched to undermine and besmirch what otherwise was a wondrous declaration of renewal. VIVA TRUMP!
Jennifer Granholm...a/k/a...DEATH ANGEL...criticized President Trump's speech last night declaring it was the most divisive speech she'd ever heard. When asked if she ever regretted trying to kill that sick child...saved from her death-grip by a federal judge...Granholm stepped back and proclaimed, "As HHS Secretary it was my duty to slaughter and I almost achieved my goal. That child escaped by grasp...but...one day...she'll eat the apple I offer."
Working with the TECH TEAM of this BLOG...WAYMO...Alphabet's driverless car maker...has finally inked an agreement* with FIAT to produce driverless cars for Phoenix. Hearing of the joint venture to produce driverless cars...Uber called Volvo and ordered 24,000 VOLVO cars to be delivered in 2019,(WSJ B-9;01-31-18).
*This BLOG has designed a vehicle that can crash at 50 mph and the occupants survive.
Alan Blinder told his class at Princeton, "People are the slaves of the state...things to be manipulated...critters to be herded...and...culled....and...whatever else the would-be master might choose."

His students absorbed that nonsense as if Biblical truth...something Blinder expected from skulls of mush.

When one student stood up and declared Blinder a devout socialist and deserving of rebuke and admonishment...the rest of the class shouted her down. How dare a freedom-lover attend Princeton...the core of socialist thought,(9WSJ A-15;01-31-18).
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Has anyone noticed how the MASS MEDIA won't acknowledge President Trump delivered a wonderful speech last night?

On MSNBC...for instance...talking heads are telling their small viewing audience that Big Don has the lowest approval ratings of any President including Andrew Jackson and Richard Nixon. Of course...the same pollsters who delivered the "hate-Trump" polling numbers were the same bunch of clowns who declared HILLARY CLINTON was going to defeat Donald J. Trump.

It was expected the MASS MEDIA would spew venom...but...what is flooding TV today is remarkable in its ANGER-AND-HATRED. MASS MEDIA emotions are bubbling because their beloved NANNY STATE is getting dismantled...and...there isn't anything they can do to stop it. Hence...their outrage and drooling disgust observed.
Last night...following a template this BLOG strategically imposed on them...the Democrats sat silently. They refused to acknowledge anyone or any accomplishment cited by President Trump. They refused to rise and applaud when Big Don declared Afro-American unemployment at a record low...and...when President  Trump identified heroes in the gallery...people who had defended American security interests in wars others made...they remained seated and refused to applaud.

Obviously...2018 is an important election to remove the hurdles erected by obstinate Democrats...and...thereby...permit President Trump and his "then" filibuster-proof Republican majority to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...sweep the Temple clean of the would-be masters and henchmen. With the Democrats defeated at the ballot box in 2018...TEAM-TRUMP can deliver America out of socialist and Eco-fascist bondage.

By pushing the Democrats into "herd format" last night it was predicted their overall appearance to the voters would be that of a RULING ELITE...unworthy of support. Indeed...as President Trump described the benefits he had already delivered by simply removing the hinder and hassle THE ESTABLISHMENT had imposed during the BUSH-OBAMA ERA...the voters saw a quiet...angry...venom-dripping crowd of Democrats*...ready to retake power and impose the "whip-and-chain" once more.
*U.S. Senator Joe Manchin(D.WVa) sat all night and refused to clap or cheer. He went along with the diktat from Schumer and Pelosi: SILENT-VIGIL. As one West Virginia coal-miner said, "Joe is a jerk and needs to be evicted."
When Democrats criticize the TAX CUT they never mention that they were asked to identify more cuts and these too would be included. They criticize the tax cut although they could have added even more cuts to help everyone they saw getting left out...but...they chose to boycott that vote...and...to deny more liberty than could have been delivered had they but demanded more tax cuts.

But...Democrats never support liberation...because their banner is that of enslavement of the producer and the aggrandizement of the parasite and servile supplicant.

As Senator Joe Manchin(D.WVa) conceded, "Democrats refused to support the TAX CUT pretending they could not add even more tax cuts...tax cuts to help the people they saw being left behind. They could have added more tax cuts to help those groups they now are shouting are not benefiting from the Republican tax cut...but...they chose to boycott...a boycott I supported to my ever lasting shame."
What a great pedagogical tool...two writings...one LIE-PACKED...and intended to mislead and hurt...the other...a Republican proffer intended to enlighten and reveal misdeed.

The 35-page Chris Steele dossier...a/k/a...TRUMP SLAM BOOK...was created to hurt Donald J. Trump and was typical dirty-trick stuff for which the Clintons were famous. While packed with LIES...it was used by TEAM-OBAMA to procure a FISA WARRANT enabling pro-Hillary agents to spy on TRUMP. To this day...although the content has been thoroughly debunked and discredited...nonetheless...Democrats refer to it as if it were BIBLICAL TRUTH.

In contrast to that salacious SLAM BOOK...the 4-page NUNEZ memo to be released by President Trump is an anthology of misdeeds and outrageous criminal acts...underpinned by pluperfect proof...backed by whistle-blowers willing to reveal the EVIL AND HATRED that bubbled from every aspect of TEAM OBAMA as it fought to preserve its socialist legacy by installing Hillary in the Oval Office...an effort America will now see included illegal spying.

Folks...we're in a war on freedom. If the MASS MEDIA can keep you away from supporting the effort to dismantle the oppressive NANNY STATE...they have prevailed.

If the MASS MEDIA can keep you in "herd format"...chewing cud oblivious to the fight for freedom unfolding around you...the MASS MEDIA will have succeeded in preserving the NANNY STATE from deletion by an enlightened America...by voters who do not wish to be enslaved any longer...indeed...by people who choose their own destiny and despise Democrats who demand they live their way.
Why are Democrats boycotting the State of the Union Address or sitting on their hands during its delivery? They hate President Trump for attempting to dismantle their beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE...a place wherein the would-be master with envious mob can decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

"How dare this "outsider" delete powerful regulations...repeal powerful wealth-destroying laws...and...make America great again!" shouted "scumbag" Kennedy...the Democrat rebuttal speaker to counter the SOTU speech. Asked about his zeal and fervor to push "whip and chain"...KENNEDY replied, "My goal is to tell America about the wonders of enslavement and the paradise of socialism...never mentioning the squalor and chaos in Venezuela...the template for what we Democrats envision for this blessed land."

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A winning message for Republicans in 2018 would be that they want to cut taxes even more to address any shortcomings identified by Democrats...to deliver even more wealth to the taxpayers...and...downsize the government footprint until only essential services* are funded...all others provided through charity and private enterprise.
*Police, courts and national defense.
If messiah were ever frame for leader...then...such should be used to describe Donald J. Trump. If Big Don...tonight...tells the world the grip of big grab government has been loosed...and...America is open for business...he'll not only be referred to as TITAN...but also as messiah. VIVA TRUMP!
While there might be coincidence...not anyone has ever seen one. Indeed...how is it that the stock market on the day before the State of the Union Address plunges a few hundred percentage points? Rush Limbaugh mentioned the confluence of the two events and posited Trump-haters elected to grab profits and that sell-off prompted the percentage plunge...a PLUNGE the MASS MEDIA can use to discredit Big Don's anticipated bragging about how robust and dynamic American markets are becoming. The theory RUSH has espoused is a good one and worth noting when listening to MASS MEDIA talking heads denouncing Trump and his speech.
Only mad-men would openly declare Internet 5-G be nationalized...yet...somehow...the MASS MEDIA is saying that IDEA came from TEAM-TRUMP. Yet...when asked...TRUMP helpers rebuked the idea instantly saying only idiots would think of such things...pointing to anyone spreading that rumor as foolhardy and unworthy of attention.
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The Democrats fear President Trump telling America he would deliver even more wealth unto them but for the hassle and hinder imposed by Democrats. If Big Don were even to infer such opposition to liberation...his stature as a liberator would skyrocket. And...as collateral benefit...in 2018...Republicans preaching such message of freedom would defeat any "slave-owner" Democrat. VIVA TRUMP!
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President Trump should tell Taliban that "if" they surface...they'll be terminated with extreme prejudice...and...thereupon...depart...remove all military.

Such precipitous pull-out would be good for national security. He lacks support for any more war...particularly one in a socialist toilet such as AFGHANISTAN.

 Big Don should step back...and...permit the rag heads on all sides to kill each other. When the battle is over...America can negotiate with the winner and thereby secure whatever national security interest one might imagine.
In Kabul...an ambulance sought entry into a well-guarded compound known as the RING OF STEEL its announced purpose to pick up wounded personnel at the hospital. When the ambulance drew close to a crowd of people...the rag-headed driver detonated the 500 tons of explosives. The body count was horrendous...with the TALIBAN claiming responsibility for the massacre.

Interested in "why" Taliban would unleash such slaughter...a cub reporter sought out the HIGH COUNCIL of the Taliban. In that candid interview...Taliban leaders unanimously agreed that it was the use of camel dung which separated the infidel from the "faithful". Indeed...THE PROPHET died before he could tell Muslims the proper use for camel dung...was it to be an aphrodisiac or a spice for tea...two mutually exclusive uses...but...only one of which could be BLESSED...while the other use nothing short of BLASPHEMEY.

When Taliban heard Kabul was using camel dung as an aphrodisiac...the news prompted them to make a statement...to tell Kabul that there was only one use for camel dung and that was as a spice for tea...and...anyone using it otherwise would be killed. When that threat was laughed at...and...called idiotic...Taliban began to plan massacre.
Might the State of the Union Address be treated as if it were some kind of spoof...and...besmirched in such fashion? Certainly...if the Grammy's are a harbinger...then...President Trump will be ridiculed...denounced...and...belittled...with few defending his call for liberation...and...even fewer defending his promise to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market.
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Using quantum computing...most industries are protected from hacking. The barriers erected using the quantum computing format can't be penetrated without dedicating vast amounts of wealth to the project. So protected are computers using QUANTUM-WALL(tm) that the National Security Agency along with the Clinton Family Foundation* have bought the "insulation".
*With so many cronies getting exposed...Bill and Hillary concluded it was time to insulate their affairs from prying eyes.
Why would the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA invite Jim Kessler to discuss the upcoming State of the Union Address? Kessler answered that question when he injected that PRESIDENT TRUMP is the most unpopular president ever to sit in the Oval Office. Kessler's venom was dripping as he spewed that hate-speech...declaring Americans hate Big Don's effort to liberate them from the clutches of big grip government. According to Jimmy-boy...Americans want to be enslaved...and...subject to 20th century NANNY STATE spank and diaper check.
While the MASS MEDIA isn't mentioning it...the so-called DREAMERS will cost taxpayers $26 billion in welfare payments. Why should taxpayers be on the hook for any costs associated with the DREAMERS? When did America become a socialist miasma wherein illegal aliens can demand taxpayers foot their bills...pay for their shelter...clothing...transport...food...medical care...and...whatever else the DREAMERS might wish?
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The hatred for President Trump by socialists and Eco-fascists has become open and obvious. Even OBAMA...ever the dung-throwing monkey...and...a devout tribal Marxist...told* the world Big Don had nothing to do with the 2018 economic blossoming of America...it was his 8 years of socialist "grip and grab" that fostered and fetched such burgeoning of wealth. Although OBAMA was not challenged by such a ridiculous declaration of merit...most Americans chuckled as they reflected on how he told everyone they could "keep their doctor and their health insurance".
Because Donald J. Trump is a TITAN...an American hero...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA is sending out its "snob-squad" to tell America that 2018 is the beginning of the "post-heroic era"...a time that will be known for paucity of talent and skill. By declaring such nonsense...the MASS MEDIA hopes to kill the VIVA TRUMP tsunami that has swept and continues to inundate the voter's imagination with the prospect of wealth...and...luxury.
Tonight...the socialists and Eco-fascists along with other freedom-haters will be featured by the MASS MEDIA because their topic is: HATE-TRUMP. They plan to tell America that socialism is better than liberty and that even though misery and squalor are the mainstays of big grab government...nonetheless...Americans will enjoy the privation socialism and Eco-fascism impose.
Historians...200 years from now...will ascribe to Donald J. Trump the singular position as TITAN...a leader far beyond what might have been expected or produced by the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE.

President Trump might very well tomorrow in his STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS tell the world that socialism has failed and a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market is afoot...indeed...America is open for business.

Yes...the parasites and servile supplicants...after tomorrow night...will hate President Trump even more since he will not give them the proverbial "safety net" any longer...and...will tell them in clearest of terms they must enter the marketplace...earn their livelihood...and...stop depending on big grab government.

However...the hatred framed after tomorrow night...will be bubbling with venom. Should President Trump tell the world: the shackle imposed by the 20th century socialists is to be removed...the NANNY STATE dismantled...and...Americans permitted once more to breathe free...and...never again have to fear some would-be master with envious* mob demanding: "Our tears...your purse!"

Should President Trump say as much...TITAN won't be enough frame to tell the world that here is a great leader...an American entrepreneur...courageous...and...ready to liberate the subjugated...and...deliver America out of bondage. VIVA TRUMP!
*In Kentucky...for instance...the Republican "work requirement" imposed on "free medical care" recipients has been opposed. The opposition proclaims that "free medical care" recipients deserve the wealth of the producer because they're unable or reluctant to land a job. Because they cannot get what others have...they have a "complete-call" on what everyone else owns so they...too...might enjoy the fruit of the bountiful land...sea...and...sky.

In what was intended to be funny...Hillary Clinton read from FIRE AND FURY telling the world that Nikki Haley and Donald J. Trump were sexually involved...and...without that sexual aspect...Haley would never have received her appointment to be Ambassador to the United Nations. So despicable...so nasty was this TV SKIT that Nikki reacted and labeled Hillary little more than a hateful hag.
Andrew McCabe chose to depart when Chris Wray and he met in a room after WRAY had read the 4 page memo which revealed McCabe's intrigue and nefarious activities. When they met...their dialogue was captured on a special recording device dispatched to eavesdrop. Wray told McCabe he could not protect him and that McCabe had best take whatever "dirt" he had with him so that when the hell-hounds come to his door he can threaten to reveal...and...hope...such threat will insulate him as the "dirt" Democrat Jon Corzine had available kept him out of prison though he stole $1 billion from his clients.
When EMINEM was told Obama was Marxist on Mission and America would suffer at the hands of tribal socialists...he chuckled. Because Eminem was himself a socialist and part of the ruling elite...he liked watching OBAMA'S effort to stifle and stymie...stomp and chomp...and...all done to take away any ladder the unwashed masses might otherwise have to climb from their predicament.

Nowadays...with President Trump leading an epochal "march to make salt"...and...the resultant explosion in wealth in every corner of America...ENINEM is livid...angry...and...so moved...he took to social media to rant and drool venom and rage. Except for MASS MEDIA attention because he is anti-Trump...though...the number of viewers hasn't reached 1500 and most of those are "bot-views"...mechanical stuff meant to make it seem like more people are viewing than really are viewing.

Big Don knew that EMINEM was "yesterday's rice"...unworthy of mention. On the other hand...when JAY-Z stepped forward to say he didn't care if Afro-American unemployment is the lowest ever...there was much more to life than a job...rent paid on time...groceries in the Frig...and...shrimp on the BAR-BEE....President Trump stood forth his own inexorable self...Titan-like...and...reminded JAY-Z'S handlers they should remove* the insulating bubble...and...allow JAY-Z to see with his own eyes...hear with his own ears...and...touch with his own fingers..."wound-poke" so to speak.
*Doubting Thomas required wound-poke before he'd believe JESUS was really there standing before him.
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The MASS MEDIA has been disparaging President Trump ever since they discovered America had chosen liberation over more subjugation...KEY over CAGE...and...such decision was too much for freedom-haters to handle.

 Hence...they launched on a 24/7 hate-Trump attack and tomorrow night will be a crescendo-effect. They will tell viewers the miracle of downsizing the grip of big grab government while it looks good...feels good...and...gives them more freedom...Americans should not want such things but beg for more socialist "whip and chain"...more socialist misery and squalor...and...of course...more NANNY STATE spank and diaper check.
Although everyone told him his mail-order business was silly...nonetheless...Ingvar Kamprad persisted until his empire sported the name: AKEA...and...everyone had his furniture somewhere in their home...teepee...or...hut. Just before he passed...he told this BLOG he wanted voters to support President Trump and in 2018 deliver a filibuster-proof U.S. Senate so that the American 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE can be finally dismantled...noting it was Uncle Sugar and all the rules and laws that kept others from prospering as much as he...a hurdle he wished to delete. VIVA INGVAR!
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Daniel Hoffman admitted he was incorrect when he said the Russians had hacked the Democratic National Committee, (DNC). He realized the DNC had used a private firm to inspect the DNC computers and they had concluded the hackers were Russian. Later on...after Donald J. Trump was elected...a CIA "spook" revealed there was SOFTWARE available to hackers that can disguise the trail of the hacker...putting the hounds on to a false trail,(WSJ A-17;01-29-18).
When Andrew MaCabe's credentials became "impeccable"...such is WHEN it was obvious he was an erstwhile henchman...unscrupulous...merciless...and...capable of anything. Might McCabe step down from federal employment? And...if he does...how does such a worm escape public derision? How does he avoid the grocery store "spit-a-thon"...that event where people not only notice McCabe in their store...but...close distance so that spit might be left on his lapel?
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Into the New Jersey region came bus loads of Puerto Ricans...financed by Democrats...their mission to bloc vote for the Democrat in all elections. The wizards and wonks of the Democratic National Committee concluded there weren't enough parasites and servile supplicants to overcome the momentum of TEAM-TRUMP...the Democrat message of enslavement and government handouts wasn't enough to attract voters. Hence...there was a need for Puerto Ricans...people from a socialist toilet...voters who wish to have that same socialist toilet in America.
At the Grammy Awards...everyone wore a white rose to show solidarity with women being protected in the work place from sexual assault or sexual innuendo. Just the other day...U.S. Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) fired his chief of staff when he observed him without his WHITE ROSE; and U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) became loud and angry when a crippled kid asked him for the WHITE ROSE stuck in Nelson's lapel.
Insightful...revealing...disturbing...all were adjectives framing the 4 page memo U.S.Rep. Nunes proposes to publish. Naturally...the Democrats know revelation will be opening a door to the misdeeds of TEAM-OBAMA of which they played major roles. When asked about the conspiracy afoot among Democrats and their cronies...as set forth so eloquently in the 4 page memo...Kellyanne Conway replied, "U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren,(D.Mass) was assured recently by BRUCE OHR and PETER STZROK that they had destroyed all evidence linking her to the wrongdoings of TEAM-OBAMA."
Xiaopeng Motors offers a sports car...zero to 60 mph in 4.0 seconds. So fast this sports car...labeled the ZIPPER...that most people won't be able to drive it without ramming someone from behind. Indeed...ZIPPER-drivers are told to stop 100 car lengths behind the next car at the stop light so that there won't be a rear-end collision at 60(+) mph.
In order to assist COINCHECK,INC...this BLOG donated $100 million. Yes...in order to support COINCHECK and its incomparable mission...this BLOG stepped up to help. Recall that 260,000 customers of CoinCheck,Inc. lost 523 million NEM...a digital currency. In order to demonstrate market power...COINCHECK promised to repay the victims. To assist this mission...this BLOG stepped forward with this infusion of funds. VIVA CHEZ!
*This BLOG could not save Mt. Gox because it was too arcane...too novel...and...too far gone,(WSJ B-4;01-29-18).
Fortunately...RICHARD FLORIDA lives and works in Toronto and not in the Sunshine State. His idea is to tax-and-spend until there is only a ruling elite with everyone else part of the unwashed masses. So much a freedom-hater is RICHARD FLORIDA that he told the mayors of the world to deny AMAZON any benefits should it choose that city as the location of  the proposed HQ2...a trillion dollar investment. Indeed...FLORIDA would prefer the mayors keep all the hurdle and hassle in place forcing AMAZON to choose which poison the least harmful. Again...the Sunshine State is fortunate not to have RICHARD as a citizen,(WSJ A-15;01-29-18).
When Daniel Gallant attempted to begin his own version of FACEBOOK...he failed. When Daniel began his version of TWITTER...he failed. Somehow...customers preferred what he didn't offer. Disgruntled...angry...and...wanting to lash out...he began a crusade to hurt FACEBOOK...to derail TWITTER...and...to impose his ideas on them. "I'll use socialism and fascism to my advantage. I'll push for regulation of content and thereby destroy them...and...give me the chance to be what I envisioned," whispered Gallant as he looked at how powerful Mark Zuckerberg had become,(WSJ A-15;01-29-18).
Mohammed bin Salman...the leader of Saudi Arabia...asked the ruling elite if there were not funds available to assist him in paying for the socialist miasma Saudi Arabia had become. He promised to dismantle the NANNY STATE but until he could accomplish that incredible feat...they had to assist in funding the socialist give-away programs Saudi Arabia had created.

When rebuffed and rebuked by these Sultans of Swing...he invited them to the Ritz-Carlton luxury hotel where he arrested them and told them release required payment.

After chuckling about the trap...and...obvious shake-down...they agreed and began to give to the crowned prince the funds he needed to continue the Saudi Arabian free lunch and wagon ride entitlement system,(WSJ A-6;01-29-18).
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Centuries ago...areas around Boston would flood and ebb...sometimes beneath water for hundreds of years and then above the high tide line for many more...over and over again...as nature saw fit. Nowadays...however...man-caused global warming is said to be the cause of submerged lands around Boston. Although geologists know that declaration is preposterous...they have remained silent since their paychecks depend on the propagation of that profitable LIE-MYTH,(WSJ A-5;01-29-18).
NEW YORK STATE is a welfare state...kept that way by a large voting bloc of parasites and servile supplicants. However...as in all states...there are freedom-lovers in upstate New York who would flee if they could escape the clutches of the would-be master.

Because they're out-voted by the parasites...their fate is whatever the envious mob demands. And it's that fear that drives them to look for ways to flee to Florida. VIVA SCOTT!  (WSJ A-3;01-29-18).
New York Governor Cuomo told New York he planned on imposing a new payroll tax on the worker bee so that his big spend-and-tax government might continue to provide welfare and support to the needy and pathetic. In regions of the Empire State where socialists abound...that declaration of imposing more burden on the worker bee was received with cheer and praise...while the areas upstate where the worker bee struggled to survive...that proclamation was an ALARM BELL to pack up and go to Florida. VIVA RICK SCOTT!
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Into the Middle East peace could be injected should all nations insist on an otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can some would-be master...whether Shiite...Sunni...or..."other" impose their ideas on an unwilling public. Of course...the Imams and Mullahs hate the idea of a 21st century open marketplace since such a thing does not need any input from the religious sector...and...the most unprofitable time for the mullahs is when peace is afoot.
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When asked how one might describe President Trump entering Congress to deliver his STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS...one sage remarked, "It's like Braveheart riding alone into that English camp." And as powerfully...Big Don will tell the world there isn't anything as good as freedom. He will deliver America from the clutches of that newest incantation of LONG SHANKS. VIVA TRUMP!
Because exposure of assassination would hurt not Uncle Sugar...and...because Ambassador Stevens was gone and couldn't be helped...President Trump felt there wasn't any reason not to release the 4 page memo that U.S. Rep. Nunes prepared....a dossier of sorts...drawn from fact and truth...and...designed to expose the criminal misconduct of TEAM OBAMA. Unlike the preposterous CHRIS STEELE DOSSIER...the one Hillary-the-hag paid $12 million to produce and disseminate...the FOUR PAGE MEMO is based on empirical data...and...identifies the players and what they did wrong. Obviously...Democrats don't want America to see how nasty and nefarious TEAM-OBAMA was.
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Although alone...this BLOG forecast the dismantling of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. From 2009 onward...until Donald J. Trump finally announced in 2015...this BLOG predicted that should a Titan come forth...should the Republicans have a majority in both houses of Congress and have a freedom-lover in the Oval Office...that America could be restored to its once greatness...the shackles of the NANNY STATE CAGE finally removed...and...the Democrat-Party...the political crowd that wishes more not less whip and chain...relegated to the status of fringe noise-makers.

Should President Trump continue to demand liberation...and...delete as many rules and laws as required to accomplish such downsizing...America will blossom and bloom. As more and more would-be masters are pushed aside by freedom-lovers...Americans will feel the benefits of liberty...a feeling the Democrats hate to see Americans experiencing since during the OBAMA-ERA they imposed misery and suffering.
President Trump will demand both bigger tax cuts and more government programs be dispatched to the states so that each state can decide if such expenditure in the best interest of its respective citizens. President Trump has observed how wondrous Florida has become.

Living up to its moniker: SUNSHINE STATE...Big Don is impressed with the chorus-like demand for smaller government...less taxes...and...efficiency at every level be maintained.

Indeed...Big Don told a cub reporter, "That kind of limited government has become a magnet for investors fleeing the socialists states of the north and far west."
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Entrenched bureaucrats are not easily ousted. Take for example all the OBAMA-ERA federal scumbags who are doing all they can to hurt TEAM-TRUMP...to undermine...sabotage...derail and harass.

Why are they still employed?

What insulation do they enjoy?

 Thumb their noses at the American taxpayer...and...say..."Nanny...Nanny...Boo...boo"?

When did Americans become the servants of such knaves and miscreants?
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Coming to America to produce is welcomed purpose...whereas coming to America to grab whatever freebie and favor offered by the NANNY STATE anathema to an "open border" approach. The parasite would never depart socialist Venezuela...for instance...if that parasite knew in America without working and producing starvation almost guaranteed. No...that parasite would stay in Venezuela...and...wait to be given whatever the would-be master decides best...but...not venture to America where the parasite* must produce or starve.
*In a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...charities advertise for patrons since there are so few paupers in such a dynamic place. However...in the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the environment President Trump is trying to change...parasites are not only welcomed but are coddled in exchange for their bloc vote.
Kellyanne Conway was asked about the refusal of the Republicans to demand a dismissal of all bad-guys in all levels of government. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "So wrapped and intertwined...so protected by layers of rules and laws...is it any wonder that the nefarious co-conspirators embedded in both the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Dept. of Injustice are still there and haven't been fired? Americans ...it appears...have lost their power to police the bureaucracy they created? Can such bureaucracy be so powerful it can thumb its nose at taxpayers?"
Frank Schaefer...a Trump-hater...found he could get "speaking fees" if he were to be a vocal "Trump-hater". He contacted MSNBC...told them he was a TRUMP-HATING SOCIALIST...something the MSNBC bosses wanted to feature on their lackluster...poor ratings...fake-news shows.

Hence...they stuck FRANK SCHAEFER...a/k/a...CLOWN-ACT...on the AMJOY show...a show that spews venom and despicable calumny.

And there FRANK told the world he hated Trump and would fight Trump to save his beloved NANNY STATE...a place where people are forced to live the way FRANK wishes them to live...a place where Nanny State spank and diaper check are imposed as FRANK sees fit...indeed...a place where FRANK chooses what is good and what is bad.
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If the Democrats weren't obstructing the effort of TEAM-TRUMP to make America great again...backed as they are by a Trump-hating MASS MEDIA...the STATE OF UNION ADDRESS would be one of the greatest statements ever delivered on planet Earth by a Titan of a man sporting the moniker: PRESIDENT TRUMP!

However...due to the hurdle and wall erected by recalcitrant freedom-hating Democrats...President Trump will only be able to describe a small tax cut. Yet...because he's a great leader...he'll demand remaining shackle be removed. He'll be able to look at the world and demand the grip of the would-be master with envious mob be loosed so that everyone can enjoy prosperity.

If Big Don describes America as moving away from the grip of big grab government...he'll put the Democrats in the position of asking America to submit to their control and diktat much as what is found in such places as Venezuela and North Korea. And...it's this difference which will carry the 2018 Republicans to a 60 vote majority in the U.S. Senate so that the entire 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE can be dismantled and a 21st century otherwise unhampered market thereby permitted to manifest.
What if the assassin who killed U.S. border guard Brian Terry although successful felt remorse and left something behind which could be followed all the way into the highest offices of power and enable a disgruntled...angry...population to rise up and cleanse the Temple?

Well...folks...the bullet that killed BRIAN TERRY was traced to a gun under the control of U.S. Attorney General Eric the Holder whose boss was OBAMA. Indeed...due to the efforts of TOM FITTON...a Judicial Watch dude..."snuff orders" have been uncovered...orders to kill people...orders signed by Obama. And one of those orders was to snuff BRIAN TERRY* before he could alert the world to what he had discovered on the Mexican border.

Whoever chose that bullet and that gun knew that to use them would leave a trail which would lead any investigator to the doors of the Oval Office...and...along the way expose every "helper"...every "cohort"...every co-conspirator...and...deliver them into the hands of a vengeful public looking to cleanse the Temple of such miscreants and demons,(MARK 11:15).
Into Florida come refugees...so to speak...people from the socialist states escaping the grip of their big grab government.

While most come to the Sunshine State to breathe free again...many move to Florida to grab whatever can be grabbed through government-program.

Yes...these PARASITES will be...and...for now...are a small group...but...eventually...they'll be the majority with the aid of the socialist-teachers' union and will force Floridians using bloc-vote to accept the same shackles as those poor wretches who couldn't get away.
Ah...yes...the pollsters are declaring President Trump the most unpopular President. But these same monkeys used their polls in 2016 to impose a victory for Hillary-the-hag. Every pollster...except this BLOG'S pollsters*...declared Hillary would defeat Trump in a landslide victory. MSNBC had its talking heads spewing polling data as if it were TRUTH AND FACT...when it was merely "concocted-for-use" drivel and tripe. Their goal was to push Hillary-the-hag and deliver the Oval Office to the Democrats...a goal so needful...they stooped to "concocted" polls.
*This BLOG is the sole website in the world that told the voters not to be fooled by "concocted" polls...and...to choose liberation over subjugation. It was ONLY this BLOG that decreed Big Don would defeat Hillary-the-hag. While every pollster scoffed at such temerity...nonetheless...it was this BLOG that told everyone that Donald J. Trump would be the 45th President. Unlike the "deceivers"...this BLOG conducted accurate POLLS...and...did as much in all 50 states. Such is "why" this BLOG predicted Big Don would prevail.
President Trump could undermine the Democrat-socialist-Eco-fascist portion of the Democrat Party simply by telling America and the world that he will continue to dismantle the oppressive 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master with envious mob decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

Should Big Don...at the STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS...tell everyone that freedom will be the pole star of America...this group within the Democrat Party would be forced to tell the voters they want to enslave not liberate...that they wish to impose more shackle...and...to make more people dependent on them. U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL)...himself a TRIBAL SOCIALIST...admitted as much when he said, "If Trump is successful in stopping illegal immigration...the Democrats won't have a dependent voting bloc and will lose power."
U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters...another freedom-hating Democrat...candidly told a cub reporter she was not only boycotting President Trump...but...she was not about to give her seat at the State of the Union Address to RICKY TAYLOR...a 2-tour-in-Iraq veteran who heard about her boycott and asked if Maxine would surrender her seat to him. When asked about Rep. Waters nasty-ways...Mr. Taylor replied, "Virtue itself of vice must pardon beg."
Andrew McCabe...flushed emails because they reveal his complicity in "rigging" the 2016 presidential election. These "missing emails" demonstrate how powerfully Andy directed henchmen to fashion insulation for Hillary-the-hag...to exonerate her...even though she obviously conducted a "pay-to-play" racket while she was Secretary of State.
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Folks...TEAM OBAMA used the U.S. Injustice Dept. and the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation to advance its own political agenda. To accomplish this feat...OBAMA enlisted the aid of unscrupulous NAZI-like people...who'd kill their own mother to advance the cause of tribal socialism and Eco-fascism...scumbags such as Peter Stzrok...Lisa Page...Loretta Lynch...James Comey...Bruce Ohr...and...Andrew McCabe...people who are STILL EMPLOYED* by Uncle Sugar.
*They collected "dirt" on powerful politicians and if PRESIDENT TRUMP bites...they'll bite back.
Taliban packed an ambulance with explosives and when it cleared a Kabul checkpoint...the driver detonated his deadly cargo...killing many and wounding many more. Not anywhere in the Qu'ran is there any support for such a massacre. Yes...the infidel and apostate can be killed without mercy...but...there wasn't any way Taliban could know the people it targeted were not the "faithful".  Allahu Akbar, eh boys?
For Your Information...FYI...when Uncle Sugar cut taxes...the reprieve from plunder is not any "windfall" in the manner that word has traditionally been used to denote an unexpected...unearned bounty,(WSJ B-1;01-27-18).

Instead...any wealth left alone due to tax cut was always the property of the taxpayer...and...never did it belong to Uncle Sugar such that whatever left behind some kind of "windfall".

Yes...the Democrats look at all wealth as theirs to redistribute as they choose...but...fortunately...freedom-loving Republicans are in power and they're dismantling the tribal socialist NANNY STATE as fast as they can given the 60-vote SENATE RULE...a RULE the Republicans could delete if they but had the courage found in their leader, PRESIDENT TRUMP!
The American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) recently attacked COINCHECK,INC...a Tokyo-based digital currency exchange...wrongfully taking $500 million worth of NEM...a popular virtual currency used in games to buy and sell virtual land...buildings...and...other things. When asked why would such theft occur...JOHN BRENNAN...a former "spook"...admitted* such attacks had to be done to keep virtual currencies from gaining a foothold thereby eliminating any way for big grab government to expropriate...and...plunder,(WSJ B-5;01-27-18).
*Brennan admitted NEM was chosen over TOTS because NEMS was used by game-players whereas TOTS was used to buy real cars...real land...real jets...and...other real stuff...where as NEMS was used for virtual reality consumers.[ Total Obvious Tethered Stuff: TOTS]
Kellyanne Conway was asked abut the up-coming STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "Into the room strode President Trump ready to tell the world what has been so far accomplished and what blessings await should the freedom-haters and would-be masters step aside and permit Americans to breathe free again...to dismantle the oppressive 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...allow prosperity to replace socialist misery, malaise and squalor."
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"Stay away from TEAM-TRUMP!" exclaimed Senator Schumer when asked by Steve Wynn if it were better to support Republican than Democrat.

When WYNN ignored this injunction...the Democrats called upon BLACK OPS to apply their "trade" and deliver an attack on WYNN.

And...as promised...DIRT ON WYNN manifested...a lady claimed WYNN touched her shoulder and brushed against her pulsing breast as he passed by with his entourage.

So "steamy"...so "horrific" this description of SEXUAL ATTACK...that the MASS MEDIA demanded WYNN step down from all business leadership...that Republicans disgorge the $500 million WYNN had given to them to defeat the socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters...and...WYNN go directly to REGRET ISLAND where he must remain until he has self-flagellated...and...told by Senator Elizabeth Warren that he can come back.
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In Michigan...Bob's abundant inventory was quickly sold off as customers hurried to buy the cheap wood for winter.

However...across the street...in Wisconsin...Bob had to sell his wood at a minimum price below which he could not lawfully go....since Wisconsin has a "minimum mark-up" law that requires sellers not to sell their produce below a specified price. His wood just sat there...without any buyers...buyers who could buy that same wood from many wood-vendors since they all had the same price.

Bob wasn't allowed to dump his extra wood in Wisconsin and benefit the Wisconsin consumers...no...not in Wisconsin...a state with a Republican majority...a majority that could delete such idiotic laws if they had backing them the promise of a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can some would-be master impose what the market would not otherwise support,(WSJ A-11;01-27-18).
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The ARCTIC is a frozen place...walrus...polar bear...and other stuff...but...for the most part...ice and treacherous water...a place in which few humans care to reside. However...every nation knows the country that controls the Arctic controls the world. Sure...years ago...it was whoever controls the Straits of Gibraltar controls the world...and...of course...who could ever forget the big drama surrounding the slogan: whomever controls the Brooklyn Bridge controls the world. Might the world be better off if all countries refused to permit any other country to declare the others can't come and enjoy the same things?
Why care about MANBIJ...a town in Syria? Might President Trump step back and permit the KURDS to eradicate the Turks if the Turk and their allies choose to invade MANBIJ? As Big Don says, "We need to step back and permit the rag heads to slaughter each other...something they've been doing since The Prophet Mohammed failed to choose his successor."
U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal(D.Conn) is attacking President Trump. While he observed Obama and Hillary Clinton commit all sorts of felonies...he kept quiet. But...given the stage to besmirch Big Don...BLUMENTHAL stepped up and demanded President Trump be prosecuted for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. When asked if he...himself...were a laurel's thief...he choked on his cud and said, "Okay...so I didn't save Lieutenant Dan...but...it was a good story and it got be elected."
John Kerry told the Palestinians not to be fooled by President Trump's supposed laurel wreath...not to be deceived by the out-stretched hand seeking compromise and peace through strength. Why JOHN KERRY would insinuate himself in this Middle East JEW-ARAB dispute since he's not any longer associated with government can't be explained without assuming he has been dispatched to hurt President Trump and keep the anger and hatred of the Palestinians at "full boil". VIVA TRUMP!
Finally...some of the Trump-haters are forced to admit President Trump is attempting to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where would-be masters...such as Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL)...cannot decree: "Our tears...your purse!"(WSJ A-1;01-27-18).
Millie-Van-Nillie...lip-sync'd their songs...the real singers: two dudes from Dallas in need of a gig to get back on their feet...their voices...clear and strong. Might the Democrats' message be lip-synch'd...in accord with socialist throng? U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders...for instance...said his mission to imprison the producer...to shackle...and...enslave...he hated President Trump for telling the herd there was an escape route from the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where scumbags such as Sanders can proclaim: "Our tears...your purse!"
Okay...the proven facts are as follows: (i) Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paid $12 million for a CHRIS STEELE DOSSIER that was used to get a FISA WARRANT so that TEAM OBAMA could "spy" on TEAM-TRUMP, and (ii) the FBI and the U.S. Dept. of Injustice were colluding to insulate Hillary-the-hag from prosecution, and (iii) TEAM-HILLARY paid Russians to help put some credibility and veneer to what was otherwise a salacious and despicable 35 page "slam-book" on Big Don...nowadays knows as the DOSSIER.
According to the MINISTER OF STRAWS...there are 500 million straws used by Americans per day...so many straws that end to end they'd circle the world 100 times or more.

So many straws are unleashed per day that it has caused significant global warming...drowning polar bears...and...delivering famine to Yemen and Tibet. So nasty...so intolerable this flood of straws that California will fine waiters $1000 and imprison them for 6 months should they be caught offering a straw with the Cola drink.

Yes...you can put lime with your coconut...but...dare not deploy straw to sip...if caught with offending plastic tube...punished with jail and crudest kip.
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OBAMA-CARE was designed to hurt people. Yes...some parasites and servile supplicants received extensive subsidy so they were able to have OBAMA-CARE at the expense of taxpayers...but...the good folks...in IDAHO...for example...have had enough of the NANNY STATE...and...demanded an "open market" for health care insurance..."openness" strictly prohibited by abominable OBAMA-CARE. As horrific as it seems...so-called health care policy experts want SINGLE PAYER such as in Britain or Zimbabwe...doubling-down on OBAMA-CARE...eliminating what once was the greatest medical place in the world...and...delivering something akin to the miasma of socialist India or Venezuela.
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Despite being caught in an illegal agreement to rig the 2016 election and attack TEAM-TRUMP in order to undermine and subvert...the perpetrators are still employed at the FBI and at the U.S. Injustice Dept. Has America gone so far towards a POLICE STATE that such scumbags feel they're insulated from censor?

From a polemical aspect...it can be argued these "perpetrators" thought Hillary-the-hag would be elected President and they didn't wish to be identified as contrarians...surely marked for job loss. Hence...they contrived to insulate Hillary from condemnation...enlisting helpers along the way to hurt Trump...and...do whatever to hinder and delay.

Are the American people unable to demand the Temple be cleansed? (MARK 11:15). Are the ruling elite so insulated they can thumb their nose...and...demand whatever IDOL they forge be worshipped as their Lord?(EXODUS 32:24).
U.S.Rep. Nancy Pelosi(D.Ca) concluded the White House plan for immigration was little more than "making America white again." Instead of supporting immigration...PELOSI preferred to lambast the proposal because if she accepts such an offer...it'll deliver another VICTORY for Big Don...something an envious Pelosi can't permit.
Folks...U.S.Rep. Bill Posey(R.FL) is a freedom-fighter doing what he can to dismantle the oppressive 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE....and...usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master with envious mob decree: "Our tears...your purse!" VIVA POSEY!
When the stock of Caterpillar was plummeting...short sellers reaped the harvest...profiting as Caterpillar...suffering from OBAMA'S attack on American industry...began to lose ground...experiencing losses that most companies could not survive,(WSJ B-1;01-26-18). However...due to the incredible skill of the people at Caterpillar...and...the $200 million loan this BLOG delivered...CATERPILLAR is not a "short-sale" any longer but a stock most investors are scurrying to buy. VIVA TRUMP!
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Near Sutter's Mill...riches found. In the same way atop Mt. Gox...that golden mound. Today...people want crypto-currency...their hedge against big grab government ways. To stifle and retard this burgeoning industry...big stomp government has directed its cronies at the central banks to pull back and not permit credit cards be used to gamble in what might very well be another TULIP DISASTER,(circa 1637 A.D.).
Kellyanne Conway was asked about the 2018 election and how well Republicans could do in that election cycle...an election wherein the MASS MEDIA will be pushing the socialist views of the Democrats telling voters they should choose the squalor and misery of socialism and Eco-fascism over the prosperity of TEAM-TRUMP.

After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "Have you heard the TV advertiser tell you...in staccato-fashion...300 words per second...that if you have trouble breathing...if your heart can't beat...stop taking BRAND X and call your doctor immediately? Might a similar WARNING accompany the Democrats' demand for bigger government spending and bigger taxes such that if the voters see their world falling apart due to Democrat "grip and grab"...they might stop supporting Democrats and choose Republicans instead?"
Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva...although found guilty of corruption...was named to be the 2018 candidate for the Brazilian presidency. Most officials agree there is little doubt her "come-back" a surprise given she'd been convicted of corruption...but...noted her allegiance to the entrenched government bureaucracy her ACE-IN-HOLE card.

When asked if Hillary-the-hag could survive criminal prosecution and still run for president in 2020...BRUCE OHR...one of her compatriots...and...himself involved in OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE...replied, "She has too much dirt on too many Democrats. They bite...she bites back. If she chooses to be the Democrat candidate...she'd be nominated...and...if she included OPRAH as her Vice President...she'd surely win."
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President Trump will send an American carrier task force to Da Nang in a show of unity between Vietnam and America. President Trump knows the Vietnamese are an industrious people and will find American markets to their liking. Such unity has sparked many Asian leaders to consider making friends and opening their own markets so they might get in on the food fest...a worldwide recovery led by President Trump. VIVA TRUMP!
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In Muslim countries...women are beaten to death if they're caught on the street without their NIQAB...a pup-tent arrangement with a small screened slit out of which stare fearful eyes. In Quebec...however...people were startled when on to their local bus stepped 25 pup-tented ladies whose comportment silent but regal. They sat quietly until they arrived at their mosque...where they were found on their knees before THE PROPHET asking if their jihadi-husbands were in heaven with 14 virgins and plenty of wine,(WSJ A-16;01-26-18).
At the Harvard Kennedy School...Jason Furman...a so-called professor of practice...sports the moniker: BIG STAIN...a label he acquired after he wrote the WSJ article about how to impose even more taxes on a bewildered public,(WSJ A-15;01-26-18).

In that idiotic scribbling...Furman describes how he'd grab* more money from producers...and...all done to perpetuate his beloved 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. Instead of demanding the Democrats get out of the way and permit the entire NANNY STATE to be dismantled...FURMAN wants more shackle...more hurdle...more intrusion into the well-being of America.
*Today's unchallenged nonsense is tomorrow's accepted slogan.
Even though involved both in an illegal conspiracy to "rig" the 2016 election and in a post-election attack on TEAM TRUMP...the wrongdoers are still employed by Uncle Sugar. Is it they can't be fired lest they reveal all the "dirt" they have on both Republicans and Democrats? Might they be insulated because they can take down so many big shots?
This BLOG predicted the "missing emails" for Hillary-the-hag...and...more recently...the missing emails for Strzok and Page...all would be found...but...not used to hurt...since the targets had "dirt". And while most Americans don't know what's meant by "dirt"...those who do recall Democrat Jon Corzine who escaped punishment even though he stole $1 billion from his clients because he threatened "revelation". Democrat Jon Corzine infamously declared, "You bite...I bite back."
"Demons-disguised" might be a better way of describing so-called "health-policy" experts...wonks who like people sitting in darkened halls waiting for their "number" to be called so the Pakistani doctor can tell the patient "go home...and...we'll call you. Don't call us...we'll call you." Indeed...when IDAHO...a backward state...full of hayseeds and green-tooth Neanderthals...mentioned it would remove the hurdle and hassle in health care insurance and permit a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...the OBAMA-ERA health policy experts screamed "foul"...and...demanded IDAHO be forced to kneel and worship their golden calf, (EXODUS 32:24).
U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) admitted he was wrongfully* taking credit for the blossoming space industry in Florida. "I probably have done more to hinder and hassle Florida industry than anyone in Congress...but...with a freedom-hating MASS MEDIA backing me...I can take credit for about anything I wish...and...they'll back me up. Call it constructive fabrication...but...it's my style...my brand...so to speak."(WSJ A-3;01-26-18).
*Sometime back...this BLOG revealed it had ROBOTS on the lunar surface looking for tritium...a resource so valuable on Earth...its discovery would prompt another ROBOT to grab that stuff...and...transport it to a low Earth orbit space station where it could be safely processed as FUEL not only for use on Earth but  also for spaceships in need of a "fill-up".
Answering a request from President Trump and the RESEARCH DEPT. of this BLOG...AMICUS THERAPEUTICS has agreed to invest $200 million in a new facility whose mission statement to find a cure for cancer and all other human diseases. Because of all the advances in gene dynamics and immunology...AMICUS might very well succeed. Imagine...suffering from pancreatic cancer and in a few weeks the pancreas is as good as new...and...the patient back to work. VIVA TRUMP!
Fulfilling his promise to remove the hurdle and hassle oppressing America...President Trump asked the producers to come forth and help make America great again. Albeit the TAX CUT is small...it's a beginning on the road to freedom and away from OBAMA'S tribal socialism...and...Americans are responding to his call for help. In DAVOS...even the freedom-haters gathered there...for example...had to acknowledge Big Don was making America great again and they had best get in on that food chain or lose out on the biggest and most dynamic economic boom this world has ever seen. VIVA TRUMP!
Although the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA in America could not bring themselves to admit BIG DON is doing what he promised...in DAVOS...the crowd was screaming and cheering...and...telling President Trump they're on their way to the land of milk and honey...a blessed land where freedom-lovers needn't fear some scumbag would-be master with envious mob assembling to bash down storeroom door...plunder and loot...and...compel the producer in shackles to produce more for them. VIVA TRUMP!
"A new robot that functions from magnetic particles embedded therein might be as small as 8 micrometers...the size of the smallest capillary," quipped Metin Sitti when asked about micro-bots which could find and delete tumors...eradicate diseases of all sorts...and...repair and replace any damaged organ. Naturally...Sitti has been working with the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG to develop a micro-bot capable of eliminating 99.99% of any and all kinds of cancer. VIVA SITTI!
Two devout socialists, ANDREW G. BIGGS and KRISTIN A. SHAPIRO, want Uncle Sugar to force employers to give their employees "paid parental leave"...and...if the business refuses...to imprison the owner...confiscate assets...and...distribute them to the employees waiting to get whatever such a would-be master can deliver,(WSJ A-15;01-25-18). This kind of idiocy is expected in such toilets as France and Venezuela...but...not in America...not in this blessed land...a place where people yearn to breathe free...and...not be subject to the whims of scumbags such as BIGGS and SHAPIRO.
The Chinese have cloned a monkey,(WSJ A-5;01-25-18). What has everyone so excited is that the CLONED MONKEY looks just like Barak Obama...himself ever the dung-throwing monkey. When asked "why" choose OBAMA for the FIRST CLONE...the Chinese scientists chuckled and replied, "We wanted people to know we did something spectacular and what better way to get public attention!"
U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff(D. Ca) is producing his own MEMO about what happened in 2016. As it is right now...the Republican 4-page memo offers insight into the machinations and conspiracies afoot in 2016...illegal agreements to RIG the election in favor of Hillary-the-hag. The Republican product reveals criminal misconduct at the highest levels of government. It might very well be that almost all of OBAMA'S appointees will be imprisoned for their complicity in that unconscionable effort. VIVA TRUMP!
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While President Trump is willing to sit down and speak to Special Counsel Robert Mueller...it is advised that he not do as much. He might wish to speak to Robert privately...not any court reporter...not under oath...and...without anyway for a leak to occur. He deserves FBI DIRECTOR Chris Wray writing a memo about his absolution and exoneration before he meets with Mueller so that he receives the SAME KIND of treatment that HILLARY-THE-HAG received in 2016.
In order to launch Alex Grebnev's venture in offering a new crypto-currency platform...this BLOG has invested $235 million...enough big bucks to attract attention among the crypto-currency players...a burgeoning pool of risk-takers whose passion only matched by their need for more markets...more ways to exchange...more ways to profit...more ways to speculate...more ways...indeed...to become greater than they were yesterday.

This BLOG also assisted in name-creation choosing OXYGEN as the best moniker for what GREBNEV envisioned. Using OXYGEN...an investor can earn money by lending out crypto-currency. In return for the loan...the investor gets another crypto-currency which the investor agrees to take as collateral until the original currency is returned. Oxygen will charge a fee for transactions and will target CHANGELLY'S existing 1.6 million clients.

If all goes well...TOTS(total obvious tethered stuff)...the latest crypto-currency...for instance...will skyrocket in vale from $100 per TOT to $15,000 per TOT. GREBNEV said the $235 million investment FREEUSFLORIDA.COM made in his fledgling venture would fetch a return of a little over $9 billion in less than 24 months!(WSJ B-7;01-24-18).
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There must be repeal of any South Korean law giving the would-be masters of that place the power to demand identification of BITCOIN owners. There is not any proper governmental purpose in such a demand. Yes...it gives the would-be master more power over the herd...more ability to hurt and hassle...but...it does not advance any essential government purpose. It's just another attempt to stifle freedom and it must be vigorously opposed,(WSJ B-7;01-24-18).
Nancy Mucciarone attended a meeting with honchos from Sr. Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. After that business conference...Nancy accompanied JUSTIN WHITEHEAD and some other Dr. Pepper employees to a restaurant where the wine and cocktails flowed generously. Afterwards, unable to get a cab...NANCY accepted a ride from JUSTIN WHITEHEAD.

As they were driving along...JUSTIN suddenly pulled over to the curb and began to grope NANCY...kissing her and grabbing at her breasts and crotch*...massaging and manipulating...and...all the while...NANCY accepting the sexual onslaught as part of her job. However...when she heard** how JUSTIN had described their tryst...she went ballistic and filed a lawsuit demanding damages.
*It was reported that Justin's hand got too close to Nancy's snapper and lost two fingers.

**Nancy let it slip that she was dating Justin Whitehead...and...soon thereafter...she heard that JUSTIN had described the incident as: "Her name was McGill...she called herself  "LILL"...but...everyone knew her as NANCY."(Rocky Raccoon)

Brandon Chez...the principal of coinmarketcap.com...was told anger erupted among traders over his decision to delete mention of South Korean bitcoin trades. The BITCOIN price precipitously dropped because traders could not discern "why" CHEZ had chosen to delete a South Korean aspect. Reacting to the anger...CHEZ said he appreciated the interest in his effort to be transparent...but...his website was his website and if they wished to go elsewhere...then...there's the door. As for the 'anger"...he pointed out the customer was always entitled to go elsewhere...if there were an 'elsewhere'.
When Mick Mulvaney was spotted walking towards the BAR & GRILL...the owner walked to the door and locked it,(WSJ A-19;01-24-18).

He wasn't about to permit a freedom-fighter to enter his place of business...a place which catered to the would-be masters and their henchmen. There wasn't room in his place for such a liberator as MICK MULVANEY.

To this business owner...MICK had removed the hassle and hurdle this owner had come to love and accept as shackle...and...its removal was too much for this business owner to handle. He liked being a slave to big grab government and MICK MULVANEY wasn't welcome.
Never was there a search as that conducted by Robert Mueller whose task to find DIRT ON TRUMP. So far...Mueller's erstwhile henchmen haven't uncovered much if anything worthy of the $200 million so far spent "looking". Had these same people been dispatched to examine Hillary-the-hag and her "pay-to-play" scheme...and...had they the same fervor as they have exhibited in their reckless attack on TRUMP...is there anyone who would doubt they would have uncovered DIRT ON THE HAG?
Before the Knesset on Monday...Vice President Mike Pence spoke Hebrew words...yes...but...said by everyone whose life finds gratitude to God "who has kept us alive, and sustained us, and allowed us to reach this day." The Knesset roared with approbation. Here was a gentile honoring the Jewish effort to stay alive. VIVA PENCE!
Quinnipiac Poll lost much of its public prominence when it declared HILLARY-the-hag would defeat TRUMP in Pennsylvania by more than 5 points. Of course...that POLL is now used in statistic classes to show the folly of imposing political group-think into what should be a pristine sample and not an adulterated pool. Mention is made of this ERRONEOUS-FLAWED-POLITICALLY-INSPIRED POLL favoring Hillary because the same scoundrels at QUINNIPIAC are using the same approach to obtain ANTI-TRUMP NUMBERS...profound numbers according to the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA...numbers that show Americans don't want liberty but prefer socialist toilet and tribal miasma...the stuff TEAM-OBAMA heaped on the back of the producer for 8 years.
Kenneth R. Weinstein...Chairman of the so-called Broadcasting Board of Governors...told a cub reporter he was doing as much as he could to provide Iranians with access to the Internet. "Unless Iranian power-mongers cut every electrical line crossing any border...the Iranians will have access to the INTERNET," chirped Kenny-the-clown...a moniker given to him by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.
To assist HAO ZHOU...the beleaguered CEO of Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co...this BLOG dispatched a PUBLIC RELATIONS team to every MASS MEDIA outlet...including the such rags as the Wall Street Journal and mullet-wrapper New York Times...alerting them to the INJUSTICE perpetrated on HIKVISION by would-be competitors who saw a great opportunity to hurt HAO and grab her business share in America.
*Let is be known...and...for your information...HAO has impeccable credentials...is as honest as the day is long...produces a superior product...and...deserves to be left alone and permitted to continue on her way to stardom. VIVA VIVIAN!
In the movie FAHRENHEIT 451...the leader tells his team that they must know how to hide books before they can find books. Recently...America was told that at both the FBI and the U.S. Injustice Dept. there were...and...unfortunately...still are...top level employees who had done their best to RIG the 2016 presidential election. And to cover their tracks...to hide their complicity...to duck censor...they destroyed their emails and hard drives in ways that would prevent recovery.
While the socialists and Eco-fascists declared Hillary-the-hag would defeat that obstreperous Trump...this BLOG said otherwise. When the freedom-hating economists said TRUMP would ruin worldwide economic aspect...this BLOG proclaimed TEAM-TRUMP...if successful in their plan...would lift all people everywhere...and...deliver magnificent results for the world. And...indeed...the reports from the 1st year of TEAM-TRUMP is remarkable. There has been an increase in trade and a blooming around the world of freedom and prosperity, (WSJ A-7;01-24-18).
Who said making America first in trade agreements was wrongful? Well...it wasn't freedom-lovers but those would-be masters whose anger revolves around President Trump and his effort to dismantle the grip of worldwide big grab government. Take socialist Japan for example. Its Economy Minister Toshimitsu Motegi told a cub reporter, " If President Trump succeeds...every socialist government will be threatened by its people who will...by such observation...sense they're being stifled by us...the ruling elite."
Kellyanne Conway was asked about her impression of the 3 week hiatus before the budget mess returns with the Democrats promising not to cave on any issue but to cause complete and utter federal government shutdown come February 08, 2018. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT she replied, "What a show...what a fight...boys...we really hit our target for tonight...how we sing as we limp through the air...look below...there's our field over there...with our one motor gone...we can still carry on...coming in on a wing and a prayer." VIVA TRUMP!
U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal(D.Conn) refused to describe the Democrat capitulation as a "cave-in". When asked if he supported the BUDGET EXTENSION because he was promised silence in the 2018 election cycle when it came to him being a "laurel's thief". Recall Blumenthal told the world he saved Lieutenant Dan but was unable to deliver his best pal, Bubba...and...retold that story many times until someone pointed out such story was also the tale told by GUMP.
U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen (D.MD) said building a wall was not a smart use of taxpayer money. This is the same scumbag who sat silent for 8 years during the OBAMA era...watched squandering of funds...oversaw much of the waste and fraud...and...never accused OBAMA of destroying the fabric of America. This is the same jerk who said he didn't see anything wrong with spending money to pay for a study on how fast shrimp run across the ocean bottom.
no image
Tit for tat? Yes...such the approach President Trump will take when he meets with the high-and-mighty in DAVOS. If they remove tariffs...Uncle Sugar will remove tariffs. While it's America first...it's not America alone. Everyone can enjoy prosperity if we remove the hassle and hurdle the would-be masters have over the last century imposed on the producer. Such the message of liberation Donald J. Trump will deliver at DAVOS...a place packed with fascists...socialists...and...other freedom-haters of all stripes and formats.VIVA TRUMP!
Gary Cohn told the world that America is "open for business"...come one...come all...we're ready to do business. Underlying Cohn's proclamation was the firm knowledge that when it comes to competition...nobody out-does an American. Not nobody...not no-how...not ever. VIVA TRUMP!
As incredible as it might seem...former FBI Director James Comey has been asked to teach a course on ethics at William and Mary. The same James Comey who wrote an exoneration paper before he was shown the evidence indicting Hillary-the-hag in a "pay-to-play" scheme while she was Secretary of State? The same James Comey who leaked scurrilous unverified data to a Columbia professor with the intention that the SNIDE STUFF reach the MASS MEDIA and hurt Donald J. Trump...a man Comey envied and hated?

Folks...once the :just discovered" emails from the "secret society" are examined...and...all the dots connected...it will be revealed that COMEY was part of a conspiracy to deliver the 2016 election to Hillary-the-hag. Yes...Comey imposed himself mightily in that 2016 campaign...but...his idea was to impose and guide...as any loyal stooge would do...particularly when he thought CLINTON was going to beat TRUMP...a foregone conclusion by almost every POLL the MASS MEDIA was pushing* 24/7 back then.
*This BLOG was the only organization that conducted a real POLL and concluded Donald J. Trump would defeat Clinton. The other POLLS were manufactured to push CLINTON into the Oval Office...and...most voters sensed they were being played and played hard...and...such feeling of deception was sufficient to deliver the White House to the Republicans. VIVA TRUMP!
U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) permitted 30(+) Senate Democrats to support TEAM-TRUMP'S 3-week budget reprieve...promising in February...though...to use the 60-vote RULE to carry out his planned shutdown...a shutdown wherein paid-for rioters will burn tires...break bank windows...and...with bullhorns tell their victims they need their support so they can impose a socialist paradise similar to what exists in such bountiful venues as CUBA and VENEZUELA.

Yes...this SCHUMER BOOMER PLAN...as it's been dubbed...envisions a lengthy shutdown with the MASS MEDIA showing pathetic instances of government employees with ailing mothers or crippled children begging for alms as the aloof ruling elite...snot-noses such as U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass)...steps over them...those whining heaps of rag and tear.-+


Whining heap of rag and tear...before bold...to most...appeared
Rider aboard free lunch and wagon ride...entitled...dependent...all slave inside.
Waiting would-be master throwing crumbs...in exchange for base spaniel fawning...and...knavish look as dumb.
With funding from this BLOG...OKCoin will open an exchange in Seoul. Of course...the South Korean socialist government hates the liberty BITCOIN...for instance...grants to South Koreans...freedom not somehow permitted by the would-be master...and...that kind of freedom is most hated by South Korean leaders since such crypto-currency is a great way to dodge the grip of socialist big grab government,(WSJ B-10;01-23-18).
no image
Mention in government employee emails of a "secret society" has caused a stir since conspiracy theories are very marketable. Might there have been some kind of organization dedicated to undermining* the election process and "rigging" the election in favor of Hillary-the-hag? Might there have been an illegal agreement to get a SPY-WARRANT so that TEAM-TRUMP could be surveilled?
*Hillary received 2.3 million more votes than Big Don but lost the Electoral College...a place where machinations don't play well.
Ayatollah Khamenei has several companies which have an aggregate value of $200 billion(WSJ A-17;01-23-18). One company, EIKO( Execution of Imam Khomeini's Order), for instance, has a bristling trade* in camel dung...selling this ancient Arab spice to the Shiites as an aphrodisiac and to the Sunnis as a tea-taste-enhancer...with quotes from the Qu'ran to back up either use as heavenly and something THE PROPHET preferred over anything else.
*So profitable is EIKO that the Ayatollah...applying his God-like wisdom...directed the Revolutionary Guard to gather as much dung as possible...suggesting they grab the piles in Syria and Iraq as spoils of war.
U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) told the world the next time around he wasn't about to support funding for a Mexican border wall.

Politically...Schumer believes his change of mind will hurt Trump because President Trump made wall erection a central theme in his 2016 campaign...and...Big Don can't very well accept Schumer's gambit...necessitating another government shutdown.

Between now and that moment 3 weeks hence...the MASS MEDIA will attack the idea of a WALL in every way imaginable. The talking heads will parenthetically add something snide about the WALL pretending that anyone supporting its construction to be Neanderthal in their thinking. And with that onslaught of MASS MEDIA jive-talk...Schumer will be framed as wild-passion in wall-fight.
no image
The publication of the 4-page memo will expose the misdeeds of top personnel at the FBI and the U.S. Injustice Dept. Of course...TEAM-OBAMA would be linked to such criminal activity. Once that connection is made by a reluctant Trump-hating MASS MEDIA...the 2018 election cycle will favor Republicans. VIVA TRUMP!
U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff(D.Ca) admitted TEAM-OBAMA committed federal felonies but were pardonable because these misdeeds were intended to hurt President Trump. "They were trying to help stop TRUMP and for that reason these employees should be pardoned," whispered Schiff when asked about the intentional deletion of incriminating emails.
TEAM-TRUMP defeated the Democrats in 2016...and...today...the Republicans were able to keep the federal government open a little while longer by enticing reluctant Democrats to support this extension of 3 weeks. In exchange for their reluctant support...the CHIP program was kept alive for 72 more months and a Republican promise given to consider DACA when Congress re-opens.

In reaction to this amazing bit of political stratagem...the freedom-haters generated a POLL that showed a majority of voters preferred the Democrats in 2018. It was an obvious FAKE POLL since most Americans like the idea of the NANNY STATE being deleted...and...prosperity permitted once more to manifest in all its imaginative ways.

Few rational voters would ever wish the Democrats to gain power and send America once more plummeting into the proverbial socialist toilet....or...as U.S. Senator Dick Durbin(D. Il) calls it: "the socialist shithole".
Incriminating emails were somehow deleted so that the co-conspirators in the RIG 2016 ELECTION could not be linked...their nefarious misconduct revealed...and...any attempt at prosecution stymied by the adroit and clever deletion of the evidence. Indeed...as Peter Strzok candidly admitted, "Once we knew our emails could hang us all...we deleted them...and...there isn't any way to get them back. We're safe from prosecution." Agreeing with Peter was Bruce Ohr who added, "Yes...we're safe until the emails surface. We can't be sure if that BLOG(think this BLOG) has them."
Kellyanne Conway was asked about the so-called victory for TEAM-TRUMP in keeping the government open for business. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "Rocky Raccoon...fell back in his room...just so he could read Gideon's Bible. But Gideon checked out...and...he left it no doubt for Rocky's revival."
no image
"It can be done!" exclaimed the ISIS general when asked if the war could be won. Yes...the armies were routed...and...the opposition* closing in from all sides...but...with one big push...one big  battle...the war could be won.
*Islamic State leaders were consumed with confidence until TEAM-TRUMP obliterated and slaughtered until only a black flag and a blind guy were left.
Even though Vice President Mike Pence told the world that the embassy will be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem...he didn't tell where the embassy would be located.

When asked "why" he refused to reveal the site...the Vice President looked surprised that such a question would be posed.

"We can't tell where we're going to build the embassy since such revelation would give the enemy of the JEW time to prepare mortar attack. Imagine 1000 mortar rounds blowing holes in that site and you'll sense "why" we aren't about to tell the rag head where we're going to erect that enormous bunker-like building."
Despite incarceration...ELCHAPO issued a lengthy dissertation outlining DIG-BOT along with diagrams and software for the project. According to prison officials...EL CHAPO imagined robots digging tunnels...digging them easily...quickly...and...effectively avoiding any detection using counter-detection technology invented by EL CHAPO.

So worried was Homeland Security Kristjen Nielsen that ELCHAPO had such parameters...that she asked her engineers to construct listening posts every 20 linear feet...posts which would require 15 million officers to staff 24/7, 365. When asked if her worry was worth the $25 trillion to pay for those people to listen for ELCHAPO...Director Nielson glowed and replied, "I'll spend a trillion dollars per day to stop EL CHAPO!"
no image
Slowly...TEAM-TRUMP is eliminating federal worker bees...downsizing...and...forcing survivors to take up the added work load or resign. Indeed...if TEAM-TRUMP can persist in this magnificent effort to liberate America from the grip of the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE...the 21st century will be America's century to be the best of the best. VIVA TRUMP!
*Senator Schumer was caught in his very own chain of sorrow...and...had to accept the Republican demand for the federal government to remain open and the CHIP program...Schumer's socialist pet-project...be funded for 72 more months.
no image
The Senate Democrats caved into the demand by the Republicans that the federal government not shutdown.

The Republicans could have deleted 90% of the federal employee pool. Not any of those people or their input would be missed but the benefit to the taxpayer could be quantified in trillions of dollars.

But...because the MASS MEDIA was not supporting this effort to downsize big grab government...the Republicans demanded the shutdown not persist....that the leviathan continue on its way...bloated...packed with parasite and servile crony...fully funded...and...insulated from downsizing for another season.
no image
In Venezuela...that socialist paradise...797,510 Bolivars can buy $3.90 of U.S. Currency. The Venezuelans gave up liberty in exchange for socialist misery and privation. Nowadays...these pathetic slaves have colored paper that won't buy much of anything. Yet...they still support the socialist government hoping to get more freebies even though they're being pushed into squalor.
no image
Canadians gripe about the "wait-time" when seeking medical services. Whenever they are heard griping...politicians rebuke them declaring they cannot GRIPE...it's FREE. They just have to wait their turn. Yes...they will suffer and perhaps die in the meantime...but...they can't gripe...because it's free. And...to think Canadians permitted themselves to be placed into this socialist toilet. Eh?
no image
President Putin is a Titan...equal in many ways to President Xi Jinping and President Trump. Each Titan is attempting to gather about him the power deserving of such stature and prominence. Underscoring his god-like amity...for instance...President Putin...while riding a steed at full cantor...had sexual intercourse with 3 incredibly sensual maidens. VIVA PUTIN!
There's a new ad on TV telling the world that if an illegal immigrant murders an American...the Democrats are "complicit" in that misdeed.

Naturally...most Democrats are offended by such portrayal of their IMMIGRATION POLICY...pointing out that more people were killed during the OBAMA era than ever before but such had to be overlooked* because OBAMA was a tribal socialist whose effort enslaved America in ways that made their left leg tingle.
*Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) underscored as much when she told a cub reporter she relished the idea of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS deleting "whitey" and imposing their cultural values on Massachusetts. "Whitey didn't build America. It was built by illegal immigrants. I want "whitey" to be pushed aside and socialist fervor of the Latinos brought to the forefront of American politics," whispered Warren as she looked at the TV ad accusing her of killing "whitey".
no image
The Iranians reacted to the sanctions imposed by President Trump by declaring, "A running man can slit a thousand throats." When asked if the Iranians had some stratagem for WAR-BOT(tm)...the robot armada Big Don was preparing to be launched as the INVASION FORCE to delete all armed opposition...the rag heads demurred and pointed out never before have robots been used to take and hold ground. Hence...they weren't worried about the 100,000 tank-robots and 10,000 armed-with-bomb drones marshaling on the Iraqi border. VIVA TRUMP!
In Jackson County, North Carolina...at the base of an ancient mountain...can be found JUDAKULLA ROCK...a huge rock inscribed with indecipherable markings...etchings in stone...enigmatic...inscrutable...and...worthy of Champollion himself were he ever channeled for such feat. And it was to that stone that U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer was referred by President Trump when Chuck asked Big Don about the Democrat-inspired government shutdown.
When the editors asked for a snotty...blue-nose...Trump-hater for their MEET THE PRESS fiasco...PEGGY NOONAN was mentioned as fitting that frame. And...of course...NOONAN...came prepared to snot and sniff...to call President Trump as many nasty names as possible...and...while doing as much...label* America not only "post heroic" but also "culturally-depraved".
*While the NBC viewing audience was entertained by her hatred for Donald J. Trump...everyone else changed channel preferring to watch LASSIE COMES HOME instead.
U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R.Ky) told a cub reporter he didn't know exactly what Big Don wished to have in the immigration bill. When pressed about that assertion...though...McConnell smirked and whispered, "President Trump wants a wall...border security...and...sufficient funds to maintain such barrier as well as project America's military prowess across the globe."
As if anyone cared...PEGGY NOONAN denounced President Trump accepting the label "President Jello" as apt frame for his ability to negotiate with opposing socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters. While he might be good at making a deal on real estate...as far as political give-and-take...he was an amateur who was out-sailed by willy Democrats. Noonan heralded the tactics of Schumer and Durbin...noting how adroitly these two Democrats had outmaneuvered TEAM-TRUMP...and...put the security of America in jeopardy.
no image
When the pollster for the New York Times acknowledged the POLLS were quite favorable to President Trump...the leader of that team of observers was told NO PAY for that kind of conclusion. Instantly...to avoid a BIG HOLE...the pollsters delivered a HATE-TRUMP-MORE conclusion...and...received their PAY CHECK. And...to think...people actually read the NYT for data. WOW!
Little Dick Durbin,(D.Il) and Little Lindsey Graham(R.S.C.) went to see President Trump with their immigration plan. It lacked a wall...opened* doors to them all...Norway...and...Africa...mightily enthralled.
*"Shithole"countries...as a phrase...recited by Little Dick Durbin prompted haze and maze. Why was he saying such vulgar phrase? Why say Big Don over their ideas spread such glaze?
The helicopter pilot told the control tower there was a malfunction and "we're going in". The debris field was extensive. The people aboard that doomed craft were dead. Their loved ones were told the SURVIVOR-BENEFIT would not be paid since Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) had used* the 60-vote SENATE RULE to stop such payment.
*One widow became visibly shaken and angry when she saw Schumer laughing about her plight and the lack of money to feed and clothe her 5 children. Her husband had died in that crash. He and his team were training for a mission in Afghanistan whereby his cadre would enter and slaughter 10,000 Taliban warriors...a mission that won't ever happen.
When asked if they were marching to make salt...to dismantle the oppressive "victim-making" 20th Century NANNY STATE...most of the ladies, yesterday, said they wanted more not less socialism...more not less government intrusion into their private lives...and...more money taken from producers and redistributed to them so they might live the life of luxury and accommodation instead of having to get up and go to work each day to support their families.

So overwhelmed by the demand for enslavement of the producer...OPRAH WINFREY strutted forward and told the crowd she felt their pain...and...would tax and spend until America was great again. HUH?
U.S. Senator Chuck "scumbag" Schumer(D.NY), Senator Richard "laurel's thief" Blumenthal and Senator Elizabeth "Blood money" Warren(D.Mass)...in chorus fashion...told a cub reporter they liked the fact the U.S. military wasn't going to be paid due to their government shutdown. "They will leave the military...be unemployed...and...so dependent they'll support our effort to reduce America to a socialist toilet...a place where we can decree: "Our tears...their purse!"
When Kellyanne Conway was asked about the SCHUMER government shutdown...a shutdown which would demonstrate that 2.78 million federal employees were not needed and government could run without them...she smiled and replied, "The rabbit told the fox not to throw him into the briar patch...go ahead and eat him...but...please don't throw him into that briar patch...a fate worse than death. Of course...the rabbit-hating fox concluded it was time to make the rabbit suffer before he ate him. Hence...into the briar patch the rabbit was thrown...only to thank the fox for his stupidity as he scurried off into the briar patch...safe and secure once more."