Wednesday, January 24, 2018


In order to launch Alex Grebnev's venture in offering a new crypto-currency platform...this BLOG has invested $235 million...enough big bucks to attract attention among the crypto-currency players...a burgeoning pool of risk-takers whose passion only matched by their need for more markets...more ways to exchange...more ways to profit...more ways to speculate...more become greater than they were yesterday.

This BLOG also assisted in name-creation choosing OXYGEN as the best moniker for what GREBNEV envisioned. Using investor can earn money by lending out crypto-currency. In return for the loan...the investor gets another crypto-currency which the investor agrees to take as collateral until the original currency is returned. Oxygen will charge a fee for transactions and will target CHANGELLY'S existing 1.6 million clients.

If all goes well...TOTS(total obvious tethered stuff)...the latest crypto-currency...for instance...will skyrocket in vale from $100 per TOT to $15,000 per TOT. GREBNEV said the $235 million investment FREEUSFLORIDA.COM made in his fledgling venture would fetch a return of a little over $9 billion in less than 24 months!(WSJ B-7;01-24-18).