Monday, February 12, 2018


When Isao Teshirogi...CEO of SHIONOGI & COMPANY...was approached about leveraging his company's work on a block-buster anti-HIV drug to create a compound which would work by blocking the a virus from hijacking cellular machinery from which more viruses cloned...he was understandably hesitant. While he'd heard of such technology...novel ideas gleaned from the study of ancient Sumerian tablets...he didn't see any way to connect the dots.

However...following the plans delivered by the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG...SHIONOGI was able to create a compound that stopped Mr. FLU in 24 hours. took 5 days to recover completely...but...the remarkable eradication of the virus was astounding; and stands as proof that if science proceeds from the grip of the would-be master, (think Food and Drug Administration)...most diseases can be eradicated,(WSJ B-5;02-12-18).