Friday, January 12, 2018


You say the South Korean government will destroy prosperity in order to retain its authoritarian grip on the Korean Peninsula? But...every South Korean met is found to be smart...and...wise about funds and funding...almost to the point of skilled-scholarship. could South Koreans permit their so-called NANNY STATE government to interfere with their crypto-currency endeavors? By what authority would some knave stationed in Seoul have to intrude on the gambling afoot with crypto-currencies if not but to insulate and retard?

The answer is with all efforts to duck the grip of big grab government...the crypto-currency market will suffer intrusion and high-jacking...all in the name of the "common-good"...or...for peace and tranquility...or...any other silly slogan meant to dumb-down the victims. Indeed...such vibrant markets will be absorbed...and...reduced to little more than footnotes* in the long history of the would-be master with envious mob.
*Folks...we're in the early days of the 21st Century with more to come every moment replacing what was yesterday's wonder-toy,(think Smartwatch). Only government can retard and stifle. President Trump has sensed as much and is slowly telling trading partners around the world that they can come here but we must be permitted to do business unfettered and untrammeled as afforded to them in our blessed land.