Sunday, February 11, 2018


The FBI and the Injustice Dept. told President Trump to return the Dem-memo to them so they might redact...delete...and...eliminate the portions which are contrary to national security interests. At the same if coordinated...the Democrats demanded the Demo-memo be published "as is"...declaring the Dem-memo must be revealed "as is"...not any black-outs...not any deletions...and...let the chips fall where they may.

Should President Trump release the Dem-memo and it be the alleged root of disaster in foreign venues...the cause of nations to be toppled...computers to become chaos and doom imposed across the world...Big Don's precipitous release of the Dem-memo would be blamed. The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA would assert indignantly, "He was the gate keeper and he permitted political pressure from the "minority" party to push him into exposing national secret which allowed enemies to benefit."

President Trump is correct to force the FBI and the Injustice Dept. to declare the Dem-memo "cleansed" of its "horrific revelations". Without that "FBI-INJUSTICE-OKAY"...Big Don can't release the Dem-memo. His ability to sense TRAP is extraordinary but he does have this BLOG out there with mine-sweepers and spies to insure his continued success. VIVA TRUP!