Saturday, February 10, 2018


Explaining "how" this BLOG...was able to predict what Republican investigators would find if they but official declared, "By logical deduction...applied to the observed circumstances and the data provided by pet-eye-balls stationed throughout the bureaucracies of the NANNY STATE...this BLOG was able to proclaim: Top level Democrats with the assistance of various employees of the FBI and the U.S. Injustice Dept. engaged in what can be called for lack of a better label: CONSIPRACY TO RIG AND THEN TO UNDERMINE."(WSJ A-4;02-10-18).

Take Sidney Blumenthal for example. This BLOG knew he was connected to Hillary-the-hag and was someone who could be trusted to keep his mouth shut. Because of his loyalty and his dedication to cause...Hillary-the-hag charged him with the responsibility of being the "go-between"...adding insulation as a precaution...something for which Clintons are famous.

As the go-between...he met with CODY SHEARER...a/k/a...DEEP THROAT. Cody was peddling* "dirt on Trump"...something for which Democrats hungered.. At that "video-taped" meeting...CODY and SIDNEY discussed "how" such "dirt" could be...synthesized...repackaged...and...deployed to hurt TEAM-TRUMP. They graphically envisioned using their goon squad at the Injustice Dept. and the ghouls at FBI to attack...and...keep attacking until TEAM-TRUMP dethroned.

Nowadays...with all the emails...and...memos being revealed...the entire CONSPIRACY is being exposed...just as predicted by this BLOG. Yes...some of those defendants will tell the jury in the trials to come that they only followed orders...while...the leaders will declare they only gave the orders...both of them in their own peculiar fashion asking the world to exonerate and acquit what would otherwise be considered ILLEGAL ACTS.
 *Even U.S. Senator Mark Warner(D.Va.) was involved in such attempts to grab "dirt"...although his involvement while revealed by this BLOG some time back...was only revealed by emails someone found on a cellphone the other day