Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Trump-hating is profitable in the circles of the so-called ruling elite. Ask Mike Wolff how much money he's made since publishing that "slam-book" on Trump last week and you'll sense the profitability of "Trump-bashing". Had Wolff...for instance...defended TRUMP in FIRE AND FURY...instead of writing LIES...few would ever have bought it. Why read about grandeur when there's more profit in "LYING ABOUT TRUMP"?

RICH LOWRY...himself a scumbag and liar...was caught with Mike Wolff at a local Georgetown bar giggling about the LIES and who much the MASS MEDIA was doing to push that NASTY THING. Lowry told Wolff that he was envious that Steve Bannon chose Wolff and not himself to publish such FALSEHOOD.