February 2018
Since 1967...Syria has had good relations with North Korea. Recently...the "little fella"...for instance...sent chemicals to Syria which could be used either for humanitarian purposes or dedicated to slaughter...the choice left up to Syrian President al-Assad and his Russian compatriots.

 Naturally...those who wish to embroil President Trump in a Middle East quagmire are demanding Big Don dispatch cruise missiles once more into Syria and obliterate whatever might be some kind of would-be threat...escalating the matter into a consuming miasma...something the Demcorats would like to see unfold...particularly if there can be some kind of ambush-massacre of American troops.

Unfortunately for the Trump-haters...however...President Trump senses something foul afoot...something akin to political trickery...the kind of stuff which duped BUSH-CHENEY into attacking IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN...two bottomless toilets designed by God to gobble up any and all would-be conquerors. Unlike BUSH-CHENEY...TRUMP-PENCE understand the pitfall...know how to duck and dodge...and...will use whatever ploy or plan required to advance America's best interests. VIVA TRUMP!
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In a top secret meeting...President Trump was told if he persisted in revealing "DEEP STATE" machinations...the power embedded in such shennanigans would be lost...preventing him from using DEEP STATE knaves and ghouls as had other presidents.

OBAMA...for example...used DEEP STATE power mercilessly...slaughtering U.S. border guard, BRIAN TERRY, Ambassador Stevens, and countless others whose names...or...why deleted...never to be known.

In that gathering...Big Don flat out was told he'd lose access to such SYSTEM if he continued to attack THE ESTABLISHMENT...an attack which already exposed the demonic aspect of the Federal Bureau of Investigation...the U.S. Dept. of Injustice...and...the Democratic National Committee.

Unlike former presidents...though...Big Don would not be deterred. He planned on cleansing the Temple so to speak, (MARK 11:15). "Why should a president be able to "snuff" people he finds in some way threatening?" asked Donald J. Trump when he heard the protest...directing the attendees to get over their reluctance; either jump aboard or be pushed aside. VIVA TRUMP!
President Trump knows KURDISH ASSISTANCE and KURDISH LOYALTY have always been second to none. The Peshmerga stepped forward to defend home and hearth...and...save kith and kin from the ravages of civil war...a conflict between Shiite...Sunni...and..."other"...a battle as old as mankind and as perpetual as the eons of Mother Earth.

 Indeed...President Trump will need the KURDS when the IRANIANS unleash whatever they have planned. Intertwined futures seem inevitable.

Because they know the players...however...the KURDS find their lives involved in a CHESS GAME of sorts...a contest with many moving parts...with...one such move: KURD DELETED.

Fortunately...the KURDS know they're predicament and hazard...and...are planning on defending themselves* with WAR-BOT(tm). They know they cannot rely on President Trump because he...too...is manuevering his team to gain maximum advantage for America's interests.

With WAR-BOT(tm) deployed...though...when the enemy attacks...they'll be met by a STEEL WALL...a defense of robots...mechanical things which organize and conduct battle as if a hive of termites defending nest.
*WAR-BOT(tm) is a software program coupled with an armada of BOTS...some as small as 3 feet...others as large as a F-16 fighter. Imagine 100,000 BOTS flying toward your "traditional position"...and...once on-site...delivering more firepower than a thousand Abrams tanks and 10,000 A-10 Warthogs...and...you'll sense the dramatic defense the KURDS bought for $5.8 billion.
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When climate scientists were told they could increase their income 200% by merely signing on to the myth of man-caused climate change...99% of them jumped aboard...telling those who didn't that they'd be ostracized as outliers. Even though man-caused climate change was nonsense...people would accept the MYTH AS FACT because so many scientists concurred that mankind was destroying Mother Earth. And those who opposed* the MYTH would lose income...perhaps...even their jobs,(WSJ A-15;02-28-18).
*The WSJ finally published data which shows the LIE behind MAN-CAUSED GLOBAL WARMING.
Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi...told the world school children will be given an APP for their cellphones which permit them to report both "bad acts"...and..."bad guys".

When asked how such an APP and the myriad of reports such a web would generate would have been any better than the 39 reports on Nikolas Cruz and the 2 tips delivered to the FBI...Pam Bondi lacked an answer.

The tipster even told the FBI there was going to be a SHOOL SHOOTING. Hence...how would an APP...something that would generate a tsunami of both FACT and FICTION...be any better than what law enforcement possessed about Nikolas Cruz...the demon of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School?

Indeed...from what can be observed...and...from what has been so far revealed...the DATA...the TIP...the REVELATION...all that information was ignored...ignored in favor of what actually happened: the slaugher of lambs.

While almost too horrific to consider...what if the bottleneck in "data-delivery" was caused by folks who wanted to see such slaughter so that GUN CONTROL could be raised as another Hate-Trump issue? 

As one Democrat insider* remarked, "When I overheard Senator Bill Nelson telling one of his aides that he would get a big stage on Valentine's Day...and...he needed to look real sad and angry...I knew something terrible was about to happen."
*Had someone just said NIKOLAS CRUZ was a jihadist...or...a drug dealer...or...worse...an opiod abuser...those 39 sheriff visits to that Cruz-site...would have been with SWAT...HELICOPTERS...SNIPERS ON ROOF TOPS...NINJA WARRIORS...AND...ALL THE OTHER "ready-to-pounce"STUFF...all would have been unleashed.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller was given a specific mission statement to investigate claims of Russian collusion with TEAM-TRUMP. So far there hasn't been any proof of that kind of stuff uncovered.

The only FACTS SO FAR FOUND are: Hillary-the-hag was operating a "pay-to-play" scheme while Secretary of State...and...used OBAMA'S POWER-SYSTEM to spy on TEAM-TRUMP through FISA WARRANT shennanigans. 

However...MUELLER was specifically instructed to ignore the criminal activity of the Democrats and focus only on whatever can be concocted regarding Donald J. Trump...President of the United States. Thus...while Americans might scream for Hillary to be prosecuted...the ESTABLISHMENT won't attack since it's out to get President Trump...not some "has-been-hag".
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Why hasn't the MASS MEDIA attributed the recovery of the stock market from its precipitous plummet to the power of the economy thanks to the passionate liberation from the grip of big grab government by TEAM-TRUMP? The stock market fell from 26,400(+) to 23,400(+) in a few days...but...since that low mark...the speculators have been bidding the stocks back to pre-plummet levels. And it's that recovery from plummet that deliberately is not being attributed to TEAM-TRUMP.
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"Hesther" in Iranian means "hide". Indeed...PURIM..the Jewish festival of salvation from obliteration...is based on the Book of Esther. That Book is about a lady who hid her genesis only revealing herself to be Jewish when the Jews in Persia were about to be deleted by King Xerxes(her husband) due to the machinations of HAMAN...a Jew-hater. Esther revealed herself to Xerxes and asked the King to spare the Jew which...of course...Xerxes did hanging HAMAN instead of Mordechai.

Prime Minister Netanyahu warned Israel to be cautious during PURIM since the Muslim was notorious for attacking during Jewish holidays. "While you drink wine, kiss beautiful women and dance till dawn...the rag heads lurk in filth waiting for that moment to pounce and slaughter the lamb."
Brad Parscale was appoined to lead the TRUMP-2020 CAMPAIGN which was kicked off today. Following a TEMPLATE fashioned by the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPT of this BLOG...President Trump has commenced siphoning off all political money available such tht by election day 20202...the Republican Party will be poised to procure a filibuster-proof majority so that Big Don and his merry bunch can finally delete the horrific 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. VIVA TRUMP!
Centuries ago...in a time before the great flood which swept away civilzation...NIN JIOM was used as an elixer...a sundry-use application for ails and ailments of all varieties including gout and dementia. Nowadays...by the case load...Hillary-the-hag consumes this dark syrup...a concoction of herbs...spices...and...other stuff...no imagination can frame. And while few know of her use...those who do...confirm if it weren't for the JUICE she'd have evaporated long ago.
*The QING EMPIRE had rulers who were said to live for 800 years or more. Their secret: NIN JIOM. Perhaps...KINGWORLD MEDICINES GROUP,LTD. might have found another fountain of youth ready for the world to experience.
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"Johnnie and Jane went up the hill with both a buck and a quarter...Jane came down with two and one half...do you think they went up there for water."

"Yes...it's catchy...but...I doubt we can use that idea," whispered the owner of Johnnie Walker Whiskey...as he sat with his wizard-of-ads...considering what advertising best for his female whiskey brand: JANE WALKER,(WSJ B-6;02-27-18).
The proverbial "march to make salt"...joining together to overcome insurmountable odds and delete the grip of the would-be master...such the frame TEAM-TRUMP brings to the cinematic screen for the 1st time. Take Ajit Pai...for example. As a scout sent ahead to find best route...to locate would-be ambush...and...insulate team from pit and push...he has proposed a way for 5-G stuff to arrive unfettered by big grab government...and...available to anyone as openly* as possible in ways determined strickly by the otherwise unhampered market,(WSJ B-5;02-27-18).
*Following a template this BLOG prepared...at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona...this "great leader" told the world the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) was about to auction off 2 huge chunks of bandwidth for "next-gen" wireless service.
"Why we can't permit Americans to conclude they don't need 90% of what is commonly referred to as the federal government...that they could do away with that portion...that 90%...and...NEVER...EVER...NEVER miss any of whatever they were doing or were supposed to be doing or not doing," quipped U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh) when asked about his refusal to join in the 2017 tax cuts.
David B. Rivkin,Jr. and Lee A. Casey must be commended for their candid expose' on "how" government can be used to gain advantage over a political opponent.

Take for example the Clintons. They were and are infamous for such misuse of power. They used raw political power to keep Bill in the Oval Office...and...later used such CLUB...to conduct a pay-to-play scheme. Then....to cover the criminal racketeering...they used it to attack TEAM-TRUMP. The last attack was essential and primal above all others since losing the 2016 election was not an option...everything that could be done...even LYING TO A FISA COURT...had to be done. Losing was not an option.

Indeed...when asked if losing were an option and using metaphor...Hillary said: "To me...it's like riding JAWS...that place of enormous waves...a place where surfers are told....before they attempt riding 80 foot waves to consider that "wipe-out" is not an option...and...if...if...such could happen...then...do not attempt...since such is CERTAIN DEATH!"(WSJ A-17;02-27-18)
Edward Lazear...a big shot in the BUSH ADMINISTRATION...never spoke up to tell the world that big grab government fetched misery and privation. While employed by BUSH-THE-FASCIST...he could not speak out and demand reduced spending and more tax cuts. Yes...such was the right solution to deliver prosperity...but...he could not say as much. He kept quiet...and...only now...surfaces to speak out. Perhaps...he's been emboldened by the wide swath of freedom President Trump cleared away. VIVA TRUMP! (WSJ A-17;02-27-18).
In order for Russia to keep its commerce insulated from threat...it must be careful how it negotiates in Syria. Similar to the wary nature of President Trump...President Putin knows such groups as Ahrar al-Sham and Jaish al-Islam...the two groups bombed yesterday in Eastern Ghouta...a suburb of Damascus...are rattlesnakes...pet them at your own risk. Instead of trying to seek peace with such snakes...President Putin knows he must delete and do it in spite of the outcry from those who would like to see Syria dissolve into perpetual civil war such as can be found throughlout the Middle East. VIVA PUTIN!
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John of Patmos foresaw snow in Rome...if and when...as a harbinger that man-caused climate change was afoot...the world doomed to burst into flames...a consuming conflagration...where people would die of thrist or starvation...all due to cows emitting methane and mankind destroying everything else. So powerful his forecast that when snowballs were thrown this morning in Vatican Square...Pope Francis directed the world to discuss the final days. WOW!(WSJ A-9;02-27-18).

Fortunately...ABOOD v. DETROIT B.O.E...a 1977 U.S. Supreme Court decision...is about to be labeled "wrong law"...overturned...and...sent to the waste bin of judicial idiocy to join such decisions as DRED SCOTT...where the 1857 batch of crows declared humans could be property. If the newest justice decides the 1st amendment is worth protecting...he'll join 4 other justices and overturn Abood so that a government worker bee...Mr. Janus...can choose if union dues are to be taken from his income.
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President Trump donated his portion of profits from income derived from "pre-presidential" deals with foreign governments as he had promised during the 2016 campaign. Instead of praising and cheering this magnanmous gesture...ADAM SMITH...himself a knee-crooking knave given to base spaniel fawning...and...leader of the microscopic "EVERY VOICE"...said that GIFT was not GOOD ENOUGH. He wanted to see everything...investigate every dollar's source...and...demand TRUMP sit for a deposition thereon,(WSJ A-2;02-27-18).
Splunkers use a sound-direction device which emits a high frequency beam that goes down all cave tunnel options...and...the one which does not bounce back...that one is probably the tunnel option that leads further than the others which are dead ends.

At Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School...the "on-scene" deputies lacked that simple device. Had they had one of those contraptions...instantly...they would have known the shooter was inside the building...not outside the building. Without that device...though...Scot Peterson and the other 3 deputies "took up positions" attempting to ascertain the location of the shooter...a "time-consuming" protocol...but...one the deputies were following even though as each SECOND  ticked by...NIKOLAS CRUZ slaughtered another lamb.

Had Aaron Freis possessed a gun...he could have stopped CRUZ before CRUZ ever killed the first lamb. Indeed...that "now-deceased" football coach had excellent qualifications to be a BLACK PANTHER...the code name of the conceal-carry program President TRUMP envisioned. And while law enforcement was outside following protocols...ascertaining location of shooter...Aaron Freis could have been inside terminating that demon with extreme prejudice.
A snotty socialist governor from Washington state told President Trump when it came to school safety he needed to do more listening and less tweeting. It was an insult...but...one Big Don overlooked...as if stepping over a pile of dung.

At one point in the meeting* with the Governors about school safety...Donald J. Trump declared, "Even unarmed...I would have entered that building to save those children."

What he meant was what was meant in every bereaved tear shed for loved ones slaughered by Nikolas Cruz...a scumbag who had been identified as a potential "school shooter" at least 30 days before he entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and commenced his "slaughter-of-lambs".

Indeed... in that stsatement: "I'd have run in there"...Big Don was speaking for bereaved parents who are beginning to realize how they were let down by the so-called law enforcement system in Parkland, Florida. Had Andrew Pollack been on campus...for example...he would have dashed into that building...used NINJA tactic...and...killed that critter long before that jerk every aimed his AR-15 at MEADOW...Andrew Pollack's beuatiful "now-deceased" daughter.
*Trump-hating talking heads are mocking Trump's frame for the loss those grieving parents must feel. They laugh that Big Don would empathcize and express what each parent must think: Had I just been there...and...not somewhere else...I would have dashed into that mayhem and stopped that demon. It's that incredible power to empathcize which rasies Donld J. Trump to the status of TITAN...a levle the MASS MEDIA...in all its disgust and venom...cannot assail.
After the massacre at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentines's day, this BLOG offered every Florida school: "BLACK PANTHER"...a secret plan whereby specific teachers are designated BLACK PANTHERS...unknown...discreet...yet...deadly when called upon to defend against terrorists and maniacs.

Underscoring the incredible effectiveness of this apprpaoach...one Democrat and wannabe school shooter told a cub reporter, "I am trying to find out which schools have BLACK PANTHER and mark them off my list. So far...I have to assume they all are protected in that way. So...I'm doing reconn to dicover the "soft" target."
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Talk about forecasting...this BLOG told* the world what caused the recent record STOCK-DROP...the DOW falling from 26,400(+) to something quite less.

Yes...folks...when word got out "CASH POSITION" was now the pole star...this BLOG alerted all short-sellers to prepare for a bonanza...the market was about to drop and anyone gambling on such plummet would profit mightily.

Those who understood the import of such NOTIFICATION...borrowed and sold stock...and...then...when the DOW did fall precipitously as foreseen...they bought the shares back at a lower price...returned/replaced the "sold shares"...and...happily pocketed the incredible difference.
*The WSJ...only today...2-26-18...was able to tell its readers what caused the 2018 stock-plummet,(WSJ A-1;02-26-18)
Folks...it's time to force government to downsize by eliminating as much revenue as possible. The best way to achieve this result is to reduce the property tax bite these jackals can take each year. Yes...pay law enforcement and the judges...but...delete almost all other departments and outlets...sending them home with thank you notes and fruit baskets and NOTHING ELSE...no pension...no nothing...and...tell them the note and basket are in recognition of their selfless, drooling public service.
As the bullets peppered the trees and mud wall...the troops took up position in the ditch. The seeking of cover so that the shooters can be located and dispatched accordingly was part of the overall protocols imposed by Broward County Sheriff Israel. Hence...when the 4 deputies heard gunfire...they instantly "took up position"...from which they could ascertain the level of threat afoot...and...then...choose the best route to interdict...and...perhaps...even delete.

Naturally...as all of this protocol stuff was unfolding...inside the building...NIKOLAS CRUZ was dishing out doom.

And it's this kind of hesitation...this kind of cowardice that the "NO GUNS ALLOWED" bunch wish to impose on all schools in Florida rendering them "places of slaughter"...intead of impregnable fortresses of learning.

As Andrew Pollack said, "While my daughter Meadow was being slaughtered...4 deputies stood* outside the building...discussing their options...planning their next move.
*Governor Rick Scott had to admit, "If Aaron Freis had his gun...on 02-14-18...NIKOLAS CRUZ would be only one dead...instead of 17 people...including Aaron Freis...a football coach who threw his weaponless body in front of the AR-15 so that students might escape."
If the NAZIS...somehow were able to be an operational unit in 2018...and...were slaughtering cancer patients...Americans would be screaming for something to be done. On the other hand...OBAMA ERA scumbags at the so-called Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services want to KILL CANCER PATIENTS by denying them access to NEXT GENERATION SEQUENCING(NGS) drugs...drugs tailored to that particular patient and designed to eradicate whatever cancer afoot...and...there is not any public-outcry. Might the MASS MEDIA be able to hide such slaughter-of-lambs as the NAZI PROPAGANDA MACHINE was so well able to do in Hitler's Germany?(WSJ A-15;02-26-18).
In New York...early warning systems are being erected so that neighborhoods can be alereted to the approach of I.C.E. agents. The idea is to give the illegal aliens a chance to flee to avoid capture/deportation.

Likewise...California is providing insulation for these illegal aliens with some cities using their DISASTER ALERT HORNS to warn the entire region I.C.E. is on its way.

So dramatic are these efforts to protect illegal aliens...President Trump warned he would pull federal agents from the area and let those states deal with the crime such withdrawal would invite. VIVA TRUMP!
Folks...in Florida...the property tax burden is too great. The voters must join together and reduce the property tax until it's not any greater than 1/10,000th of the market value. A $1.0 million house...for example...would cost the owner $1000.00 per year to keep it from getting sold by the county to pay for ad valorem tax arrearages. Even that burden might be too great for elderly folks whose $100,000 house is now said to be worth $1.0 million. Of course...the socialsits and other freedom-haters...such as U.S. Senator Bill "big tax" Nelson, (D.FL)...prefer people...on the dole...living in huge government-directed apartment complexes like so many cattle to be herded and culled as the RULING CLASS sees fit.
When the Nigerian guards were deployed to another town...their departure left DAPCHI totally defenseless...weaponless...and...open for attack by BOKO HAREM. Had the Nigerian natives in DAPCHI been permitted to have guns...however...BOKO HAREM would not have been able to enter that town...go to the girls' school...and...kidnap 110 girls without incident.

When AHELY KURTH...a teacher* at MARJORY STONEMAN DOUGLAS HIGH SCHOOL...was asked if the parents of DAPCHI should have been permitted to have guns to stop the kidnapping of their daughters...KURTH smuggly replied, "No...way...the 110 kidnapped girls will survive...yes raped daily...forced to bear children...but...they're alive and enslaved. It makes my left leg tingle just thinking about them. But...I am not going to allow people to become wolves instead of remaining helpless lambs."
*Ashley Kurth closed her classroom door and saved 65 children from slaughter.
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Yes...folks...the U.S. Supreme Court is about to delete the power of the UNION to force a worker bee to pay dues. If the plaintif wins in the Supreme Court...public employee unions around the nation will dwindle in size and political power until they are just like all the other losers who used government to gain advantage over their fellow man. The Democrats know that if such UNIONS lack the power to impose...the mainstay of the socialist wing of the Democrat Party will be minimized,(WSJ A-1;02-26-18).
As the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students were slaughtered some asked each other why was law enforcement not entering and interdicting this maniac with the AR-15. "What are they waiting for? screamed Meadow Pollack just before that AR-15 bullet took off her head.

When Governor Rick Scott was asked about this problem...he demurred and said those men didn't do their job. But...he was against conceal-carry for the teachers...refusing to give them a chance to survive. "Both students and teachers will be slaughtered...but...still... I only want law enforcement to have guns. If 10,000 kids and 100,000 teachers are butchered...it's a price I'm willing to pay just to be in tune with the GUN CONTROL TEAM," dripped Governor Rick Scott.
How is it Hillary-the-hag was not interrogated under oath but Mike Flynn was asked questons wherein if he were to stretch fact or factor such effort could be called an "obstruction of justice" and prosecuted as such? How is it James Comey exonerated Hillary when he knew she had committed so many felonies it would require a wheel barrow to haul the indictment...and...yet..the same justice system attacked MIKE FLYNN for LYING...whose so-called LIE...behind the scenes at the FBI...was framed as: "not a lie"?
Folks...people chose songs as they watched Billy go...some sang loudly...others soft and low.

As his hearse drove by...a group of admirers sang "His earthly race is over and the curtains around him fall...We'll carry him to VICTORY...on the WABASH CANNONBALL."

 A lady in a rocker...seated on an over-pass bridge...loftily shared, "When the trumpet of the Lord sounds and all time will end...and...the morning breaks eternal bright and fair...when the saved of the Earth gather on the other shore...and...the roll is called up yonder...I'll be there."

God speed, Billy.
UNTIL OUR WEAPONS FORGED...WE DO WHAT MUST BE DONE...SAY WHAT NEED BE SAID...PROMISE WHAT NEED BE PROMISED. But...when we've finally conpleted our weapon system...then...we'll rise up...and...begin to take what can be taken...and...obliterate what could not be had.

Such ideas banged about inside the "little fella's dome" as he offered to negotiate. While other presidents...by such offers of peace...were duped...President Trump...sensing trick...dispatched HARPIES* to torment the "little fella"...to guarantee...if such can be...that this North Korean tyrant...to be safe and secure...surrendered his NUKES.
*In Greek mythology...the HARPIES were monsters which could be summoned by CURSE to haunt and terrify the person against whom the invisible-HARPIES were sent. Indeed... what the tormented observed...not anyone else did.
KYLIE JENNER tweeted about Huffington Post losing ground and suddenly the HUFF lost $1.2 billion in value. Instantly...NET NEUTRALITY wizards demanded the federal government take over the INTERNET...and...bottleneck all INTERNET COMMERCE so that such THREAT TO CIVILIZATION could be prevented. The HUFF demanded every Democrat confiscate all cellphones...all computers...so that only the POLICE and other government officials had them. When asked if KYLIE'S tweet and value-loss a coincidence and the HUFF lost its value for reasons unconnected to the tweet...owners of HUFF replied, "Look...if an explosion goes off...and...a mother...down the street...drops her baby due to the sudden noise...the noise-maker is liable for the injury to baby."
PROCTOLOGISTS were asked for their opinion when President Trump mentioned the OBAMA PROBE.

One famous doctor was the 1st to reply, "If U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions really wanted to expose misconduct...criminal misconduct...he should begin with Hillary and Obama...and...work out from there...declaring them co-authors of the conspiracy to bring down liberty in America and replace it with tribal socialist: "freedom-to-obey".

Another reknowned examiner went so far as to push the idea Hillary Clinton used her time as Secretary of State to conduct a "pay-to-play" scheme which necessarily involved Russian collusion...and...added to make his point that she destroyed the TRAIL by deleting her EMAILS...but...left behind rear-guard in the form of  a CHRIS STEELE DOSSIER gambit...a gambit which generated such things as a FISA WARRANT and SPYING ON TEAM-TRUMP...two incdeniary activities which when uncovered would be so hot...everyone would be there fighting that fire...while HILLARY-THE-HAG and her scruvy crew escaped.

Not to be outdone...another proctologist injected, "OBAMA gave orders to snuff  not only U.S. BORDER GUARD BRIAN TERRY but also Ambasador Chris Stevens...both victims silenced before they could publish game-changing information...Terry was about to reveal special operations teams he'd discovered fomenting unrest and mayhem along the Mexican border...Stevens had data...among other things...on Obama's connections in Kenya...pluperfect proof he was born in Kenya...and...was taken to Hawaii...using the INTERNATIONAL DATELINE to accomplish the feat."
Dan Rather...the scumbag-liar...the jerk who was caught telling LIES ABOUT BUSH...was asked to appear on CNN with DOUG HOGG...he agreed.

It was time for him to inject his venom into that situation. He liked Hogg because Hogg was one of the organizers of the "march to save lives"...the national student march to demonstrate solidarity behind removal of guns from private hands and delivering the guns to the police so that ONLY the POLICE and the BAD GUYS will have guns. That kind of reckless zeal...that kind of nonsense...that kind of theory was the stuff POLICE STATE'S consume as fuel..and...it made DAN RATHER'S left leg tingle.

After the CNN tell-it-all...a 15 minute session with a CNN talking head...RATHER and HOGG left together but were quickly approached by a cub reporter who wished to scrape veneer.

When HOGG was asked about the police who stood outside while a maniac with an AR-15 slaughtered lambs...he smiled and said, "It was such carnage that put me in front of  CNN cameras speaking to talking heads...and...pushing the impostion of a POLICE STATE ENVIRONMENT where only the POLICE and the BAD GUYS have guns."

Hearing what HOGG said...DAN RATHER declared, "It's obvious this massacre was a desired aspect of the GUN CONTROL THEORY. It was unfortunate that the POLICE lacked SPINE...and...17 people were slaughtered at Stoneman Douglas High School...but body-count is important for this crusade to disarm America and give the POLICE STATE ultimate power...such as it is...in Europe...Russia...China...North Korea....and...the dozens of other socialist toilets around the world."
Andrew Pollack lost his daughter Meadow Pollack in the massacre on Valentine's Day at Marjory Stonteman Douglas High School...a slaughter-of-lambs unleashed by Nikolas Cruz...a maniac with an AR-15.

While this grieving father can't bring MEADOW back...he can make her death the last one...and...he intends to do just that...a kind of 24/7...365...effort to harden the schools of America so that if another maniac attempts such horror...the defense will be ready...and...the only death will be that of the perpetrator.

The plan to erect a "defense" for each school will be secret. And by such covert-installation...the would-be perpetrator can't know where the GUNS are...who is ARMED...and...what area...or...doorway...so defended. Such lack of knowledge creates a barrier which cowards won't cross. The Israelis have been using the SECRET PLAN* approach for years and have not experienced the kind of maniacal attacks suffered in America.
*President Trump has endorsed the ISRAELI MODEL. He knows it's the ONLY WAY to assure parents that in the event another maniac arrives...the only body bag with be filled with what's left of the perp!
  • The DOJ's initial FISA application and three subsequent renewals had a "multi-pronged" rationale for surveilling Page; they cited multiple sources and made "only narrow use of information from Steele's sources about Page's specific activities in 2016." The memo says the application did NOT rely on any "salacious" allegations from the dossier about Trump.
  • It makes clear FBI started its counterintelligence investigation on July 16, 2016, weeks before it received Steele's intelligence. The memo insists Steele's reporting played "no role" in launching the FBI's investigation.
  • The memo notes that, by the time it received Steele's reporting, DOJ had "already opened subinquiries" into some number of individuals linked to the Trump campaign, apart from Carter Page (the number of subinquiries and individuals is redacted).
  • The memo stresses DOJ applied for a surveillance warrant on Page after he ended his formal affiliation with the campaign, and that it had an independent basis for doing so – namely, his various connections to the Russian government and intelligence officials since 2013. The memo says DOJ provided "additional information obtained through multiple independent sources that corroborated Steele's reporting" – that information is largely redacted in the memo.
  • The Court-approved surveillance of Page "allowed FBI to collect valuable intelligence," as demonstrated by the FISA renewals
  • DOJ, in keeping with a practice not to "unmask" U.S. persons, nonetheless "provided the Court with more than sufficient information to understand the political context of Steele's research," it says. 
  • DOJ informed the court that the FBI "acted promply to terminate Steele after learning from him…that he had discussed his work with a media outlet in late October."
  • Steele "ultimately never received payment from the FBI for any "dossier"-related information."
Folks...if you want to see how a POLICE STATE works...here's a great example of weaponizing government agencies for political advantage.
The plan is "open and obvious" once it's assumed there are ulterior motives afoot. Take for example...the "opening of an investigation on Carter Page."
While there was a STOREROOM of evidence of criminal misconduct and racketeering on the part of TEAM-CLINTON...such was overlooked...and...the flimsy factoidial nonsense surrounding CARTER PAGE was raised to the level of "national security threat".
The plan was classic Clinton-esque. The FBI investigation was opened on PAGE...so that the contemplated CHRIS STEELE DOSSIER could...then...be injected as the "last hammered nail". Unwittingly...the DEMOCRAT MEMO reveals the "why" and "how"...of such subterranean plan.
Maybe there will be some who will defend such POLICE STATE horror...offering that such official-misconduct must be accepted so that the DEMOCRAT NANNY STATE might continue unabated...with the dream of a VENEZUELA-like economy in AMERICA within reach. Certainly...the MASS MEDIA is proclaiming that from the DEM-MEMO it can be seen that there was not any WRONG-DOING on the part of TEAM-CLINTON or TEAM-OBAMA.
While Stoneman Douglas High School guard Scot Peterson stood outside...he could have unleashed a WAR-BOT(tm)...an adapted version of the military robot...to enter and neutralize NIKOLAS CRUZ...whose slaughter-of-lambs continued unabated...and...uninterrupted...for 8 minutes. When asked why was not WAR-BOT(tm) deployed...Broward County Sheriff Israel said, "WAR-BOT(tm) was not used because it would demonstrate the lack of need for human guards...particularly guards who choose to wait until the shooter runs out of ammo or people to kill."
While slaughter-of-lambs ensued...not only was Stoneman Douglas school guard Scot Peterson standing outside the building but 3 other well-armed deputies responding to the shooting stood beside him...not any of the 4 willing to enter the building and face a maniac with an AR-15. As they stood outside the building...inside the building...NIKOLAS CRUZ with his AR-15 was taking his time butchering...mercilessly murdering...and...the screams and shouts for help...all went ignored...unheeded...and...callously disregarded* by law enforcement personnel standing outside the SLAUGHTERHOUSE.
*According to U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL.): While Scot Peterson was fired...the other 3 deputies are not as yet dismissed since they were told by their supervisor not to enter the building. Such a command was given and Scot Peterson...instead of keeping quiet about it...is telling the world that the 3 deputies were told not to enter the building...so he...likewise...remained outside the building. He wanted to enter and save children...but...was told by his supervisor that CARNAGE was good for the GUN CONTROL ISSUE in 2018 for Democrats.
James Damore...a GOOGLE EMPLOYEE the day before...told the world that in Silicon Valley...employees can't ever tell anyone they voted for Donald J. Trump lest they lose their job. As history now frames...when...Damore expanded his ideas by telling GOOGLE it was not opening enough doors for females...he was dismissed as being a "divisive influence".
Gandhi was cremeated...his ashes spread down the Ganges River...as ashore...millions of admirers cried and prayed for his HINDU REBIRTH. Might we expect the ashes of Billy Graham...the well-known evangelist...to be spread down the Swannee River as people from all over the world line the shore offering prayers for his safe passage into Heaven...ascending as if Moses. God speed, Billy.
When law enforcement was notified that Nikolas Cruz was a potential "school shooter" and should be investigated...the listeners chose to ignore and disregard.

Obviously...by the careless manner in which they handled that data...their idea of a school massacre was not such that mention of a possible school-shooter by a tipster prompted them into INSTANT INTERDICTION. Whatever the phrase "school shooter" meant...it did not meant something that required INSTANT ACTION.

Broward County Sheriff Israel amplifying this point admitted, "Had that tipster added the phrase illegal drugs...or...jihad...or Muslim terrorist...then...the entire combined police forces from eerywhere in the world would have been looking for and arresting Nikolas Cruz before he ever got the chance to commit slaughter-of-lambs."
Two members of the Chinese Politburo have been sent to speak privately with President Trump. Their discussion will be about the imminent attack on the continental United States by a "pissed off" North Korean maniac. If Los Angeles...for instance...disappears beneath a thermo-nuclear mushroom cloud...they want to know if Big Don would retaliate and obliterate...a reaction that would unleash deadly radiation across most of Asia including 100% of China.
Following the suggestion of assistance in the construction of the proposed American embassy in Jerusalem...Sheldon Adelson has stepped forward and offered to donate and erect. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson acknowledged the help* of this august BLOG and said Adelson's offer would be considered,(WSJ A-8;02-24-18).
*This BLOG not only delivered Sheldon Adelson but also revealed a Hamas-hatched plan to attack the new embassy as soon as it is finished...an attack involving huge car-bombs...and...rag heads with rockets and rifles.
no image
See something...say something...ONLY works...if...on the other end of that two cups connected by string...it's "hear something...do something".

On Valentine's Day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School...the students arrived believing the security guard was their protection along with a police force ready, willing and able to stop OPEN AND OBVIOUS threats of violence.

These students didn't know...however...that the "hear something...do something" aspect IGNORED NOTIFICATIONS...disregarded CLEAR AND CONVINCING ALERTS...as if they wanted CARNAGE AND SLAUGHTER to manifest...as if they saw POLITICAL ADVANTAGE in such a massacre as was predicted and foreseen by 911-callers...by callers to the FBI...and...by law enforcement personnel who saw NIKOLAS CRUZ as a demon and warned their supervisors there was trouble brewing and a school would be targeted.

Folks..."gun-free" schools are what has been labeled "soft" TARGETS. In a school purusing the Israeli model...the "hardened target" approach...teachers are offered the privilege of "conceal-carry". A shooter never knows who has the gun and hence avoids that kind of school preferring to attack the "soft" tragets,(WSJ A-6;02-24-18).
Because the man-caused climate change bunch controls the Massachusetts MASS MEDIA...they were able to delete a significant amount of the fossil fuel energy-grid...relying on wind power and solar power and imported natural gas from Russia to fill in for that loss,(WSJ A-5;02-24-18).

Not wishing to suffer rolling blackouts due to environmentalist intrusion into the fossil fuel energy delivery system...the RULING CLASS decided to get energy from Canada. When the New Hampshire environmentalists...however...heard wizards and knaves in Massachusetts were planning on running a HUGE EXTENSION CORD from Canada through their state...they nixed the idea by declaring such an EXTENSION CORD wasn't about to be constructed* across their beloved Granite State.
*Republican Governor Chris Sununu wanted to accommodate the Eco-fascists in Massachusetts sensing a rolling blackout was now a real threat to them.
At the end of the movie THE RULING CLASS...Peter O'Toole...now the avenging angel...prepared to unleash havoc on England,,,tells the House of Lords...he's the avenging Lord. They take the proclamation as an affirmation of his power as one of the RULING CLASS...never knowing he meant by LORD that he was GOD...delivering horror.

Might the MENTAL HEALTH SCREENING template envisioned by GUN CTRONL ENTHUSIASTS have holes permitting such a monster, as Peter O'Toole became, to be cut loose among lambs? How does one discern the mental dynamics of a demon? And...how does one escape the paradox THE RULING CLASS presented?
Ivanka Trump arrived in South Korea and met with its president about North Korean sanction intensity...something President Trump wants to increase in order to force the North Koreans to relent and cease construction of their DOOMSDAY MACHINE...a bomb so big...if detonated...would split Mother Earth into little pieces of rubble to drift among the stars...a once blue marble of sorts...now...just space rock and whatever else could survive such cataclysm.

As Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh) admitted when asked about this remarkable negotiation exercise, "TEAM-TRUMP might very well succeed in getting the attention of the "little fella" and achieve cessation of that hellish construction. If he does...he could defeat the Democrats and deliver to Donald J. Trump a filibuster-proof U.S. Senate and a working majority in the U.S. House of Representatives....something I could not stand to see. It would mean socialism and Eco-fascism would be thrown away and my Senate seat lost to a freedom-fighting Republican."
School guard Scot Peterson and football coach Aaron Freis were looking forward to a nice Valentine's Day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. What these two men didn't know was across town...NIKOLAS CRUZ awakened and began to prepare to attack that high school with an AR-15.

And...on 02-14-18...as history now reveals...CRUZ entered that school and slaughtered 17 people...13 students and 4 teachers...with one of the dead being AARON FREIS who used his body as a shield so that students would escape what was...otherwise...certain doom.

As for PETERSON...on that horrific occasion...he was indifferent to the children. He was a school guard and didn't need to inject himself into that KILLING ZONE...and...get himself injured or murdered. Hence...PETERSON waited outside while CRUZ butchered and slaughtered mercilessly and without fear of interdiction.
Into the "hardened school" came TOMMY...a troubled youth...whose neighbors later said was a "quiet child". He carried a satchel of grenades...pulled pins and tossed them into rooms where well-armed teachers were seated discussing the day's lesson with their class...teachers who never had a chance to deploy their own firepower due to the surprise attack. The carnage was horrific...hundreds of students killed before TOMMY ran out of grenades...departed with his hands held high proclaiming the KILLER was still inside...and...when finally apprehended*...framed by the MASS MEDIA as much a victim of society's refusal to become socialist as the children and teachers TOMMY butchered.
*Florida State Senator Farmer giggled about the slaughter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and chortled, "With such carnage we'll be able to eliminate the 2nd amendment right to bear arms...and...finally begin to impose my beloved POLICE STATE."
SCOT PETERSON was fired by Broward County Sheriff Israel for incompetence and cowardice. Scot had the chance to enter the building and stop the slaughter of lambs by Nikolas Cruz...but...chose to remain outside...similar to the scene in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN where the dude waits downstairs because he's too afraid to inject himself in the brawl ensuing in the room at the top of the stairs.

But SCOT'S reaction isn't any different than the employees at the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) who were told about the EXPECTED SCHOOL SHOOTING and intentionally refused to tell anyone about it. Indeed...PETERSON'S refusal to get involved isn't any more despicable than the 39 times law enforcement personnel were called out to handle a NIKOLAS CRUZ caused problem...and...they ignored the OPEN AND OBVIOUS mental illness from which CRUZ suffered.

Folks...to help the SCOT PETERSONS of the school guard world...President Trump has said he would like to implement the ISRAELI SCHOOL PROTECTION PARADIGM...a model wherein the shooter never knows who is armed...maybe a teacher...maybe a janitor...maybe the guidance counselor...but...armed and trained to delete the shooter forthwith. VIVA TRUMP!
RICK GATES...a 2016 Trump Campaign worker...had new charges brought against him. Instead of fighting...GATES pled out seeking some kind of deal from the Special Counsel. That plea deal* requires him to sink as many ships as possible. And GATES has already been told it doesn't have to be TRUE...he need only asseert it to be TRUE for indictments to flood TEAM-TRUMP.

What RICK GATES needs to do to counter such knavery...is...combine two movie scripts, GOONIES and 7 DAYS IN MAY...the Goonies' part where CHUB tells his life story to which one of the thugs says, "I'm beginning to like this kid"...and...the part in 7 DAYS IN MAY where Kirk Douglas tells Burt Lancaster that he'll confess to the conspiracy...revealing all the data he grabbed from his HACKING.

RICK GATES could begin by telling he world in his PLEA DEAL CONFESSION in "open-court" that he had participated in the money laundering with CLINTON and had also been instrumental in procuring the CHRIS STEELE DOSSIER. Such revelation would be incredible...and...would be something the MASS MEDIA could not sweep beneath the proverbial carpet.
*Recall that TEAM CLINTON was permitted to destroy cellphones and computers. Indeed...the FBI helped in the destruction of such things...and...ignored deletion of emails to hinder investigative efforts. As for the millions of dollars which passed into the CLINTON FAMILY FOUNDATION and the CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE...such have been overlooked...and...will remain off-camera...because to attack Hillary would fetch counterattack...a reaction wherein HILLARY-THE-HAG would reveal all the "dirt" she has on THE ESTABLISHMENT.
Dark pools for crypto-currencies are springing up everywhere...each dark pool vying for the top spot. This BLOG...for instance...began offering DARK POOL for such digital money 5 years ago when the idea was novel and extremely risky.

Recently...REPUBLIC PROTOCOL...a Signapore-based company...following this BLOG'S format...raised 35,000 ether(about $33.8 million at the time) for the "dark pool"...an access point for large investors to trade digital currencies in large volumes without moving the market.

Indeed...TAIYANG ZHANG...head honcho at REPUBLIC...candidly acknowledged the leadership role* FREEUSFLORIDA.COM has played in launching a new type of commerce...wherein BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT is excluded.
*This BLOG pioneered the dark pool in digital currencies. Unlike most enterprises endeavoring in such peculiar commerce...this BLOG understood markets have eyes and ears everywhere...and...to avoid PRICE PLUMMET...there had to be a way...a CLOSET...a DARK ROOM...wherein...anonymous sellers and buyers could exchange...and...the world couldn't know the overall aspect since trades are spread over multiple platforms...all linked by a COMMAND CODE known only to the one called: THE MINER.
Despite President Trump having framed the issue of school safety in terms of "defending against attack"...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA calls such "arming of some teachers" an idiotic idea. As MSNBC CHRIS MATTHEWS admitted, "Democrats need lamb-slaughter for their gun control platform and the FBI should be commended  for such loyalty not condemned for having bottlenecked the TIP ON NIKOLAS CRUZ...a BOTTLENECK which produced as an obvious consequence: MARJORY STONEMAN DOUGLAS HIGH SCHOOL MASSACRE."
President Trump delivered a remarkable speech at the 2018 CPAK Conference inviting Americans to join his march to make salt...to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...make America great again. His discourse...rhetorical eloquence...his ideas genius unleashed. A messiah arrived. VIVA TRUMP!
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When the fort finally fell...the invaders observed what had kept that flag flying despite bombardment and barrage. Around the pole were bodies...stacked bodies...as those who kept the flag flying fell...others took their place. And this kind of heroism...and...dedication to cause are embodied in the American National Anthem. Yet...at NFL football games...there knelt players refusing to honor the Anthem...and...those patriots whose blood was shed to keep OLD GLORY flying. VIVA TRUMP!
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If President Trump has his way...government worker bees wil be able to say "no" when it comes to "agency fees"...a euphemistic way of saying UNION DUES. In every state where mandatory UNION DUES are not any longer imposed...UNION membership has remarkable dwindled. As one UNION POLITICAL OFFICER admitted, "If Trump is able to liberate the federal worker bee...our UNION POWER in the election cycle will diminish...if not disappear...all together."(WSJ A-15;02-23-18).
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If an American takes a photo someone else put on the INTERNET..and...changes the photo...offering it to support another premise...FACEBOOK and GOOGLE will attempt to stop such "photo-shop" particularly if it attacks socialism or any other freedom-hating idea. "We will prevent freedom-lovers from telling the world about the evil lurking behind the Demcorats," whispered ELON MUSK as he look at the template for complete propaganda control. Naturally...MUSK assumed people won't continue to look for and go where it can be found despite INTERDICTION by such wizards as MUSK or U.S. Senator ELIZABETH "papoose" WARREN(D. Mass).(WSJ A-8;02-23-18).
President Trump told California government he'll remove I.C.E. agents and let them fend for themselves. Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge said her state was fighting such illegal aliens who are committing more crimes than ever and ICE was a big help in overcoming that existential threat.
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School guard SCOT PETERSON ran to the building where NIKOLAS CRUZ was slaughtering students. It took SCOT 90 seconds to get to that doorway. He could hear the AR-15 slaughtering lambs...yet...transfixed...unable to move...SCOT PETERSON stood beside the building...his back against the wall...his cannon drawn...but...never did he move into the building to confront NIKOLAS CRUZ whose slaughter of lambs continued unabated...unopposed...and...merciless in every way possible.

Of course...Broward County Sheriff Israel fired SCOT PETERSON for cowardice and violation of the PRIME DIRECTIVE: "shooter confronted instantly". In his defense...SCOT PETERSON said he was following the DEMOCRATS' GUN CONTROL THEORY: "slaughter helps cause."
In a school protection model...teachers would be given the option of carry-conceal. If they choose not to have guns...so be it. However...the parents should be alerted to remove their child(ren) from that school lest they be slaughtered lambs...a consequence of such a decision to remain an "open-defenseless" school.

On the other hand, in a "harded school"...the shooter never knows which teacher has the gun so the shooter never selects that kind of school. Instead...the shooter will pick the school where the teachers said they wanted to teach not be guards, and where the children are "lambs to the slaughter".(WSJ A-4;02-23-18).
*When discussing the Stoneman Douglas masscre in Parkland, Florida...every expert says LAW ENFORCEMENT failed to do their job. In a similar case in Vermont...a would-be mass killer was stopped by the police who acted on a credible tip,(WSJ A-4;02-23-18). Yes...the Vermont police could have bottlenecked that TIP...sent it into some bureaucratic maze...and...when slaughter occurred...simply say: "OOPS, SORRY."
In Vietnam...the American military deployed several barbarous weapons. One such horror was the PLASTIC FLESHETTE: a small dart made of plastic so that X-ray could not find them in the body; THE GRAVEL BOMBLETS...dropped from a plane...these bomblets...resembling gravel...would be dropped over huge areas. If a child were to step on such gravel...the explosion would consume foot and most of the leg; THE HIVE ROUND. This canon shell was little more than wire which would literally clear out pathways 500 feet across slaughtering anything in that killing zone; and who can forget NAPALM...fire-buring...can't wash off...in water it continues to burn...NAPALM.

In 2018...President Trump...fully aware of how WAR must be fought nowadays...has directed his team at the PENTAGON to buy WAR-BOT(tm)...a ROBOT ARMY...equipped with air, land and sea capability. When asked about WAR-BOT(tm)...Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis demurred and simply said, "Bloodless* war has arrived."
*WAR-BOT(tm) is a software system based on the termite colony template...with Artificial Intelligence(AI) to coordinate and consolidate...such that an armada of 100,000 drones and bots can overcome an opposing force of 2 million men in less than 72 hours.
Boxed into a rhetorical corner by as astute cub reporter pushing the TRUMP-ISRAELI MODEL...U.S.Rep. Hakeem Jeffries...a socialist...freedom-hating...Democrat...finally shouted, "Listen...I would never give a gun to a teacher. I am prepared to accept a body count of 13 children and 4 adults. I am ready to accept an entire school butchered. My children go to a special school with armed guards...yours..obviously don't. And I feel for you...I really do...I have that socialist compassion...but...I'm part of the ruling elite. I have my 24/7 guards...paid for by the taxpayers. But there is not any reason to protect the most vulnerable children in the world. I say...body count will one day make people eliminate guns...and...go back to bows and arrows...perhaps...stone knives...and...vicious dogs."
Arm the teachers...not all of them...but...to the outsider...they wouldn't know which was armed having therefor to assume they're all armed. As President Trump said, "Conceal-carry inside the school would have stopped NIKOLAS CRUZ. Had there been such teachers...CRUZ would have been killed before he ever shot the 1st student at Stoneman Douglas, if CRUZ would have chosen such a "hardened target" at all...preferring to attack a "soft target"instead.

When U.S. Senator DOUG JONES, (D.Ala) was asked about this TEAM-TRUMP idea...this plan to arm 20% of the teachers...secretly armed...no way to tell...and...hence...delivering incredible protection...JONES stepped back and loudly replied, "It's the dumbest* thing I've ever heard. How dare Trump attempt to protect teachers and students with GUNS. And...while NRA'S Lapierre says the only way to stop a bad guy with gun is with a good guy with gun...that idea of self-defense is ridiculous. If the shooter kills you...it was God's decision and you must accept the position of lamb."

 *CASABLANCA: Rick...you heard about the two German couriers? To which Rick replied, "Yesterday they were just German couriers...now...they're the honored dead."
As the shooter walked through the train cars killing defenseless passengers...he asked if the would-be victims were a gun control advocates...people who supported the law that gives the both the police and the bad guy the gun...and...deprives the good guy of such defense. As the people raised their hands...the shooter put a bullet between their eyes...telling the rest of the "captive audience"after slaughtering them...they deserved being the FIRST TO GO.
Because President Trump had a note card...he was said to be disengaged in the so-called LISTENING SESSION at the WHite House. Somehow...according to the TRUMP-HATING MASS MEDIA...possession of a note card for Donald J. Trump is a sign f mental illness...while Obama's use of notecards labeled: GENIUS. The contrast is almost despicable.
ISRAELI TEACHERS ARE ARMED. While only a few in an Israeli school are conceal-carry...their identity is kept secret. A would-be murderer hesitates before attempting an assault on an Israeli school due to such potential firepower.

In response to the recent massacre in Parkland, Florida...President Trump is asking all school districts to join with him and institute the Israeli conceal-carry model. Indeed...every expert has conceded: had the Israeli model been in-place...NIKOLAS CRUZ would never have succeeded in slaughtering as many as he did. Maybe...he would have been shot before he was able to pick off that first victim. But without the conceal-carry for teachers...the next shooter will slaughter lambs just as CRUZ did.

Those who want "no guns in schools" obviously didn't lose a child in that massacre. As one angry parent put it, "Those snot-nosed gun-control jerks have not lost a child. The teachers must be armed using the Israeli model. Had that model been in-place...my daughter would still be alive. I am pro-Trump from here on out."
Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) was ambushed in a CNN-held town hall. The questions for RUBIO were prepared by Democrat script writers...and...fired as if missiles. CAMERON KASKY...for example...asked if Rubio were going to take National Rifle Association donations...and...described RUBIO as an "active shooter"....someone Kasky sees when he thinks about an AR-15 barrel. It was so obviously rigged for the DEMOCRAT-POSITION ON GUN CONTROL that anyone...including RUBIO...who wished to discuss rational solutions...was shouted-down.
In National Harbor, Maryland...the leader of the National Rifle Association(NRA) told America that socialism and gun control were hand-maidens of each other. His declaration demanding liberation from the grip and grab of BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT was so compelling...it startled the Democrats message-writers since they lack any rebuttal. WOW!
"ENTITLEMENTS will swallow the federal budget by 2025," opined JOHN F. COGAN...an expert at Stanford University. Because Cogan is a socialist...he wants all wealth available for entitlements. "It's my dream of sorts that the sick and elderly will sit on the porch while producers with shovel and hoe depart for the fields...to work all day...singing socialist worker songs...and...happy to be part of the hive," dripped Cogan when asked about dispensing with entitlements by simply paying off all "recipients" in one lump sum...the payment amount reduced to present-interest value...in exchange for a general release from any future claim against the taxpayer.
At the Winter Olympics in South Korea...American gals faced off against other women* who were almost boy-like. Yet...despite the macho-aspect of the opponents...these American ladies combined their feminine talent and skill to defeat all comers including the transvestites from Transylvania. Congratulations, ladies.
*Hearing about the victory...U.S. Senator ELizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass) injected, "They didn't build it themselves. They had community behind them. Yes...they were out there on the ice...being pummeled...slammed...and...pushed...but...they did not get that gold medal by themselves. They can't be proud unless they include everyone else. It's the socialsit way. My way. The way of the "American Indian."
 While President Trump envisions an Eisenhower "repair-replace-add to" kind of infrastructure construction-effort...the Democrats believe they can "bottleneck" such enterprise and prevent implementation. The want to use "earmarked" construction money to pay for Democrat programs and policies imposed on America by TEAM-OBAMA. Recall how Obama chuckled about "shovel-ready" projects that would receive federal funding out of the $878 billion stimulus package...and...how none of the projects were ever begun...but...the money got spent any way?(WSJ A-17;02-22-18).
Yes...folks...28 Democrat seats in the U.S.House of Representatives are up for grabs in 2018. If Republicans offer a message of liberation...promising more tax cuts...more spending cuts...more prosperity...the Democrats will be left offering their constituents NANNY STATE MIASMA...something even Venezuelan President Maduro can't sell to his enslaved population.

Equally available is the U.S. Senate seat held by Bill "scumbag" Nelson(D.FL). Governor Rick Scott...if he were to announce his candidacy for that esteemed position...he could defeat this jackal...this "hater-of-farmers"...this socialist pig-eyed bag of drool. VIVA SCOTT!
Every massacre occurred because victims were unarmed and the security guards with guns arrived too late. Aaron Freis...a football coach at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School...lacked a gun but he used his body as a shield so that students could escape slaughter. The armed guard was across campus and arrived too late to save those 17 people from doom.

What has the parents of the dead children so angry...as many told President Trump at that LISTEN SESSION...is that there were notifications of what was about to happen...and...law enforcement didn't react to provide a web of protection. It seemed as if the massacre was not to be stopped because it would give political advantage to the DEMOCRATS.
MASS MEDIA has been showing several students chanting: WHERE'S RICK SCOTT? Although the leader of that chant is a well-paid BILL NELSON crowd-organizer and malcontent...never would the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA reveal as much.

No...folks...the MASS MEDIA is in the tank for U.S. Senator Bill "scumbag" Nelson, (D.FL)...a jerk who has been exploiting the Stoneman Douglas massacre in ways almost demonic.

The MASS MEDIA overlooks such exploitation...though...because BILL NELSON is dedicated to imposing socialism on America and reducing Florida to something resembling Venezuela.
As ridiculous as it sounds...children in a Tallahassee rally declared they felt GUILTY that they had survived and their peers had not. The idea was idiotic...and...caused most adults to react with "WHAT?"

Folks...the shooter was known to law enforcement. The FBI had been told there was going to be a school shooting and Nikolas Cruz was the "would-be" shooter. Yet...law enforcement...local and federal...did not react to such data. As one FBI insder recently pointed out, "Had the tipster just mentioned illegal drugs or jihad...NIKOLAS CRUZ would have been accosted and killed by an instantaneous respnse from all law enforcement wherever situated in Florida...S.W.A.T. teams...helicoper gunships...batallions of well-armed storm troopers...all sent to STOP this menace. But...without that "additional" sweeetner...that TIP was pushed aside."

President Trump whose reaction to the recent St. Valentine's Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was to ask "why" did the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)...when it received two "life-in-danger" notifications...SIT ON THAT DATA...never act on that NOTICE...never raise that ALERT to an "ACTION-EVENT". What bottleneck was there in place which kept that CRITICAL DATA from reaching the Miami FBI field office so that NIKOLAS CRUZ could have been accosted...disarmed...and...confined for "mental health evaluation"?

With that question pulsing in his dome...President Trump offered to have a "listening session"...a meeting between him and massacre suvivors. Knowing FREEDOM-HATERS would demand GUN CONTROL when that was not the "cause" of massacre...he concluded he should remain "silent"...and..."listen".
no image
As if to assist these traumatized children who survived the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School...this BLOG dispatched helpers to Tallahassee to tell these misguided children the failure of government personnel was the SOLE CAUSE of the slaughter at that Parkland, Florida high school. The FBI had notification..specific data...and...the FBI did not react...did not do their job...and...17 people died on Valentine's Day. The GUN LAWS were not the CAUSE. The failure-to-act on the part of people paid to perform that very task obviously constituted the CAUSE.

But...there isn't any political advantage to uttering a DIATRIBE about such nonfeasance when the MASS MEDIA wishes there be some outcry for GUN CONTROL...so that such slaughter can become commonplace. Indeed...as every expert has said: "HAD THERE BEEN ARMED TEACHERS...NIKOLAS CRUZ WOULD HAVE BEEN SHOT DEAD BEFORE HE EVER FIRED HIS FIRST ROUND FROM HIS AR-15."
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Short-sell Walmart? Yes...borrow WALMART shares...sell them...and...tomorrow buy WALMART and return the shares. If the price of the subject shares went dwn...the difference in sell-and-buy is a tidy profit and one which can be repeated as long as the market is going down and Walmart shares are losing their value,(WSJ B-13;02-21-18).

What has many short-sellers worried enough to stay sidelined...however...is the prospect for of a DOW at 30,000 or higher as more and more capital floods into America to take advantage of security and tax benefits recently promulgated by TEAM-TRUMP.
Venezuelan President Maduro promised INVESTORS the national bitcoin(PETRO) would be a sound and stable currency. When asked about the hyperinflation of the BOLIVAR...so worthless that a $100,000 BOLIVAR won't buy a BEZOS BANANA( think 7 cents)...MADURO laughed and said investment always carries with it an underlying RISK...noting that as a socialist...he spends other people's money...and...those who use the PETRO...will be handsomely rewarded...at least for a season.
Reporting only to Ayatollah Khamenei...General Qassem Soleimani has become a well-known leader in Middle Eastern geo-political realms. Holding one of the largest caches of bitcoin...and...commanding a QUD FORCE of 25 million eager-to-die helpers...when he speaks...rag heads listen. When he declared camel dung was to be used by "true belivers" as a spice for tea and not an aphrodisiac...for example...every Shiite threw away aphrodisiac and commenced sipping,(WSJ A-18;02-21-18).
Ezekiel Emanuel...one of the authors of OBAMA-CARE...grew angry and scared when he observed nurses and others removing patients from the hospital wing where the fire was consuming everything. He wanted to be removed FIRST...he was an author of OBAMA-CARE...he deserved special treatment...he was one of the ruling elite...and...he did not wish to wait his turn...a wait that might be too long and death-by-fire suffered.

"I'm EZEKIEL EMANUEL!" shouted ZEEK as he watched other patients*...patients who had not paid one dime for their care...all subsidized...all paid for by others...and...they were getting FIRST CLASS TREATMENT while he was told to wait his turn and not to whine or scream for preferential consideration. To one nurse...ZEEK screamed, "I am a socialist. I force people to do as I wish. I destroyed the medical service industry...and...for that destruction...I deserve to be treated as if some god...worshiped and obeyed. Now...stop helping that homeless knave and be about extracting me from what seems to be a total-loss situation."(WSJ A-17;02-21-18).
*Although Emanuel won't ever admit it...the free market is the best way to deliver health care to everyone. Ezekiel created a government morass wherein to survive doctors and hospitals must look for the worst possible health problem and then grab money based on such "worst case" approach. Hence...a $9,500 government payment through the socialist system this jerk helped create blossoms to $27,000.
Special "stooge" Counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russians for election law violations...but...ignored TEAM-CLINTON who had done the same things. Somehow...because HILLARY-THE-HAG has so much "dirt" on so many politicians and their cronies...these "closet-hiders" can't attack without suffering counterattack. Hence...the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S.Injustice Dept. won't examine or prosecute TEAM-CLINTON.
Folks...a march to make salt...to demand government downsizing...to evict the would-be masters...and...dismantle their beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE...such a march means something to every liberty-lover and a march easily joined.

In onctrast...a MARCH to impose GUN CONTROL...to take away the gun...to dissolve the right to bear arms...such a MARCH is not one freedom-lovers intentionally join. Yes...in the "never again" march among the attendees are victims of school shootings. These people want NO MORE GUNS...never admitting* their TRAVAIL was due to "NO GUNS TO DEFEND".

Folks...the solution is to arm the teachers...bank tellers...train-workers...subway employees...and...a host of other job-decriptions...with only the head honcho of law enforcement in possession of the BLACK PANTHER LIST...the names of those with guns...guns ready to be pulled and fired...guns ready to defend against the next NIKOLAS CRUZ...the demon of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
*Everyone of those victims had to acknowledge the POLICE are ALWAYS "too late"...always arriving after the slaughter...after the carnage which could have been averted or constrained by weapon-bearing people inside the target area.
How were the 13 Russians to be prosecuted if they're not in America? Were they to be tried in absentia...the empty seat approach? What nonsense afoot has not been fully revealed...but...it's likely to be remarkably idiotic.

Indeed...FBI-insiders pointed out there were not any ready, willing and able witnesses...but...in a grand jury context...the prosecutor need only assert there are such witnesses in order to secure an indictment. As this official-insider said, "Had a Russian arrived and said, "OKAY...PALE FACE...PROVE IT"...the prosecutor would eventually have to tell the court there are not any witnesses...just rumor and innuendo."

Hence...the 13 Russians won't ever see a courtroom...and...once the INDICTMENT'S usefulness as a MASS MEDIA "hurt-Trump-with-it" bludgeon has disappeared...it'll be ignored and lost somewhere ni the CLOUD.
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The combination of forces envisioned by JOHN in Revelations which will bring about destruction are headed for Armaggedon. That President Trump would be able to avert such calamity was also foreseen...although the name of Donald J. Trump was so encrypted...only by adroitly channeling Champollion...was Big Don's messianic aspect gleaned. VIVA TRUMP!
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu told the attendees at the Munich Conference recently he wasn't about to permit IRANIAN FORCES to be staged on Israel's southern border with Syria. If Israel found it beneficial...it would strike TEHRAN. In response...Ayatollah Ali Khamenei whispered, "The JEW will wander Sinai once more."(WSJ A-9;02-21-18).
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As Ludwig von Mises in HUMAN ACTION pointed out, "Open trade begets peace." Taking that idea to another level...Senator Kamala Harris, (D. Ca) declared, "Never does the Mulsim kill his banker or baker." Indeed...recently...Israeli and Egyptian businesses are trading natural gas and oil derived from facilities constructed by the Israeli government,(WSJ A-8;02-21-18).
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As Mariano Lopez was led away to an awaiting SUV in an ICE roundup...on a second stroy balcony his wife cried and his 3 children wept. Lopez had been convicted of battery and had served a 90 day jail sentence making him eligible for deportation. A cub reporter accompnanying the ICE UNIT asked the wife "why" she had called the police that night and had done what needed to be done to put her husband in jail and eventually into that ICE van. The blubbering wife instantly stopped crying and began to berate Mariano...telling the reporter he was a drunkard...a foul-mouthed bully...but...paid the rent and the light bill,(WSJ A-3;02-21-18).
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President Putin was correct when he said Russia did not rig the 2016 election. However...witch-hunts and inuendo can carry a theory farther than rational consideration and the theory that Russia somehow sowed discord in America beginning in 2014 is nonsense. As for the 13 Russians indicted...these are fall-guys...defendants whose activities don't amount to criminal misconduct. On the other hand...TEAM-CLINTON was doing the SAME THINGS and was commended for ingenuity and political savvy,(think Chris Steele dossier).

Following this idiotic theory of Russian puppeteering...FACEBOOK somehow was an unwitting ally. To correct this "access point"...the NANNY STATE will from now on control content much in the same way as CHINA controls publication of its domestic aspect. If you wish to publish something on FACEBOOK which deals with the ruling elite...then...it'll be censored...excised...and...its author warned NEVER AGAIN attempt to elucidate or entreat,(WSJ A-1;02-21-18).
As the shooter went room to room killing people...some asked themselves "why" they had permitted others to pass laws that prevented them from defending themselves. Yes...when they signed up for the JOB...they knew one of the obvious hazards was: SCHOOL SHOOTER. And...by accepting the JOB...these teachers and administrators assumed the RISK...assumed the potential for a NIKOLAS CRUZ to come to campus and slaughter. But...because TEACHERS' UNION stuff never addresses such RISK...the teachers* were left unprotected.
*Coach Aaron Freis...for example...at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School... held the door open for children to escape although NIKOLAS CRUZ was facing Aaron and fired several .223 bullets blowing bucket size holes in this valiant hero.
Had the police or the FBI been told NIKOLAS CRUZ was a "pot-smoker"...or...was a Muslim jihadist with plan to kill...an ARMY would have attacked CRUZ' S house: S.W.A.T...Apache Helicopters...Marine division...batallion of Abrams Tanks...and...B-2 bombers dispatched from Ankara...all headed to stop NIKOLAS CRUZ...the 19 year old WHO had been identified as a SCHOOL SHOOTER...someone who would perform such massacre without conscience.

However...all the NOTIFICATIONS delivered to LAW ENFORCEMENT personnel were never collated...never examined...never investigated...but...left ignored...left untouched...left in some agent's "in-bin". When asked "why" such lack of concern...FBI Director Chris Wray declared, "We would have responded instantly had the tipsters mentioned JIHAD or DRUGS. Had they mentioned either one of those topics...the entire state of Florida would have been placed under marshal law...this SCHOOL SHOOTER apprehended...and...an "all-clear" whistle heard."
STORMY DANIELS signed a "non-disclosure" agreement in exchange for $130,000.00 wherein she promised never to discuss prior sexual involvement* she might have had with Donald J. Trump. When asked about this pay-off...Ms. Daniels' helper interceded and said, "It's like two riders on the same bus. Neither one can get off...and...hence...must ride to the very end...together...come what may."
*Edward G. Robinson in the movie, DOUBLE INDEMNITY tells the culprit about a BUS RIDE.
U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff,(D.Ca) was overheard telling a compatriot, "Keep the hell hound tracking. I don't care if there isn't any real evidence. When did real proof ever stop the Injustice Dept? They'll do our bidding...and...chase* Donald J. Trump around Perdition's Horn before they give him up."
*Schiff demonstrated his keen awareness of prophecy when he alluded to MOBY DICK and Ahab's sylloquy about chasing him.

LADY ELIZABETH was asked about Schiff and instantly delivered her own prose:

"I'd smite the face of God...if he insulted me...I'd stand and view Medusa's head had it but defied me to see...and...I'll chase that great white fiend unto the bowels of hell...that great white fiend whose death will be when slayed where demons dwell."
 Cameron Kasky...a survivor of the masscare at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School...demanded GUN CONTROL...removal of all guns...disarming everyone...doing what must be done to make sure only the police and the "shooter" have guns...leaving everyone else as lambs...to be slaughtered as they were slaughtered at Stoneman Douglas. When asked about this possible scenario...similar to what happened at his high school...CAMERON LASKY was unable to frame a response*....the politicians behind KASKEY'S lament had not told him how to react to such inquiry.
*As the shooter was walking from room to room slaughtering students and helpless teachers...one of the children asked CAMERON KASKY, "Hey...Cameron...aren't you sorry teacher don't have guns?"
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President Trump was correct to declare VINDICATION when Special Counsel Mueller saw fit to indict 13 Russians and...then...dispatch Rob "stooge" Rosenstein to tell America that there were not any Americans involved in the criminal misconduct embodied in the indictments.

What has some officials perplexed...however...is "how" did TEAM CLINTON escape condemnation when its effort was not only as DRAMATIC but as INVOLVED as what the indicted-Russians are accused of doing? The FALSE NARRATIVE concocted to chase Donald J. Trump was authored by TEAM-CLINTON and its on-going appeal to Trump-haters attests to the value of the "DIRT-ON-TRUMP" campaign..
Ah...yes...American scambags can lawfully emit propaganda but the Russians can't pay people to emit competing propaganda...data offered to defuse...to thwart...eluidate...confound...and...deliver whatever message Russian wizards felt usable in their overall plan to RIG ELECTIONS in America.

Indeed...underscoring this dichotomy...U.S.Rep. Adam Schiff,(D.Ca) said he was angry the Russians hacked Democrat computers and then used that purloined data to deliver the election to Donald J. Trump. When asked if not the "stolen" data revealed illegal activity on the part of TEAM-CLINTON and its operatives...SCHIFF choked on his cud...and...in quick digression...declared President Trump stole the election and used RUSSIAN ASSISTANCE to accomplish the feat.
Gun Control was rapid and organized...and all guns were removed from the nation...all guns except thoise assigned to specific police officers...each of those guns accounted for 24/7 365. Richard Martinez...who lost his son-Chris in a 2014 mass murder...was one of the authors of this gun-vacuum such that people felt safe because only police had guns.

However...while on a train...from train car to train car...a shooter walked shooting passengers...those who saw doom approaching fled to the last car.. Dashing to the last train car...already packed with frightened passengers...was RICHARD MARTINEZ...his well-trimmed white beard his calling card dripping with drool-like fear. "You must let me into that last car...I'm the one who disarmed everyone so you must permit my survival. Let me in! And...if there is someone in there who has a gun...hand it out to me so I might defend myself. Sure...I was wrong...and...I'm ready to admit it. But...if there is a GUN in that last car...hand it out...so I might defend myself."
Okay...North Korea told the world it was ready for "dialogue and war"...offering such guns and butter interface as a solution to all-out conflict. In response...Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said if the "little fella" didn't negotiate towards a peaceful solution...America would increase its sanctions...pressuring that hermit nation even more. When asked if it were not such bullying which pushed the Japanese to commit PEARL HARBOR...Tillerson smiled and demurred, "Yes...such embargoes caused attack. Unlike back then...however...we're expecting attack. We're ready to obliterate should they choose attack instead of dialogue."
If the indicted Russians did attempt to RIG THE 2016 ELECTION...then...TEAM-CLINTON must also be indicted...all of them...Hillary...John Podesta...Bruce Ohr...Lisa Page...and...a host of other miscreants and erstwhile cronies. They did more than the indicted Russians to RIG the 2016 ELECTION.

Hillary-the-hag...for example...paid $12 million for a TRUMP SLAM-BOOK(think Chris Steele dossier) whose author paid Russians for anti-Trump data. Using DEEP STATE operatives...TEAM-CLINTON began to organize an attack on Donald J. Trump...hoping a fire in his part of the woods would draw attention away from her misconduct. And part of that attack was usage of the SLAM BOOK...usage which amounted to "authorized spying" on TEAM-TRUMP.
Nineteen year old NIKOLAS CRUZ stood shackled in Broward County Circuit Court clad in a red jump suit with his erstwhile Public Defender(P/D) standing beside him at the podium. When given her opportunity to address the court, the P/D referred to CRUZ as a child.

So miffed were the parents of the 17 slain children...they began to hiss and boo the P/D when she left the office for the day. One parent...clad in black...approached the blonde-haired P/D dressed in her stylish pant-suit and began to sing loudly:

Citizen notification was well-documented in the NIKOLAS CRUZ murder-case...with the Federal Bureau of Investigation TWICE notified; and the local police 36 times called to the house of the murderer. All of this notification went unheeded. And...left undeterred...CRUZ went to a high school similar to the one described by him as a site of mass slaughter...and...killed 17 people wounding many more.

However...the FAILURE TO ACT...the NONFEASANCE...the reckless disregard for potential mayhem...all such shortcomings of law enforcement personnel have been dramatically overlooked by the MASS MEDIA preferring to blame President Trump and the National Rifle Association for the masscare at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. Removal of guns through some kind of half-baked GUN CONTROL leaves the next batch of victims defenseless from sudden-surprise-attack...the kind which happens more often than not. The solution is to have ARMED TEACHERS...equipped with firepower so that when the next scumbag-with-weapon arrives to unleash death and destruction...that perpetrator is met by a hail of .38 and .45 bullets...blowing that demon into little pieces. VIVA TRUMP!
Folks...the hacking-trail to RUSSIA is preposterous. Indeed...shortly after President Trump was elected...a CIA-whistleblower revealed software which left "false trails"...the user selecting the "unfortunately fall-guy". U.S. Rep. Schiff(D.Ca) knows as much but if he were to admit "false trail"...he'd lose his position as chief TRUMP-HATER.
Throughout recorded history...prophets and others have claimed to hear from divine sources. Recently when Vice President Mike Pence said he heard from and spoke to Jesus...JOY BEHAR concluded Mike was "mentally ill". However...had he said he had channeled KARL MARX or MAO...the same JOY BEHAR would call him "gifted"..."oracle-of-value"...and...other glorious lables. The hatred of Behar for liberty was OBVIOUS.
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A vial of Adam Schiff drool* was placed on display at the Democratic National Committee headquarters so that Democrats could kneel at that alter and pray. While some might call it idol worship...most voters labeled it disgusting. How about you?
*Adam Schiff knows the computers at the Democratic National Committee(DNC) were NOT HACKED by the Russians but he has joined in blaming them nonetheless since it might advance his chances of winning in the 2018 election cycle. The FBI wanted to examine the DNC computers and were rebuffed. The conclusion the computers were hacked came from CROWD STRIKE...a computer compnay which scutinizes hard drives for hacking. Equally troubling about SCHIFF is he has told the world he's angry about Hillary's emails being grabbed so they could be published...defining that "revelation-exercise"...as categorical theft. No wonder Demcorats worship that VILE VIAL.
Critical of the lackluster performance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)...and...how...a specific TIP from a concerned citizen could be mishandled...and...ignored...Florida Governor Rick Scott framed his disgust, "A frantic June Allison would look at Lassie and ask, "Where's Timmy?" And...Lassie would bark. June Allison would say aloud, "Timmy's at Box Canyon?" And Lassie would bark. Allison would then add, "He's hanging by one hand on a ledge a thousand feet from the canyon floor?" Again...Lassie would bark. In such manner...Lassie told mom where her son was located and in what peril the child found himself."
Kellyanne Conway was asked the obvious failure of the FBI to interdict the slaughter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "The Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)...while Obama was in office (2009-2017)...became so infested with jackals and knaves...political hacks and servile cronies...that "when" a REAL TIP arrived...a TIP ABOUT MASSACRE...there wasn't anyone to receive that TIP...and...definitely...not anyone to investigate the TIP."
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The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA was all too ready to jump on the "Trump-stock-market-crash" when the DOW fell from 26,400 to somewhere around 23,700...but...that same MAS MEDIA is strangely SILENT about the "just arrived" biggest stock market gain in 5 years...a "come-back" as short-sellers take profits and others attempt the same "harvest". Not anywhere but here at this BLOG was there any mention of the dynamics of a stock market and "why" there are leaps and valleys.
What would compel most people to conclude conspiracy was afoot to rig the 2016 election? Well...how about the fact FBI Director James Comey was drafting an exoneration letter 60 days before he ever interviewed Hillary-the-hag. Equally troubling...obvious-actors were permitted to destroy their computers and cellphones. Indeed...FBI personnel destroyed computers as well...eliminating TRAIL...and...obviously affording protection thereby.
Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was on-scene to assist grieving families as the dead were identified.

Only later did Bondi learn the FBI had DATA on this SHOOTER as early as 01-05-18...but...had failed to notify local authorities.

Since the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School ni Parkland, Florida...however...the life story of NIKOLAS CRUZ has been published...a story about police-calls...threats to kill animals...social media bragging about desire to kill...and...neighbor-tales about ole-NIK introducing himself as a SCHOOL SHOOTER when people would drop by the house to visit with the people with whom he resided.