Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Crypto-currency such as BITCOIN lacks government-imposed investor-protection. And it's this very aspect which many investors see as BITCOIN'S inherent value. gut stop people from using BITCOIN to escape the grip of big grab government...socialist governments around the world are trying to stifle and stymie crypto-currency proliferation.

Fortunately...for freedom-lovers...President Trump looks upon such "investments" as risky...unworthy of prudent be left alone by NANNY STATE bureaucrats...left to those willing* to accept the risks...whatever form or format such might take.
*Inside the framework of property rights...a free market can flourish. When the North a demonstration of their idea that the right to property does not exist...for example...hacked and purloined $530 million in crypto-currency from COINCHECK...the uproar was instantaneous...with commensurate demand that the "little fella" return what his team had stolen...a demand that tyrant can't ignore lest he lose all trade everywhere with everyone. (EXCOMMUNICATED, John Wick-part 2).