Thursday, January 11, 2018


U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman9D.Ca) was asked about the incredible economic turnaround** since TEAM-TRUMP arrived. He chocked on his cud...drew a great whiff of his foul and pestilent odor...and...proclaimed, "Under TEAM OBAMA...America did so much better* than it's doing right now."
*Sherman....himself a foul and pestilent congregation of vapors...would not admit TRUMP and his TAX CUTS were fueling an economic recovery the likes of which had never been observed. He could not admit that if the tax cuts were even greater...and...delivered more benefits...America would be blistering hot...with the entire socialist world flocking to get in on the action.
**F.Y.I.....the Republicans had better commence FRAMING the 2018 election in such terms...a flood coming to America with great much glitter and gold that most Americans will become rich. It's that likelihood SHERMAN fears most. His scumbags and parasites would be out of the power-mongering business.