Monday, January 8, 2018

"Our tears...your purse!"

Before 2020...there will be many Democrats who bubble forth declaring their desire to oppose Big Don for the Oval Office. Recently...OPRAH said she was considering a run for that illustrious niche.

When asked "why"...OPRAH became almost demonic in her tone and declared, "I want America enslaved and in the socialist toilet just as the people of Africa suffer from tribal socialism...I want Americans to feel the horror and wonder of my beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE."

The MASS MEDIA was instantly drooling over OPRAH. Here was a socialist with tears in her eyes...a person who'd crush the life out of anyone demanding liberation from the subjugation of the welfare state...her beloved welfare state...a place where...until Big Don arrived...Afro-Americans were struggling. VIVA TRUMP!