Monday, February 12, 2018


One of the abuses of government intended to be prevented by the 4th amendment to the U.S. Constitution was the general exploratory search...government searching...grabbing...examining...based on nothing more than hunch or political animus.

To restrict such investigation through seizure and search...the Founding Fathers imposed the requirement of an independent magistrate and probable cause...two hurdles designed to stop the reach of whimsical government...and...protect the citizens from such transgression.

Mention is made of this OBVIOUS SHIELD because President Trump has been attacked by such attack disguised as a SPECIAL COUNSEL whose mandate to find collusion, if any, between the Russians and TEAM-TRUMP during 2016 campaign.

Yes...folks...Donald J. Trump somehow...though...does not enjoy the same insulation that you enjoy. Instead of there being a finding of probable cause based on fact and factor...something which must be present and shown to exist...there has been only allegations and falsehoods so far uncovered as the underpinnings for the appointment of this HOUND FROM HELL...a ghoul of sorts dispatched to examine Big Don's entire life...from the day he was born forward...investigated by sleuths who despise him...who wish to see bad happen to him...and...who will fabricate in order to bring down this great leader. VIVA TRUMP!