Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Consumers of aluminum and steel had the chance to buy both at prices never before seen. Somehow...a glut of both items in China enabled the Chinese to offer such products to the world at rock-bottom prices...delivering to any buyer a marvelous benefit.

Reacting to such competition...producers of those two items in America demanded a TAX be levied raising the price of the Chinese stuff to the same "now-price" of the domestic producers. Yes...they didn't care about the consumer...these producers cared about their own bottom-line...a bottom-line they wanted protected by big tax government.

Similarly...the "fake-news" MASS MEDIA in America didn't want competition from the Russian "fake-news" outlets. As MSNBC Hard Ball Chris Matthews* added when asked about the Russian "fake-news" industry, "The Russians are more imaginative...more willing to include the subtle and discreet which consumers find much more appealing. We can't compete. We LIE and spew venom but viewers nowadays are tuning out such nonsense. Hence...the MASS MEDIA demanded there be some PUBLIC DEFENSE erected against Russian fake-news. I can't afford the competition."
*Chris Matthews was framed by FREEUSFLORIDA.COM. in the BLOG: "show me a sign"