Saturday, February 10, 2018


Even though Democrat Adam Schiff  knew the Dem-memo would be redacted due to its revelation of "sources and methods"....nevertheless...he crafted it to cause this very imbroglio over revelation of "sources and methods".

Before its publication...however...President Trump is asking the FBI and the U.S. Injustice Dept. to "vet" that Dem-memo deleting portions which would compromise national security. As White House spokesman, RAJ SHAH said, "Imagine the Democrats revealing sources and methods...demanding Big Don overlook national security...ignore the potential damage to intelligence-gathering...just so they can make a splash with their complicit MASS MEDIA."

Folks...what's happening is unfortunate...but...the so-called DEEP STATE(think NANNY STATE CAGE) and its would-be masters are not going to be pushed aside easily. They've passed laws....have huge books of rules...each one designed to protect and insulate the DEEP STATE from being "FIRED".

That "protective mantle"...though...enabled...perhaps...even inveigled top level FBI and Injustice Dept. employees to join the effort to put Hillary-the-hag into the Oval Office. They concluded Clinton was going to be elected and they did not wish to be on her "bad side" since they knew "rules and protective mantle" were worthless if she came hunting.
*As Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) candidly admitted, "It's politics at its obvious attempt to weaken America and keep it on its path into the socialist toilet...a path they constructed for the last 50 years with Obama leading the way for the last 8."