Tuesday, January 9, 2018


How is it that a bunch of jerks calling themselves ENERGY REGULATORS can stop America from rebuilding its energy grid? They're not elected but appointed. ..and...this latest bunch is dedicated to destroying as much of the fossil fuel grid as possible rendering America less powerful...less ready for the 21st Century's many requirements,(WSJ A-1;01-09-18).

How did America ever permit itself to be reduced to cattle directed from cradle to grave by such bureaucratic ghouls and knaves? Yes...these $190,000(+) per year regulators are not elected. They're the scumbags you spit on when you need to express hatred for the RULING ELITE. Yet...there they were yesterday declaring President Trump would have to accept their DICTATORIAL conclusion.

Unlike BUSH...though...BIG DON isn't about to stop improving America's energy grid. To assist the President...this BLOG has dispatched legal teams and proverbial harassment squads to the regions affected with the goal of opening America to whatever energy the market will support...removing all GREEN SUBSIDY and directing all energy producers to produce without benefit of federal handouts. VIVA TRUMP!