Sunday, February 11, 2018


An email between two lovers said: POTUS wants to know everything we're doing.

Because Obama was to meet with President Putin in a few days...Obama was asking for an that if there were interference by the Russians...Obama would have such data prior to the contemplated meeting with Russia's head honcho.

This context in which those lovers interfaced...however...was deliberately February of 2018...that email entry [as depicted above] was suddenly dedicated proof of conspiracy to derail TEAM TRUMP. The complicit MASS MEDIA...though...knew the "dropped context" was deliberate and designed to give the MASS MEDIA another hate-Trump power-point should some pro-Trump advocate grab that "email" and declare the "smoking gun" finally found. if scripted...such is what has happened. It was offered as pluperfect proof of conspiracy. And as such the email took center stage as pundits discussed how such an email revealed misconduct. The wonks pontificated about what was meant by that email...never knowing the CONTEXT was deliberately dropped so that it became that kind of "bait".

It's obvious that this "now-added-context" ...this just added qualifying being used to show how ill-considered the Republican investigation into the criminal activities of TEAM-OBAMA. Indeed...U.S. Senator Mark Warner,(D.Va)...when asked about this EMAIL...and...the "now-added-context"...was heard to say, "Look...we're in a fight against Trump. The only rule is there is not any rule...and...I plan to grab and kick until I'm told to stand down."