Tuesday, February 13, 2018


To the world...U.S. Intelligence officials said they expected the Russians to unleash a full wing attack...to "mess with" the 2018 election cycle...to interfere by: HACKING...SOCIAL MEDIA...and...PROPAGANDA.

To thwart such anticipated intrusion...they recommended BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT take over the INTERNET...and...only those people with their permission entitled to use it. While they agreed such "nationalization" would stop innovation and push American backwards...it had to be done lest the computers of the Democratic National Committee once more be open* for extraction.
*CROWDSTRIKE looked at the Democratic National Committee computers and declared Russians had hacked the DNC. However...the FBI was refused any "look-see" and to this day not any official inspection has been done of the DNC computers. Yet...the MASS MEDIA is declaring the RUSSIANS hacked the DNC...a declaration that is LIE!