March 2018
Russian President Putin has been nominated for the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. If it weren't for his incredible assistance in Syria...that country might now be held by Islamic State or some other maniacal bunch of rag heads. As JOHN BOLTON admitted when asked about Putin's prowess, "If it weren't for President Putin's "secret" military brilliance in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN...Taliban would have already retaken Afghanistan and IRAN would be running IRAQ."
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Together...united...conjoined at the hip...fighting tyranny...refusing to kneel beneath the whip. and everyone else...must tell President Trump SALES TAX against the INTERNET is preposterous...and...would only lead to eventual* destruction of the dynamic aspect of this marvelous way to reach out and touch someone.
*The brick and mortar businesses should demand sales taxes be reduced so they can compete. Enslaving INTERNET-SELLERS is silly and does not alleviate the horrific burden businesses bear when they are forced to collect sales tax.
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Bob needed a new pancreas...and...had one 3-D printed at the Vero Beach facility set up to produce such surrogates. Within 14 days...the new pancreas was ready for installation. When asked how long that new one would last...Dr. X replied, "Science fiction...double-feature...see Dr. X build a creature...see androids fighting...who could hand it...Anne Francis stars in Forbidden Planet..."
President Trump told Ohio he needed more Republicans to overcome the 60 vote filibuster hurdle. To frustrate Trump's effort to restore liberty...the Republican U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R.KY) refused to eliminate this 60-vote WALL. If that RULE were removed...a simple majority might delete the grip of the NANNY STATE...a grip presently protected by freedom-hating Democrats...and...unfortunately...some Republicans...whose preference a socialist toilet wherein everyone except the ruling elite suffer the misery and privation of the collective.
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Although told too cold to swim...nonetheless...bathing suit taken. forecast...the lake too cold...the white clouds lowly hung...frigid dampness pierced skin and dome. Had to see for self...wound-poke* display...too cold to swim...until felt...though...expectation portrayed.
*Doubting Thomas had to stick his finger into the wound to prove to himself that the person before him was JESUS...until the wound-poke...however...Thomas was not convinced.
When THE ESTABLISHMENT was informed the complicit MASS MEDIA was losing its grip on propaganda...and...TRUTH was beginning to shine through their WALLS and MIRRORS...panic bubbled forth...with many former-comrades examining how they might insulate and avoid...and...who they would have to sink to keep their own evil selves from being consumed in the coming conflagration...a bonfire* spectacular to behold...and...inspiring to freedom-lovers everywhere.
*In Missouri...U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill...a devout socialist...faces an uphill battle. She knows voters are on to the Democrat-game...promising anything and everything just to grab votes...only to become once more aloof and insulated from the unwashed masses after victory. As one Democrat who will vote Republican this time around said, "McCaskill joined other freedom-hating Democrats in the Senate to stop more tax cuts...and...even refused to vote for the tax cuts the Republicans offered. She's for a socialist government where she's the ruling elite and the rest of us the "unwashed masses."
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The North Korean dictator knew if he were abducted...another leader would be quickly found to replace him. Hence...he never left North Korea. That is he never left until recently when he had to meet President Xi in China...a meeting labeled of which the MASS MEDIA knew.

Confounding this FEAR should the ULTIMATE LEADER not actually be in North Korea...he'll have to meet President Trump soon wherever such interface might occur.

"SKYPE is not sufficient...hologram-and-dialogue also not sufficient...particularly when face-to-face must occur so that both can sense the dread the other possesses," explained Kellyanne Conway when asked about the framework for the anticipated meeting between Big Don and the "little fella".
Robert Davi stood up recently and told the audience to quiet down and allow Lady Elizabeth to deliver her speech...pointing out such a beautiful lady as Elizabeth deserved the quiet respect reserved for the mightiest. And into that silence...Lady Elizabeth tossed a torch...darkness fled and light prevailed...she told them about liberation...and...the evil behind socialism's veil. She spoke about cause and every heart...patriotism stirred. VIVA ELIZABETH!
Throughout the centuries speculation as to the EASTER EVENT have abounded with several having so much pith they are often presented as the "last word" on the topic. Take for example the tetrodotoxin-scenario...wherein...while suffering on the CROSS...Jesus is given tetrodotoxin* when he is "given vinegar"...a potion that could have contained tetrodatoxin.

The "doubting Thomas" scene gives great credence to this explanation. When Jesus was among his disciples...Thomas poked the wound...a wound made when the Roman spear pierced Jesus' side...a stab designed to discover if the body dead. A person under the influence of tetrodotoxin would also appear to be dead if a spear where used to pierce the lower lung.

Indeed...apothecaries were ubiquitous and such a potion could have been prepared...and...a plan using this IDEA might very well have succeeded...but...the escape from a Roman-soldier guarded tomb still must be explained. If the guards were given a sleeping potion in their that would only last a short while...they might not have been able to describe what happened while they were asleep...and...hence denied they were in any way overcome.

Helping with this explanation is the fact that Jesus could not biblical accounts was not...observed by Roman soldiers lest they grab him and finish the job that somehow was left incomplete. Hence...Jesus had to depart that part of the world. He and Mary Magdalene chose southern France where they lived out their lives and had many children...from one of whom sprang CHARLAMAGNE...and...?.

*The chemical reduces body function giving the appearance of death.
Some years ago in New York City...the scumbags at the Drug Enforcement Agency(DEA)...were walking the back streets of the Big Apple accosting people...searching them...and...roughing up those "suspects" who protested the illegal seizure. One man was cornered and was told to show these jackals his identification. When he reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet in which his driver's license was contained...the DEA worms shot him 35 times...reloading and shooting some more. Their STORY: they thought he had a gun. VERDICT: not guilty.

In Sacramento...STEPHON CLARK was accosted in a similar fashion and directed to show the officers his hands. He produced his hands and in one of them was a cell phone. Instantly...the cops shot him to death...firing many times...striking Stephon many times. The POLICE STORY: it was a traditional confrontation with a demented murderer and the police had to shoot first."

The Bennet Omalu autopsy*...though...showed Stephon was shot in the back. HUH?
*The Clark family paid for an autopsy and Omalu noted in his report that Stephon was shot in the back and was not facing the police when he was brutally murdered by them...a murder that is already in the process of "cover-up".
Kellyanne Conway was asked "why" the Democrats have not been heard as to their message....why was not there some profound SOCIALIST DECLARATION...some demand the unwashed masses bloc vote for enslavement of themselves and the producer.

After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "In the early days of World War II...Burma was the target of Japanese aggression. At one point in those darkest days...the MASS MEDIA told the world there was not any answer when contact with RANGOON was attempted. Try as they would...the radios were silent. As one commentator put it, "Rangoon grew silent as blood dripped from Samurai Katana...and...humanity ran for cave and darkness."
Most securities-trading is found in huge investment to maximize profit nano-second to nano-second. If the market ripples with some kind of "trouble" assesses and stock and bond are either bought or sold. Human-input is minimized and profits maximized. As ELON MUSK...a big shot at Amazon.Com...noted, "Inch by inch...anything's a cinch."
As more and more data is revealed...TEAM OBAMA'S "dirty laundry" is being exposed...and...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA hasn't decided how to hide such to wash such clothes. But...they won't discuss the EVIL...the crimes...the effort to rig outcome...and...subvert the voters' choice...because to dwell on such topic would be to tell voters stay away from Democrats.

Hearing about this incriminating evidence...U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) said, "Like a man who jumps off a cliff...his eyes wide open...and...his jaw as he hadn't hit bottom yet...I wish they hadn't done it without a net."(John Prine).
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said a 2nd special counsel was not sought...but...he was putting BIG DOG on the trail of the miscreants and he was confident this FBI hound would ferret out...sniff out...drag out...scrape out ALL WRONGDOERS.

Yes...the fox was sent to guard the hen old coon hunter from the backwoods of Alabama...was satisfied this new investigator would honestly examine and report...a feat never before observed by any public employee to have been accomplished successfully. Indeed...this kind of "investigation" always ends up as cover-up...sophisticated, perhaps...but...a cover-up nonetheless.
U.S. Senator John Testor...a feisty Democrat and well-known freedom-hater...said he doubted Shulkin's replacement...Adm. Ronny Jackson...was up for the job as head honcho of the Veterans Administration(VA).

As Shulkin was departing last week...he told the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA that veterans must be prevented from getting help from available doctors and hospitals in their area because such assistance would be too costly and too many vets would have their lives prolonged...something Shulkin was told* was an outcome to be avoided at all cost.

 "My replacement will be tasked to kill off as many vets as he can...a task I undertook with relish but one I believe Ronny might refuse to undertake preferring to OPEN THE GATE and permit the vets the freedom to choose their own doctors...their own hospitals...their own piper and drum corp.," quipped Shulkin as he left the building with his extra business suit under his arm,(WSJ A-8;03-30-18).
*When he took the job back in early 2017...Shulkin was told by his appointed-by-Obama predecessor that his basic job was to thwart medical assistance and by ignoring malady kill off as many vets as possible. Although horrendous to consider...Shulkin was told he was picked because the visceral reaction he would have was less than anyone else's.
In California...a federal judge directed government to provide support and maintenance for the 23 million documented homeless people that were to be removed from public land. When that federal-interloper was told relocation and support would cost $23 billion per month with a $500 billion down payment to the various vendors and suppliers...the Clinton-appointee smirked and said, "The NANNY STATE can force taxpayers to support any issue they choose. California is a socialist Mecca and this kind of succor must be funded." (EXODUS 32:24).
In 1637...the lowly tulip was the focus of human need...and...its value soared as people scrambled to acquire this marvelous plant. However...within days the market evaporated when it was discovered there were tulips many as there were grains of sand...and...hence...worthless as a commodity. Might BITCOIN suffer a similar fate...its owners screaming for someone to turn those machines back on...and...wait.
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Washington Post is owned by Amazon. And...because the W/P is the sworn enemy of was obvious Big Don would slap back...throwing as much mud and rock as possible. Although President Trump should overlook Amazon and focus on the Democrat's socialist message...he's a fighter and was called out by ELON MUSK...himself a practicing NINJA WARRIOR.
Most people will say they would never have cried out for Barabbas(LUKE 23:18)...and...yet...declare they support perpetuation of NANNY STATE socialism and Eco-fascism...never understanding their support for BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT enables the would-be master with envious mob to continue to subjugate and enslave...delivering eventually generic misery and privation, (think Venezuela).
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Unfortunately for Fabio...he wasn't looking as he strolled along a street in downtown Los Angeles and stepped into a huge pile of human dung. Squish...smell...anger...boiled and brewed until Fabio couldn't ignore and stopped to wipe his dripping $18,000 Italian shoe.

Instantly...Fabio was surrounded by MASS MEDIA asking "why" he preferred to wipe his shoe instead of giving all his wealth to those in tents playing SKEE-DOO. Fabio couldn't find words to rebuke these minions of MAMMON...but...with some inflection...plucked the "f" from "u".

Folks...socialist Los Angeles is street-crammed with tent and piles of dung discouraging any but the most intrepid and the Hollywood elites who haven't heard...stars such as Fabio...who walk along in a jovial mood...until encountering what has become the hallmark of crude.
Understandably...membership in the Trump-haters' club dwindled as people saw Big Don attempting to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master with envious mob decree: "Our tears...your purse!"
Once the crowd was was determined the number of children actually attending the "take-way-gun" rallies was remarkably low.  The so-called children's march to take away guns was analyzed to determine "how many" attendees were children and not "shills"...imposters...people pretending to be children. While the complicit MASS MEDIA would not report "crowd-composition"...there were some media outlets that did look. They discovered that there were only 1000 children for every 10,000 "others"...a ratio the MASS MEDIA would not reveal because the idea was to deliver propaganda.
Ted Kennedy was not in the car that night with Mary Jo Kopeckne when the car went off the bridge. He had let her go alone. After an argument about his bad breath...she let him out before the bridge was crossed. When Ted saw Mary Jo drive off the bridge...he was too drunk to help and sat on the bank listening to Mary Jo screaming for the help Ted Kennedy was too inebriated to give.

Because he had let her die...his future in politics was over...unless...his team could concoct a LIE that had all the features sewed into it. historians now declare...the story was well-done...except...the CREATORS forgot about the TIDE and the speed of the tidal streams in that area. Indeed...the tide was such that the story Ted spun was too farfetched and became quite incredible once the listener heard about the "left out data".
Snake in sleeping bag...such the description of U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler,(D.NY) by U.S.Rep. Peter King,(R.NY). When NADLER heard* of the reptilian ascription...he smirked and said he was known to bite.
*Asked about the $321,995 he received from the Clinton Family Foundation...he cud-choked...almost purple turned...and...sauntered away blithely whistling an old Negro spiritual.
Naturally...the new ROSANNE SHOW attracted a mixed crowd...those who remembered her as the feisty housewife with a mouth to match her mood...and...those too bored to do anything else. Adding to that number in the new audience...were curiosity-seekers...Americans who had heard about Rosanne's imbroglio with Donald J. Trump and wanted to hear her denounce and belittle Big Don. {A denunciation* they would not hear in the 1st episode but would hear many times in episodes to come.}
*Folks...Rosanne Barr's writers are setting up the KILL TRUMP scene wherein Rosanne wants socialism to take over America...and...she sees Trump as an obstacle to such desired enslavement of the producer. In that episode that has already been written by the way...Barr drools venom as she tells the audience how she will grab wealth and redistribute as she sees fit in her god-like wisdom helped by her socialist voters will chose SHACKLE AND CAGE over liberty and prosperity in order to become part of her HIVE...a worker bee in her so-called COLLECTIVE...a cog in her grand machine.
Former Vice President Joe Biden finally agreed with the LEGAL DEPT. of this BLOG and told the world he was only kidding about going behind a barn to fight Donald J. Trump. That renunciation befitted his former office and it also revealed the softer side of JOE BIDEN...the man who stepped over a crippled child holding out a tin cup asking for alms...the man who said he'd kill his own mother to advance the cause of socialism...the man who said he would crush liberty and replace it with socialist "freedom-to-obey"...yes...that SOFTER JOE BIDEN.
While Stormy Daniels...a/k/a...Stephanie Clifford...was given Limo carpet "yes mam" soon as her "usefulness" evaporated...she was ignored...even...rebuffed.

At one spot where her arrival once announced with band and parade...for instance...she was told at the doorway by the WELL-DRESSED GENTLEMAN that her kind wasn't to be seen near better parts of town.

At another venue where her presence before seemed to electrify and scintillate...she sat down in the waiting area where she found herself totally ignored...and...looked upon by office staff as if a "bad odor bag lady."
Leaving Afghanistan in broad day light! Victory...loudly declared...troops loaded aboard whatever...and...from that socialist toilet...America should step. Yes...the woman-hating Taliban* and their peculiar use of camel dung as an aphrodisiac will once more overwhelm that toilet bowl...but...the Afghans are marvelously able to suffer such privation and misery.
*Mock-Mood...the Taliban zealot...for example...told a cub reporter he was ready to force Afghans to use camel dung as an aphrodisiac...pointing out...with Qu'ran was only the running dog-Shiite who used camel dung as a spice for tea.
When asked about her greatest accomplishment as the putative leader of the socialist wing of the Democrat Party...U.S. Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass) replied, "I was poster child* for CHEAT THE PEOPLE magazine."(WSJ A17;03-29-18).
*Elizabeth Warren LIED about her native American Indian heritage to cheat a real Indian out of a job at Harvard.
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Folks...the 2018 election's frame: FREEDOM or SHACKLE...choose Republican and receive less grip from big grab government...or...pick Democrat and suffer the misery and privation of socialism. As President Trump pointed out, "Had the Republicans been able to ignore the Democrats in the U.S. Senate...America would be pounding out 5% or better in gross national product!"

If the Republicans keep their message one of liberation over subjugation...they can sell that PLATFORM anywhere to anyone and all voters would join such march to make salt. However...the Republican Party has some "bad aspects" that keep the Democrat-ranks thoroughly packed. Instead of declaring ABORTION to be a private issue and not a political one...the Republican National Committee has insisted it align with PRO-LIFE stomp-and-chomp ignoring the question: how many unwanted children have you adopted or support?
President Trump was told the "little fella" NOW had an intercontinental ballistic missile with a thermo-nuclear warhead(think hydrogen-bomb). As he was being told as much...Big Don chuckled and told his staff, "I knew he did by that smile he wore in China at that so-called SECRET MEETING with President Xi Jinping."
Lt. Col. Arnaud Beltrame exchanged himself for a hostage in a tense stand-off. French President Emmanuel Macron labeled Beltrame a hero* and awarded him a posthumous medal for his gallantry. ____________________
*After the exchange...the maniac with gun killed Beltrame when he saw French police taking up sniper positions.
As Special Counsel Robert Mueller was putting his grandchild into the back seat of his BIG CAR...a shadowy character calling himself RAUL...told Bobby that he might end up like VINCE FOSTER. Of course...Mueller was shaken by the forecast and reported the encounter to FBI Director Chris Wray who replied, "Maybe that conclusion best for everyone."
Yes...folks...$25 million later...Special Counsel Robert Mueller has discovered an aide for the Trump campaign in 2016 met with a former Russian intelligence officer to discuss the likelihood of retrieving Hillarys' emails so that she could be brought to justice once and for all.

U.S. Senator Coons...a despicable freedom-hater...was miffed that such a request would be made so that criminal misconduct could be revealed. "How dare someone try and ferret out crime...particularly the criminal acts of Hillary-the-hag and her scurvy crew!" screeched Coons when asked about his own involvement in the racketeering scam TEAM-CLINTON was operating.
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Kellyanne Conway was asked about the reaction to the protectionist trade policies of President Trump. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied,
"As the swordsmen fought...each thrust and parry another declaration of prowess and passion...banging...clanging...bashing...and...beating...two fighters...their weapons gleaming...their edges beyond razor sharp seeming."
Into the stream of travel went the driverless human seated behind a wheel which could be grabbed should danger arise. But...when danger arose...however...the TESLA CAR would not respond to the driver's grab and if the CAR had a mind of its own...and...that mind was going to ram that other vehicle...calamity obviously clear.
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The hatred for Donald J. Trump evinced 24/ the MASS MEDIA...has hardened TEAM-TRUMP. The invectives and nasty epithets launched almost every second on TV and RADIO...however...are having a counterproductive effect; the incessant diatribe is chasing more and more voters into Donald's camp. more and more voters sense the Republicans are trying to delete the perpetual grip of big grab government...liberating the producer thereby...the less of a turnout for Democrats there will be.

Yes...parasites and servile supplicants will remain the everlasting core of the Democrat Party...but...everyone else who called themselves Democrats will vote Republican. VIVA TRUMP!
The U.S. Constitution requires a census be taken every 10 years. This time around...the question about CITIZENSHIP has become a cause of anger. "How dare anyone ask if the person is a citizen and hence entitled to vote!" screamed* U.S. Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Mass)
* Herself a native Indian due to family tales about such lineage. Naturally...when asked for DNA..."papoose" declined declaring she wasn't about to shatter a LIE.
When asked "why" North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un would change his position and find it better to go along to get along...Kellyanne Conway...after primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...replied, "Kim Jong-Un heard President Trump had equipped his FIRST STRIKE TEAM with the CRM 114...that piece of equipment featured in Dr. STRANGELOVE."
OUCH! Such the reaction when Mark Zuckerberg was informed FACEBOOK was under attack by disgruntled users whose data was sold to political operatives to be used to help Donald J. Trump defeat their beloved Hillary-the-hag.

When the same data was used to defeat Republicans...however...such data use was called enlightened. But...because that data-use guaranteed TEAM-TRUMP a victory...there had to be a LAW PASSED to stop such Republican use.

"Zuckie" 2016...went along with a Republican request for is getting slapped around by angry* Democrats who thought "Zuckie" was their slave and would not bark unless permitted.
*When they heard Republicans were using the same methods they employed to keep TEAM-OBAMA in power...ZUCKERBERG was marked for denunciation...FACEBOOK labeled "loser"...and...its patrons directed to stop using the platform forthwith.
Unlike Obama whom world leaders called "dung-throwing monkey"...President Trump attracts admiration and respect. Indeed...Kim Jon-Un...the North Korean dictator...has found it better to go along to get along than to be the burr beneath saddle. VIVA TRUMP!
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Folks...we're under attack by some of the scumbags on the U.S. Supreme Court. Justice Stevens declared he'd push to remove the 2nd amendment...the right  to bear arms...and impose a police state where he and his jackal-friends are the RULING ELITE. It's abominable and Stevens needs to be taken into the public square and beaten senseless. Perhaps...such physical persuasion might be the kind of tutorial such worms as Stevens requires.
An extinction level event was proposed to take down Donald J. Trump...but...what kind of STOMP and CHOMP capable of such dramatic feat? Former Vice President Joe Biden said behind a barn he and Trump would meet...while U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer...preferred barrage and bombardment by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA elite.

The hurdles...though...voter-loyalty...and...voter-switch...both in favor of President matter how many harlots many investigations made. The voters know the MASS MEDIA is playing them as if a BASS FIDDLE...and...they suspect* almost every talking head of duplicity and connivance in spades.
*The STORMY DANIELS affair was fired as if a missile when HILLARY-THE-HAG in Mumbai told the world white women vote as they're directed and it was the "other-voters" who chose Hillary over Donald. That declaration was as abominable as it was "electric"...and...required the MASS MEDIA to inundate the NEWS with Stormy every possible pose...and...Stormy seeking her 15 minutes of FRAMED FAME "going along" with the assault in the most revealing clothes. Arizona...a Uber driverless car struck a bag-lady pushing her bicycle off a sidewalk and into the roadway. She was highly intoxicated and observed the UBER CAR traveling at 38 a 40 MPH zone...headed in her direction...its headlights illuminating the roadway. The attendant in the Uber car was texting when...all of a sudden...she saw the bag lady in the roadway...right in the path of the "computer-driven" UBER CAR.

Although UBER is getting hammered...most legal experts are asking about the UBER RADAR that did not offer the computer(hence the attendant too) this glimpse of the sidewalk and all the potential threat this bag lady presented...a threat the bag lady carried out...a threat the bag lady used her bike to implement? How did that RADAR malfunction? Or...was there sabotage?

*U.S. Senator John McCain,(R.Az) demonstrating his moronic aspect declared, "Maybe the bag lady was paid to cause this accident and gambled she would survive the collision and be able to collect BIG BUCKS due to the celebrity she'd enjoy as the FIRST VICTIM...relying on the fact the MASS MEDIA would overlook her INTENTIONAL AND RECKLESS encounter."
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The DOW has dropped to 23,'ll go up again as short sellers have to buy stock to replace what they sold the day before replacing that "borrowed stock" with cheaper stock. these short sellers enter the market to replace the "borrowed" stock they sold the day before...the price of that subject stock reacts and begins to climb once more. It's this dramatic shift and swing...along with the discreet increments most stocks experience "up and down" which gives SHORT SELLERS the "willies"...that creepy feeling that somehow that BIG BET was the WRONG ONE.
When asked who would toss the virgin into the volcano to stop its eruption...ALAN BLINDER stepped forward telling the crowd, "The CARBON TAX...a remedy for climate change!" And with that declaration...he grabbed and tossed that screaming bunch of hair and legs into that horrific bubbling maw.
On the Maury Show...the LIE DETECTOR TEST is spot-on correct...its operator vindicated every time Maury confronts the LIAR and the LIAR admits deception* and reveals TRUTH. When STORMY DANIELS was asked to take the MAURY LIE TEST...she refused. Her lawyer pointed out another LIE DETECTOR was used and she passed...declaring all LIE DETECTORS are created assertion almost everyone knows is UNTRUE.
*Usually...the surprised wife jumps up and slaps the "now-revealed-to-be-lying-cheating" spouse.
Folks...if America were to deploy THE ORB, (the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE)...a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market would manifest and never would there be found an able-bodied pauper. However...the would-be masters and their cronies in such a marketplace would be marked as pariah and ostracized as despicable. Hence...everything will be done to prevent such liberation of the unwashed masses.
*Alan Blinder is a scumbag at Princeton University...and...a primal reason for parents not to send their children to that socialist-toilet,(WSJ A-17;03-27-18).
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Folks...the stench is almost too much to bear. The Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) was told about the would-be killer....and...was asked to intervene and stop Nikolas Cruz from shooting up a Parkland, Florida high school. However...because the TIP was not about jihad or illegal was ignored.

Now it turns out...the scumbag who killed all those homosexuals at the PULSE nightclub in Orlando, Florida was the son of a FBI snitch...a RAT who had been snitching on people for 11 years.

The connections are too much to overlook...and...yet...the complicit MASS MEDIA isn't saying much about it because the FBI is dedicated to destruction of liberty...something the MASS MEDIA...ironically...craves,(WSJ A-2;03-27-18).
U.S. Rep. John Garamendi(D.Ca) stepped over a crippled child holding out a tin cup...ignoring the child's entreaty for alms...and...telling news cameras as a socialist he only spends other people's money never his own. When asked about his donations to sick people in need of health insurance...he smirked and said OBAMA-CARE was designed to hurt people and force America into a socialist health care system that would be operated in the same manner as the Veterans Hospitals. OMG!
In the Gangs of New York...the "butcher" is told to hang some people to mollify the ruling elite. That directive results in some pathetic waifs being killed in front of a cheering crowd. Might the DEEP STATE be such a dictator...directing underlings to sacrifice in order to placate and appease?
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Perhaps...Donald J. 2006...was lured into that proverbial web of sin...the one with BOLD RED SIGN..."don't go in!" Maybe...Stormy was willing to hazard all in hope of fair advantage: Billionaire...and...scene...imbroglio...inveigled and drawn...paraded* in 2018.
*Appurtenances of welcome: balloon, bangle and band.
In Texas Hold 'em...there's a maneuver called, "All in". When a player says, "I'm all in...she's saying whatever money she has left...whatever chips in her possession...all is on that hand bet...100% all in." If the player's a great maneuver. If the player errs and has the losing hand...then...from the table that player flies...answering every question with another "why".
If it were anyone else tweeting such things...few...if any...would care to read. Too time-consuming for what little delivered therein.

However...when Big Don dispatches a TWEET...the entire world stops and reads.

As U.S. Senator Rand Paul, (R.Ky) noted, "Donald J. Trump is probably the political figure centuries hence historians will frame as the LIBERATOR...the man who led a proverbial march to make salt...the honcho who took on the socialists...the Eco-fascists...and...all the other freedom-hating hordes...and...delivered America out of bondage."

And the world replied, "VIVA TRUMP!"
Stormy Daniels quickly withdrew her palm...rose from the dark leathered chair...and...dashed from the parlor...something Madam WOO had said or saw disturbed the busty porn star she couldn't remain and had to flee into the inclement night...rain...thunder...lightning...and...this crying lady running the sidewalk her hands to her eyes wiping away the torrent of tears. When asked what happened...MADAME WOO replied, "I told her she was another Norma Desmond* with Chuck Schumer was her "Max".
*On Sunset Strip...Norma Desmond killed William Holden by the swimming pool when he tried to leave her.
And so it was...the honchos of the MASS MEDIA issued an edict that 24/7...365...President Trump was to be denounced...besmirched...and...anything nasty about him said...revealing all the dirt. Priority given to any story...any tale...which concluded with TRUMP-HURT.

Yet...undaunted...unscathed...intrepid...President Trump presses onward...making America great again. To fund the military re-make...for example...he had to get the Democrats to go along and the only way to get that military funding was to give U.S. Senator Chuck "scumbag" Schumer(D.NY) the money* to commence a tunnel that will take 10,000 years to dig but will be an income pump for New York City unions.
*TRUMP had to pay the "vig" to get that critical military funding. The Mafia imposed a payment on businesses to conduct their business without hassle or hinder. That payment is called "the vig"...and...its payment is the insurance policy.
In 2005...Donald married 2006...Donald couldn't restrain his passion and groped on Stormy Daniels...kissing her...rubbing her prodigious breasts and describing the night he envisioned with her and that pole dance for which she was so famous.

Nowadays...however...that secret rendezvous...that so-called TRYST has become THE SCRIPT for the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA....whose purpose to EXPOSE and HURT...a goal they never pursued against any other president,(think Bill Clinton and the blue dress stain).

The SPECIAL COUNSEL...and...his HUN-horde of looking into the $130,000 that Mike Cohn gave Stormy Daniels to avoid discussing that INTERLUDE.

When "scumbag" Mueller...though...was asked about the $12 million Hillary-the-hag and the Democratic National Committee paid CHRIS STEELE for his saucy-salacious "Trump slam-book"...a 35 page dossier*...he smirked and said, "I never bite the feeding hand."
*This slam-book was deployed to procure a FISA WARRANT so TEAM-TRUMP could be spied upon...wire-tapped...and...surveilled using federal funds during the 2016 election cycle...a clear federal election law violation.
John Bolton will ascend to the coveted position of "national security adviser"...a position Gen. H.R. McMasters held until just the other day. Naturally...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA has condemned the appointment. Apparently...they hate BOLTON because  he prefers solving problems with military firepower instead of allowing the enemy to defecate in his hat and then clap it upon his head...something OBAMA'S stooges wore proudly.
Students led by socialists and other freedom-haters gathered around America to demand take away the right of self-defense...and...give that task to law know...the guys who take up a position* outside and wait for the shooting to stop. Had Aaron Freis access to a gun that fateful afternoon...for instance...he could have defended with that gun...instead of using his body to stop the AR-15 bullets from striking those students.
*On 2-14-18 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School...the 4 deputies took up positions outside and waited for the shooting to stop.
no image
To the front...and...on each side...cannon volleyed and thundered...yet onward TEAM-TRUMP charged...right into the omnivorous maw of the NANNY STATE...their purpose* to eradicate. VIVA TRUMP!
*Unlike the worms of the past...excepting Ronald Reagan...of course...President Trump has examined the world...sees how America could become head honcho once more...but...found the 60-VOTE RULE of the U.S. Senate a hurdle he could not timely he accepted the DEMOCRAT-SPENDING SPREE in order to get enough money to fight the NEXT WAR...a WAR to be fought in American cities as enemies dispatch DRONE ARMADAS to reduce our blessed land to rubble and ruin.
no image
President Trump took a pie and smashed it into the face of the MASS MEDIA. Yes...he could have done it differently...perhaps...not sign the budget-bill and not be able to fund the military at a time when such funding an imperative feature of federal governance...but...he chose to stand forth...get as much money as he could to buy whatever needed* to meet the risks afoot. VIVA TRUMP!
*President Trump demanded the 60 vote filibuster rule be ended so that a simple majority could choose to delete the grip of big grab government.
Although there were two to take way the right to own and use a gun in self-defense...the other to make salt*....the MARCH TO ENSLAVE was heralded and publicized...while the other...even though more people in attendance than the crowd across town...was left unnoticed...hoping by such disregard that the world would not see more American demanding liberation than declaring themselves ready to take away the GUN...and...leave only the government and the "bad guys" with FIREPOWER.
* delete the grip of big grab government...and...allow a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market to blossom as its primal consequence
"Shame ashamed to sit on Donald's brow," quipped First Lady Melania when asked if President Trump were ashamed of signing a $1.3 trillion Omnibus Spending Bill. She pointed out her husband was abut to cut taxes again...and...whatever spending was afoot...the Democrats exacted such tribute in exchange for "going along" with a smidgen of what Big Don wanted. VIVA TRUMP!
The MASS MEDIA was waiting for President Trump to sign the preposterous $1.3 trillion spending bill so that it could pounce and call him TRAITOR-TO-TEA-PARTY...along with a host of other opprobrious epithets.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R.Ky) could have removed the filibuster-60 vote rule...and...opened the field for President Trump to dismantle McConnell's beloved NANNY STATE by deploying the OMNIBUS REPEAL BILL (THE ORB) wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE. Had McConnell done as much...Big Don and his merry band of freedom-lovers would have swooped in and deleted the remaining hassle and hinder imposed by the NANNY STATE.

Because McConnell refused to remove this BOTTLENECK...however...Big Don was compelled to sign the OMNIBUS SPENDING BILL(OSB) so that he could continue to fund the military...a worthwhile goal in a world where everyone is modernizing their weaponry. As Big Don said, "I don't want our musket up against their laser cannon."

*Unlike the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein producers are shackled for the common the Otherwise Unhampered Market...never can there be found an able-bodied pauper.
In simply spots...determines...and...circumvents the bottleneck...addressing the door....the dam...the blockade accordingly. politics...LIE and TRUTH are used as planting...all included in the battle...with the only RULE: there are no rules...just sheer power...and...the temper to conclude. Loyalty and honor are window-dressing to be changed as the mood and manner of voting blocs bubble forth.

And it's in this political arena that President Trump finds himself. The U.S. Senate Majority Leader-Mitch McConnell-told the world that he would not eliminate the SIXTY VOTE RULE...the so-called filibuster bottleneck. President Trump would be denied his agenda unless he gave the Democrats what they wanted too...filling every bucket...and...compelled to tell America it was the U.S. Senate RULE that stopped America from escaping the grip of big grab government....a revelation Big Don is prepared to utter.
no image
President Trump tactically knew he had to sign that SPENDING BILL so he could busy himself on PHASE TWO of his attempt to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...commencing with another dramatic tax cut this time permanently ending the grip of the tyrant on the estate of the producer...and...reducing income taxes even more...addressing all the shortcomings the Democrats outlined in the critique of the 2017 TAX CUT PACKAGE. Indeed...even scumbag Congressional Democrats cant' oppose what they wanted in the 2017 TAX CUT but didn't get it.
When asked about the idiotic GUN CONTROL march by students...Kellyanne Conway replied, "By his handlers...the terrorist was assured the train was passenger-packed but without weapons. "You'll be able to walk from train car to train car...slaughtering infidels...and...they won't be able to stop you. None will have guns. The one cop aboard the train...a dude named Peterson...will hesitate...and...take up a position in the last train car where he can defend against whatever might finally come for him."
Can't see the forest for the trees. Such dilemma President Trump faced today...sign the so-called $1.3 trillion Omnibus Spending Bill...or...encounter another federal government shutdown.

Had Big Don precipitated such shutdown...the MASS MEDIA would have skillfully paraded pathetic victims...some starving...some desperate...some almost ready to die...all of them...however...would have been OKAY...had President Trump simply signed the SPENDING BILL...a spending spree for the big grab government fraternity.

As it tactically signing that $1.3 trillion spending bill...Big Don has some breathing room to cut taxes even more...eliminate even more NANNY STATE grip and grab...and...deliver thereby even more abundance. Simply by removing the shackle from the producer and promising not to return and plunder...President Trump and his merry band of freedom-lovers are providing the stage on which liberty shall strut proudly once more. VIVA TRUMP!
Astute...skilled...clever...such frame GORDON CHANG...a scholar from Cornell...a China expert...a North Korean expert on currency exchange and an authority on where to step when walking on the streets of Beijing. Mr. Chang agreed with this BLOG'S polemic that CHINA and America are inextricably intertwined and the GIFT of STEEL and ALUMINUM was quite expected since China overbuild and overproduced those two abundant the Chinese steel and aluminum that the difference in price between American and Chinese steel was significant...that American consumers benefited mightily as they bought the cheaper...SAME QUALITY...steel and aluminum.
Another terrorist attack in France...this time in otherwise pleasant town where the simple life...a way of wine...cheese...and...sexual appetite combine to make it a tourist destination of the BIG SHOTS...notable wizards...and...of course...Bill Clinton and Sherrod Brown. And...yet...this tranquil bit of earth...was just terrorized by rag heads screaming "Allahu Akbar"...and...slaughtering lambs as they went.
no image
Hazard all in hope of fair advantage. Such the wind behind Big Don's pen as it sailed across the signature line in flair and fury. He had addressed the bottleneck...delivered* as much as he could given the hatred of Democrats for liberty...but...promised...if the voters delivered to him a filibuster-proof Republican Senate...he would complete the feat of dismantling the prosperity-retarding NANNY STATE. VIVA TRUMP!
*The MASS MEDIA is framing the Trump signature as "wishy-washy". Its nasty...Trump-hating talking heads declaring such SINGATURE a sign that Trump is two-faced and would negotiate rather than capitulate and stop federal government operations...including the instant funding of the ROBOT ARMY that Big Don has secretly commissioned.
President Trump must cut income taxes even more...delete the estate tax entirely...and...thereby "give" capital to producers by which they can create and invest. Yes...the Democrats don't want prosperity since such would diminish their importance...and...erode the purpose behind supporting them. Socialist-Democrats oppose bringing even more abundance to everyone....if such bounty be delivered* by free enterprise. Nonetheless...Big Don is dedicated to delivering even more
*As proven in Venezuela and in every other socialist toilet...would-be masters backed by envious mobs end up consuming themselves as they fight over dwindling pie parts. enjoy life...but...they hide whatever from the grip of the menacing mob...making their lives in such regard clandestine and fear-packed.
no image
Donald Trump signed a spending bill that tops $1.3 trillion...the largest spending bill ever. What this 2000(+) page behemoth gives and takes will be debated for the next few months in the MASS MEDIA...but...Big Don did get more funds for the military and for 33 miles of fence. In exchange...he gave Democrats whatever they wished in order to get what he wanted. But in so signing that so-called Omnibus Spending Bill...Trump was asking America to eliminate in 2018 the Democrat bottleneck and deliver a filibuster-proof U.S. Senate so that the 20th Century NANNY STATE can be finally dismantled. VIVA TRUMP!
no image
As the UBER driverless car was traveling down a darkened Arizona highway...a bag-lady with bicycle...was crossing the highway...not at a well-lighted crossing...designated as a crossing so the UBER CAR would know to slow down and look for pedestrians and people walking a place she chose to cross...ignoring the darkness...ignoring the on-coming UBER car...and...inviting the DRIVER to strike her. Unfortunately the UBER CAR had a driver-helper who was playing with her cell phone as the UBER car approached the bag-lady at 40 MPH, (53 feet per second). The collision was dramatic*...the resultant death tragic...and...the condemnation of UBER instant.
*Why does not someone ask about the bag-lady's own contributory recklessness?
FACEBOOK opened its data bank to TEAM OBAMA and was commended for permitting such use of private user information.

However...when Zuckerberg permitted TEAM-TRUMP access to a small portion of that same data...instantly...FACEBOOK was condemned...its users called upon to boycott the social media platform and for advertisers to avoid investing.

FREEDOM-HATERS wanted a united front against this upstart...this would-be liberator...this callous business dude from New York City...and..."Zuckie" had undermined this UNITED FRONT and delivered the election to TEAM-TRUMP.
While "DUCK PUCK!" an enigmatic alert to most...some know the notice means "in-coming" and an instant need to duck...and...hit the ground. Might President Trump heave heard as much from his lawyer-DOWD...and...because Big Don refused to duck...DOWN felt he needed to leave before TRUMP was smacked by the Democrats using their SOCK-PUPPET: Robert Mueller?
no image
Folks...the Founding Fathers were brilliant and foresighted. In Article One, Section 9 they declared: "No tax or duty shall be laid on articles exported from any state." The idea was to maintain peace by insulating state governments and their citizens from whatever vision the would-be taxing-party might wish to impose.

It's as likely as not the socialist states will continue to tax their citizens into bankruptcy...and...persist in their demand the storeroom of others be plundered so that they might continue on their merry way...taxing and spending their respective states into misery and privation...the two staples of socialism,(WSJ A-16;03-23-18). However...ARTICLE ONE, SECTION 9 prohibits such intrusion if the courts follow the LAW and restrict the grip and grab "across-state-lines" such sales tax implies.
no image
Matthew Shay...COE of the National Retailers wrong when he proposes to force all sellers wherever situated to pay SALES TAX when a buyer purchases something on the INTERNET.

Instead of proposing more TAX and RED TAPE...though...Matthew Shay should have been demanding sales taxes not be levied and that states rely on something else to fund their socialist "wealth-redistribution" programs...perhaps...a state lottery system...or...accepting donations from business so profit-packed due to "no taxes" they insist on paying government employees through regularized donations...voluntary payments to keep the essential functions of government running: courts and police...both to be staffed by people who eschew any kind of public pension and insist their retirement be handled as retirement is addressed in the private sector.
no image
Ronna McDaniels...the head honcho of the Republican National Committee...said the Democrats are playing politics with the immigration issue and such playfulness might fetch a VETO of the so-called Omnibus Spending Bill(OSB)...a spending spree that enables the NANNY STATE to continue.

When asked about the Omnibus Repeal Bill(ORB)...wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE...Ronna was direct in her reply, "We cannot deploy THE ORB and chase away "misery and darkness" until we get a U.S. Senate inclined to liberate not subjugate...a 2018 that could be accomplished in spite of the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA'S defense of such horror."
no image
Venezuela is in shambles. Its government delivers the two staples of socialism: misery and privation. Yet...its citizens...most of whom are on the government-dole...still...prefer socialists as their leaders. "I want what other people have and the socialists promise to grab and give...something the freedom-lovers won't do. I like watching government take from producers and pass it out to parasites and servile supplicants. It makes my left leg tingle just thinking about the fear of loss I do not have to suffer."(WSJ A-1;03-23-18).

Might the Democrats in America sense such "fear of privation"...and...know voters will pick the socialist over a freedom-lover so long as the voters believe their vote will fetch them "freebie and favor" from their would-be masters? The answer might be "yes" because most public schools teach socialism as "good" and liberty as "bad". Indeed...the inculcation of the "slave mentality" is the primal purpose of public education nowadays.
no image
Folks...the government pension system needs to be addressed and addressed quickly alerting all public worker bees they won't have a pension provided by taxpayers but must use the same ways as the private sector does to acquire and keep pension intact.

Take Andrew McCabe for instance. He almost grabbed a MILLION DOLLAR PENSION to be paid by taxpayers. It's abominable to think anyone would ever give that scumbag a dime! Yet... McCabe's allies in the MASS MEDIA and in CONGRESS are screaming that this miscreant be granted his pension. He's a slime slug that deserves public derision...perhaps...a public flogging with a cat-of-nine-tails...and...shunned as a pariah. But...he does not deserve and should not receive ONE DIME of taxpayer money! NOT ONE DIME!
President Trump spoke to his security advisers before calling President Putin to congratulate him on his 4th term as president of Russia. After the phone call that went very well for both Trump and Putin...there was another "leak" about the phone call and the advisers assessments related thereto. Instantly...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA gathered talking heads to criticize and excoriate Big Don for attempting to better the relationship between America and Russia. They used the "leaked data" as their basis for that was never intended* to be published.
*Leaking such data is illegal and whoever is the "deep throat" needs to be found and fired.
no image
The federal government takes in $1.3 trillion and then redistributes that $1.3 trillion in accord with requirements imposed by a myriad of entitlements...with the American military receiving $700 billion in 2018 and another $700 billion in 2019...enabling thereby the military to repair its equipment and build new weapons...delivering a 21st Century "computer-assisted platform" capable of dealing* with any threat.
*Imagine jets flown by "artificial intelligence" software capable of recognizing friend or foe in a nano-second and destroying the target before the target can draw close enough to use its own weaponry.
Whose sandwich eaten from the land down under? Pritzker v. Rauner...a contest between a socialist and a capitalist...between a big spending Democrat and a penny-pinching a contender whose message: more welfare and bigger taxes...the other...a frugal entreaty to cut spending and taxes for everyone. Which one will find himself in BOMBAY...head spinning with not much to say?
Carbon Dioxide and methane are expelled in massive amounts by erupting volcanoes...although science has yet to find a way to calculate "how much" emitted. Because of the power of man over the environment...however...a power that can hurt or help the world...the 2018 Democrat platform calls for Congress to pass a law prohibiting volcanoes from erupting...a law Albert "inconvenient truth" Gore said was needed to stop methane from causing Mother Earth into flames to burst,(WSJ A-17;03-21-18).
Stormy Daniels was paid $130,000 by Mike Cohn to keep quiet about whatever "affair" she had with President Trump in 2006. However...she's coming out to tell her sordid tale...steamy...stormy...and...powerfully portrayed by her as she describes each sexual encounter especially noting how Donald was so gentle with her.

Overlooking Hillary's payment to Russians to "rig" the 2016 election...and...all the other criminal misconduct of her team...the Federal Election Commission(FEC) declared it was going to examine the $130,000 payment as some kind of election law violation. When asked about Hillary-the-hag...the FEC official laughed and said, "She's a Democrat...a loyal freedom-hater...and...that insulates her from condemnation."(WSJ A-1;03-21-18).
"Allahu Akbar!" shouted Mook-mad illegal alien hiding in a sanctuary city building bombs to be used in Austin, Texas and Miami, Florida. SO far...this rag head has scored 5 times...and...predicts his bombs will make the infidel shudder and cringe.
no image
After the 4th bomb exploded...Austin officials concluded the culprit was probably an unhappy Democrat who wanted to make more noise than the Democratic National Committee would permit.

Indeed...a well known forensic scientist framed the profile as that of a disgruntled Democrat who wanted to show the world he cared. Mary Ellen O'Toole went on to say this serial bomber was a bed wetter as a child and had issues with his mother when she made him sweep out his closet. So detailed and precise were O'Toole's FOCAL POINTS...that many around Austin thought she was describing: CHUCK SCHUMER....while others thought that description fit SHERROD BROWN...both nasty-disposition Democrats who'd kill their own mothers to advance the cause of socialism.
no image
In the OBAMA ERA...Mark of the pioneers of FACEBOOK...delivered to TEAM OBAMA any and all data requested for the purpose of creating a composite of what the "voter" wanted to see and hear. The speeches Obama gave were dovetailed to fit such template...and...intended to persuade the fence-sitters to join him in transforming America into a socialist toilet...something FACEBOOK DATA said Americans wanted* more than life itself.
*However...when TEAM-TRUMP received some help in profiling and was called RIGGING THE ELECTION...and...gave Hillary-the-hag another EXCUSE for "why" she lost her bid for the White House in 2016.
no image
President Trump didn't understand just how close he was when he said he wanted to DRAIN THE SWAMP. In the new America...there are two levels of justice...justice for the unwashed masses...and...expiation for the ruling elite. Take Hillary-the-hag for instance. She conducted a "pay-to-play" racket while Secretary of State; and when cornered, destroyed the hard drives and crushed cell phones...actions which would bring condemnation to anyone else...but...for such effort she was commended as brilliantly clever.

Maybe President Trump will tire of MUELLER'S PROBE...and tell this so-called proctologist he plans to continue to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE no matter how much "heat" scumbags such as Mueller can bring to bear. Perhaps...voters know* that if the SWAMP can withstand TRUMP'S "clean-house"'s likely the NANNY STATE with the help of its omnipotent MASS MEDIA will overwhelm and consume America in the same sickening fashion as it did Venezuela...nowadays...a place of empty shelves and hollow eyes.
*In "real" POLLS...likely-to-vote Americans wish to have the burden and shackle of the NANNY STATE removed...and...are more likely than not to support the politician who promises more liberty and less big grab government stomp and chomp.
Yes...folks...the Austin bomber is a Democrat hates capitalism and the freedom one must have to prosper in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market. As a noise-making socialist...the bomber's to bring attention to the plight of homeless people and soft shelled turtles.
no image
MSNBC has already convicted Donald J. Trump of money-laundering...and...obstruction of justice...although there isn't any proof. But...hatchet jobs rely on such LACK OF EVIDENCE...since it gives the attackers the ability to say, "We don't know if the accusations are true...but...we're accusing and our detailed accusations are proof least for us and for the MASS about you?"

President Trump...however...can shut down this nonsense when it comes time to do as much. For now...though...he can use MUELLER to ask rhetorically: How is it "crooked-Hillary" escaped investigation when the evidence of racketeering so open-and-obvious? Such questions at rallies are crowd-pleasers and as a TITAN...Big Don knows how to entertain. VIVA TRUMP! generated the Medici Ventures approach to finding that next new billion dollar start-up company. The wizards and geniuses declared tZERO...for example...forecast billions of dollars in revenue the 1st year only to admit to equity holders the RED INK will one day turn BLACK. Until then...tZERO enthusiasts will have to content themselves knowing that some day will be some day.
FACEBOOK gave a psychology professor access to meta data on FACEBOOK users...access that Zuckerberg didn't seem to find too intrusive since everyone whose data was accessed had signed a WAIVRE AGREEMENT permitting such passive perusal. But...the issue might be whether those 270,000(+) AGREEMENT SIGNERS also understood their friends and contacts would also be examined...enlarging that POOL to 50 million(+).

Enterprising in every way...this professor sold the data to CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA...who marketed its voter-appeal to TEAM-TRUMP...whose purchase of that "help" as an unwitting buyer is now being questioned by Democrats and their MASS MEDIA cronies as somehow "tainted"...and..."illegal"...accusations as preposterous as they are useful,(WSJ B-1;03-19-18).

Despite such noise and hate-speech...many pundits and wizards are asking "why" are the Democrats so interested in this use of data during a political contest...but...totally indifferent to the open-and-obvious criminal misconduct of Hillary-the-hag and her scurvy band of miscreants and misfits. Hillary destroyed hard drives...crushed cell phones...scripted witnesses...and...compromised the integrity of the U.S. Injustice Dept. and so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation...and...all done right in front of the "complicit" MASS MEDIA.
no image
The U.S. Constitution has the CONTRACT CLAUSE...which declares "NO state shall pass any law impairing obligation of contract." Because so many states have unfunded public employee pension...the CONTRACT CLAUSE has been revisited to find a way to stop taxpayers from terminating any pension-payment obligation thereby insulating the taxpayer from the grip of avaricious public employee unions. Because it's important to eliminate those take away what was not earned but somehow gifted...and...thereby unshackle the producer...this BLOG has dispatched a LEGAL TEAM to Washington D.C. to discuss the matter in the U.S. Supreme Court appearing for the petitioner and the respondent in SVEEN v. MELIN.
Even though she was NEVER involved in the torture of prisoners...nonetheless...Ms. Haspel...President Trump's pick for the head honcho of the American Central Intelligence Agency...was accused of such horrific deeds. Yes...the MASS MEDIA knew their stories were LIES...but...their mission: besmirch TRUMP...using LIE...and...all the other MUD they can throw. Ms. Haspel...although a career agent...and...the kind of patriot Americans admire...was trashed with FALSEHOOD and vulgar innuendo because she agreed to assist Big Don in administering the federal government.
Had the same fervor and zeal as has been observed in the TRUMP investigation been unleashed in the investigation of TEAM-CLINTON...she'd already be in prison serving a 10 to 20 stretch. However...because she is a devout socialist and would kill her own mother to advance the cause...her transgressions have been ignored...overlooked...and...labeled commendable instead of suffering the stain of condemnation.

However...most Americans are in favor of eliminating the MUELLER* investigation. If Mueller wishes to use his own time...spend his own money...and...continue to examine...then...he can do it the way Judicial Watch and Tom Fitton do it: FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT requests.'s time to stop paying that scumbag and his scurvy crew to chase chimera and innuendo.
*In a recent poll...96% of all voters inclined to vote in 2018 said they liked TRUMP and wanted him to continue to dismantle the 20th Century
Come sit right down...and...hear a tale...a tale of a fateful trip...which started from ESPN...aboard John Skipper's ship. John Skipper was a sailing man...courageous...brave...and...sure...ESPN set sail that day...snorting lines of Peruvian pure. The weather started getting rough...Skipper's bag was tossed...if not for the cunning of Skipper's mind...his job would surely be lost.
Old man sleeps with his conscience at night...young man sleeps with his dreams. Instead of praising President Trump for his effort to remove socialist shackle and toss away Eco-fascist whip...CARL BERSTEIN showed his fang and claw...describing Donald J. Trump as a Demagogic Authoritarian loudmouth...who was leading America out of Bernstein's beloved NANNY STATE CAGE...something Bernstein felt was terrible...noting that Pharaoh attempted to stop the enslaved Jew from escaping bondage....and...Bernstein sort of empathized* with that man-God. "I know how Pharaoh must have felt seeing his work force depart. How dare Moses impose on the socialist state of Pharaoh," Bernstein mused as he spewed more TRUMP-VENOM.
*Might the restless nights Carl Bernstein suffers find its harvest in the socialist claptrap he has so long fed upon?
JOHN PRINE: While the mentally ill sit perfectly still in all of life's in-betweens.
President Trump needs to direct the Republican National Committee to organize the march to make salt with its petition for greater tax cuts...and...more regulatory relief...envisioning the deployment of THE ORB...the Omnibus Repeal Bill wherein all rule and law creating or perpetuating the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE is finally passed and the shackle of socialism removed. VIVA TRUMP!
Battle plan? The Democrats have a BATTLE PLAN? They have a plan to defeat Republicans and retake power so they might impose more enslavement...more OBAMA-CARE stuff...making people kneel and worship whatever idol they might forge,(EXODUS 32:24).

Part of the plan is incessantly to assault TEAM-TRUMP with accusation...never any proof...just bald-faced accusation...with a complicit MASS MEDIA to stretch and paint until accusation appears as if "proven fact"...spoken of as such...and...used to rip and tear Trump support apart. The MUELLER INVESTIGATION was part of this plan. It's genesis isn't important right now...but...some historian some day will connect the dots with all the underlying trick and artifice exposed...scraping off the veneer to see the evil and treachery TEAM-CLINTON and TEAM-OBAMA unleashed.'s time to start clearing  away the barricades erected by the would-be masters to stop freedom-lovers from organizing and pushing them back into whatever hole from whence they crawled. U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) is one such critter whose days in power should end in November of 2018. He should be marked for public derision...spat upon...groin kicked in gauntlet fashion...and...shunned as if a pariah.
Before Conor Lamb began his effort to defeat Saccone...his handlers told him he had to appear as sheep...not LIE about intention...promise whatever...but...never admit allegiance to socialism and Eco-fascism...and...if shoved into wet-paint corner...DENY PELOSI...eschew her platform of enslavement...and...spew Republican bromide and platitude. worked. Sure...the voting machines at two voting sites were registering Democrat when the Republican button was pushed and one voter asked about that problem...but...overall...the Democrats delivered the "expected" outcome for this special-election in accord with the "hate-Trump" template and game-plan for 2018.
In spite of the incessant 24/7 attack on character and stature...President Trump enjoys an approval rating higher than most critics are willing either to accept or admit. They can't understand how Americans can remain loyal to a liberator when they have done so much to undermine and mislead. In many ways their power to hurt has been demonstrated to be ineffective against Big Don. So long as he is trying to whittle away the grip of the NANNY STATE...he'll be not only admired but backed up 100% by that "basket of deplorables"...those Americans* who wish to breathe free once more. VIVA TRUMP!
* Mumbai...told India they should love socialism...accept its misery and privation and worship whatever gods their master might forge.
"Not from the stars do I my judgment pluck," quipped Andrew "scumbag" MacCabe when asked "why" he lied about his involvement in the Hillary-the-hag fiasco...LYING which precipitated his dismissal last night when U.S. Attorney General JEFF SESSIONS was finally shown pluperfect proof McCabe had committed federal felonies and had to be raised up as an example...indicted...prosecuted...and...imprisoned.
As the shells burst and boomed...standing forth delivering Late Rites and encouraging the rest to fight onward...ignore machine gun...bullet...and...doom...onward fight...such the cheer of fightin' Father Finney. And so it was in every war that has ever been...until now.

Yes...folks...war can be fought with drone and bot...machines which fight on the air...across mountain and canyon...battle zones everywhere. Yes...the advent of the competition on to speak...each nation attempting to impose their own version of "big time Pee Wee" when it comes to war.

Imagine 100,000 drones flying into an area their mission to bombard anything found moving and you've just sensed the chaos and horror of BOT-WAR...a battle fought across the planet...every corner...every roof top some kind of launch pad or filling station for airborne menaces of all formats and forms. Or...imagine having to radar-check the sky to assure yourself there aren't any WAR-BOTS(tm) hovering...waiting...striking and never asking "why"...armed for attack...ready to deliver death..."NEVER MISS" the motto painted across every drone's glide...some kind of Fightin' Father Finney've just be in a DRONE ZONE...a place* where nothing lives alone.
*In the DRONE WAR...the BOTS kill only people and do not destroy infrastructure. As where an army might take 6 months to retake a place...East Ghouta...for example...BOTS clear the entire site within 72 hours...if it's's if the biblical Angel of Death descended and reaped its grim harvest. Yes...there is some discrimination between friend and WAR-BOT(tm) doesn't enter and slaughter everyone in the room. But what that "difference" might be a secret kept until it's time to "boogie" coin a MUSLIM phrase.
Folks...Russian President Putin will defeat all comers and become the leader of Russia once more. As for the anti-Russian nonsense in America...vehemence stirred and perpetuated by a "fake-news" MASS MEDIA...such is a tempest in a tea to speak. Most Americans don't care about Russia and know Hillary-the-hag and her scurvy crew of miscreants and stooges...not the Russians...attempted to RIG the 2016 elections.
Folks...John Brennan...Obama's stooge at the CIA...erupted with anger when he heard Andrew McCabe had been fired for LYING when TRUTH was sought. "How dare President Trump fire McCabe...a loyal socialist...someone who'd kill his own mother to advance the cause. He was an inveterate LIAR...but...he did his master's bidding without question."
Former CIA Director John Brennan complained about being struck with dung-filled bags designed to splatter human excrement all over his Brooks Brothers' suit and Italian shoes. "I can't go anywhere without some bag from somewhere I can't see striking me and ruining another suit. My bodyguards are mystified and can't seem to locate the source of the barrage. I hate Donald J. Trump. I know he's behind this DRONE ASSAULT. How they hover over my whereabouts waiting to drop another dung-bomb can't be bodyguard company says they are too busy to baby-sit for "in-coming".
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Badges of courage or incidents of foolhardiness. Such the choice when assessing the history of the BUSH-CHENEY WAR...the longest war ever fought by America...a war not intended to be won...only to be a dumping ground for old ordinance...a place to train personnel...and...test new weaponry and tactic. Those troops who fought* in that WAR are to be commended for their perseverance and fortitude.
*Imagine RULES OF ENGAGEMENT where the rag head with his AK-47 can shoot at the American but the American cannot use the 50 caliber machine gun to fight back. Why? The mullahs say the 50 cal's wound is too big.
"Shane...come back...Shane...don't go." Such was the thought running through Sam Nunberg's mind as he walked into Robert Mueller's office to give up fabricate...falsify...and...lie as ROBERT MUELLER wished. And when he did...he'd violate one of the rules recited eloquently in CARLITO'S WAY: "Never give up your friends, Dave." does a scumbag such as Andrew McCabe have a pension worthy millions of dollars? It's imperative he be denied that pension and that every other potential government pensioner in the U.S. Injustice Dept. and the so-called FBI be identified and their pension taken forthwith. They don't deserve a pension greater than what the lowest taxpayer could afford. How is it that a scumbag such as McCabe has such a GOLDEN PARACHUTE? It's wrong and  it must be corrected by taking those pensions away forthwith...and...telling these public servants service alone is sufficient remuneration and due to their selflessness it was understood they'd gladly give up their pensions.
OBAMA-CARE was heralded as the 1st step to total enslavement of the producer. Recall Obama bragged about forcing people to pay for the illness of others...framing the WHIP AND CHAIN as his way of making "whitey" pay for the sins of the past. Instead of condemning Obama for such racist idiocy...the mass media commended him as "enlightened and wondrous".
In times past...Andrew "scumbag" McCabe* would have been strapped to a pillory and whipped until his back bled and he screamed for mercy. Andrew McCabe deserves worse treatment that even that...but...such penalty would satisfy most Floridians. He should be denied any pension and be somehow marked for public derision. What a jerk!(WSJ A-14;03-16-18).
*McCabe was caught concocting evidence and attempting to undermine TEAM-TRUMP using LIES and DECEPTION. He deserves to be kicked and slapped every day should he be found in public...his personal property vandalized...until he realizes he needs to leave America and go to a place more fitting for critters such as he...perhaps North Korea.
At the "no-gun" rally...the crowd was slaughtered by a maniac with machine gun who attacked once he saw the guards take their afternoon coffee break. As people died...they were heard asking where were their guards...the ones who were supposed to protect them...the ones who promised if the audience gave up their guns that guards would protect where were they?
Conor Lamb defeated Saccone in a less than 1000 vote margin of victory. While there won't be any real examination of the ballots...and...names attached to's likely LAMB was granted victory by the "dead-vote"...those people who recently died but whose names have not been washed from the voter-rolls. As Conor told a cub reporter when asked about such help,"It's likely those troubled souls returned for one last bout with TRUMP."
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It's needless expense to have U.S. troops in South Korea. The DMZ is so saturated with mines and other anti-tank...anti-jet...anti-ship...anti--anti...anti...that there isn't any way for the North Koreans to flood into South Korea. Similarly...the barriers the North Koreans erected to stop an invasion from the South are so formidable...even the North Koreans cannot cross without suffering immense casualties. Hence...stalemate and no reason for U.S. troops to be lingering there. VIVA TRUMP!
A stress test was being conducted on the sky bridge at Florida International University(FIU)...testing if the sky bridge could withstand the hypothetical 200 mph wind and the 10,000 foot high tsunami.

While it was obvious the sky bridge as built was doing just fine delivering students safely across an 8 lane highway...what wasn't as obvious was the advent of a deliberate attempt to force that structure to fail...if at all...during a time when cars were driving beneath it.

Of course...the culprits behind the FIU test-to-fail gambit were federal government employees whose mission to cause calamity.

Yes...folks...the same playbook that was used at the Gold King Mine explosion which poisoned the Animus River Basin for 2000 miles...was used to TEST-FAIL that sky bridge without that portion of the roadway blocked off.
U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) scrambled to get on TV so he could "milk" the calamity unfolding in the sky bridge collapse at Florida International University(FIU). Just as he did when Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School was attacked by Nikolas Cruz...NELSON ran to a TV camera so he could exploit the FIU get his MUG in the scene...insinuating himself in such fashion as to be on TV. He's a callous scumbag who'd kill his own mother to advance his power. What a jerk!
The sky bridge over I-95 at Florida International University collapsed. The design was a product of computer software that was also used to design man-caused climate change models. When asked if the glitch which delivered a flawed structure in Florida was also delivering nonsense when world doom loomed therein...FIU officials declined to comment pointing out those killed in the calamity needed to be identified before blame attached.
If Special Counsel Mueller were to plug-pull and declare the TEAM-TRUMP investigation over...he'd lose his income stream. This bloated-pig-eyed sack of dung isn't about to kill off his source of income. No...scumbags such as he...grab as much as possible...appearing sanctified and glorious...when...they're truly despicable wretches. Critters who turn out to be the opposite of what they justly seemed.
After much importuning...HERBERT DIESS came forward to underscore what President Trump was saying about European IMPORT-TAXES...with American cars suffering a 10% tax while the Europeans suffer only a 2.5% tax in America. Breaking with a tradition of "silence"...DIESS has taken that courageous step to declare "open trade" best...adding President Trump and Europe need to delete these taxes delivering to everyone cheaper goods and services. As Diess pointed out, "Prosperity granted by merely removing government from the otherwise unhampered market." VIVA DIESS! (WSJ B-3;03-15-18).
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When Romney put the family dog in a cage and strapped the mutt to the car's roof for a 10,000 mile drive...heartless was the label appended to such a miserable critter as Mitt "the nit" Romney.

When NIXON was caught accepting a puppy as an undocumented gift...he delivered the famous CHECKERS SPEECH.

And...when...PO-KEE-TOE...the French bulldog puppy...was put in the overhead cabinet on the United Airlines jet...a protocol violation...another dog-focused declaration bubbled forth.

Yes...the crying child tried to revive PO-KEE-TOE when the jet landed...sobbing..."WAKE UP...PO-KEE-TOE...WAKE-UP"....and...the 10,000 bystanders everyone denouncing United Airlines as BAD GUYS...but...UNITED AIRLINES came through with another CHECKERS SPEECH,(WSJ B-3;03-15-18).
Caesar: The Ides of March are here.
Soothsayer: Aye...great Caesar...but...not yet gone.
From obscurity came YE JIANMING...making deals in Africa...Europe...and...Russia...paving the way for ONE ROAD ONE BELT...the vision* of XI DADA. However...YE forgot his mission's purpose in every way...and...for the short-step...he's been be replaced by a lady whose background as secret as the organization to which she belongs. Her moniker: MADAME MING.
*Chinese President Xi Jinping has an incredible vision: ONE ROAD ONE BELT. President Trump has asked "how" America might become part of that endeavor.
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Although this BLOG has been critical of ALAN BLINDER...the man does have a point when it comes to the steel and aluminum tariffs. Open flow of goods and an otherwise unhampered market...delivers the best of the best for everyone. Why BLINDER has stepped out of his socialist shell to support a free-trade idea is a surprise...but...a welcomed one, (WSJ A-19;03-15-18).
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U.S. Senator Corey Booker, (D.NJ) admitted cowardice for his refusal to stand up to scumbag-Schumer and demand bigger tax cuts...particularly for those people Booker thought needed his help most. Instead of joining the Republicans and exacting even more tax cuts and corresponding spending cuts...BOOKER chose to align himself with freedom-hating Democrats gambling such alliance would keep him in office so that he doesn't have to flip hamburgers in Phillie,(WSJ A-18;03-15-18).
 When asked "why" a mediocre porn star such as Daniels would ever be given such a stage in 2018...KELLYANNE CONWAY...after primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...replied, "Busty Stormy Daniels lured Donald J. Trump into her den of sin...and...Donald...not sensing the trap...went long for the ride. Nowadays...with himself in the spotlight and anything he ever did raised up for criticism...STORMY has been given a stage and an eager audience...ready to receive "dirty laundry".

U.S. Rep. Saccone(R.Pa) might very well lose to Conor Lamb. Presently there are 641 votes between them with Lamb crowing that such is sufficient to proclaim himself the winner.

Somehow...District 18 voters felt almost evenly that their respective candidate would fetch the best for them...with LAMB generating those extra few votes which usually means victory or defeat.

While the MASS MEDIA isn't saying as's OBVIOUS Conor Lamb won't be able to hold on to the seat since he will be compelled to spout socialist dogma...refuse to support more tax cuts...and...speak about shackle and whip as if they were always a part of his platform.
If it weren't so obvious...perhaps...humor might be found...but...folks...the Russian Government did not meddle in the 2016 election. Indeed...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told the the final days of the 2016 contest...that TRUMP should stop whining about "election rigging" was improbable to consider the feat anything but a preposterous undertaking.

However...Hillary-the-hag and her merry band of cutthroats and charlatans did all they could do to "rig" that contest's outcome. They paid Russians $12 million to assist Chris Steele in preparing a SLAM-BOOK on Donald J. Trump...a dossier of sorts...intended to be deployed in barrage format so whatever "lead" TEAM-TRUMP had in the final days of the 2016 election cycle...this salacious and scurrilous MEMO would be raised up by the pro-Clinton MASS MEDIA to undermine and siphon off.

CRIMINAL ACTS WERE COMMITTED BY TEAM-HILLARY and TEAM-OBAMA in the 2016 election. However...because of the LEVIATHAN nature of the federal government...they could commit heinous acts with impunity insulated from the prosecution anyone else outside that "circle" would suffer. And to prove this supposition...just watch some TV news and you'll see the focus is on RUSSIA and not on OBAMA and CLINTON.
Some of the supporters of Conor Lamb in District 18 are going to be surprised when he turns into a raving socialist demanding their wealth be dedicated to his vision of "social-justice". When Conor was asked about his vision for pushed back from the podium and asserted, "Since I'm a closet-socialist, I'll slowly destroy liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey".
U.S. Senator Ron Wyden(D.Ore) said he wanted all wealth taken and socialism imposed. By everyone being equal in misery...his power and prominence would be enhanced as the unwashed masses begged him for food and shelter. The vision made his left leg tingle as he saw himself astride the slaves he'd make by using taxes to remove their sustenance leaving them only the rags he chose.

However...people heard of his inner need and began to explain "why" he was wrong. Every time he exited a federal building without an umbrella...he was struck by a dung-filled bag thrown by a displeased voter. Wyden's bodyguards were never around when the bags were thrown. It seemed they liked watching Wyden-the-scumbag duck and dodge only to be finally struck by one of those nasty...filthy...bags.
Somehow...the Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell,(R.Ky) has permitted the Democrat-minority to slow-walk TRUMP OFFICIAL applications.

While the Republicans did not do it when they were in the minority...the Democrats have chosen to slap and kick as much as possible knowing the next time they're in the majority, if ever, they'll pass a 51% RULE and eliminate the minority altogether...something McConnell should have done on DAY-ONE of the Trump presidency so that the 20th Century NANNY STATE could be dismantled forthwith despite Democrat tantrum and panic.

McConnell chose to give the Democrats a way to thwart TEAM-TRUMP...a nasty betrayal...but...when you look at Mitch...his visage is that of a tremble-chin traitor.
Russian President Putin and his team weren't involved in the poisoning of the former Russian spy and his daughter-Yulie.

Yes...a Russian poison was used.

And...that the OPEN-AND-OBVIOUS direction-giver.

The culprit wished for the British and its allies to blame Putin.

Indeed...Putin is campaigning in Crimea right now and his enemies knew his schedule and knew "how" to create a FIRESTORM...something Putin-hating MASS MEDIA wizards can use to hurt him. has been said many times on this BLOG...President Putin is a TITAN...a mighty leader...and...someone whose passion and drama unparalleled. VIVA PUTIN!
U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill(D.Missouri) didn't vote for TAX CUTS...and...supported OBAMA-CARE. She has done little to nothing for Missouri. She calls the Missouri voters "cows"...and...laughs at how she can cull and care as she sees fit. Might the "show me" people finally evict this witch?
The short sellers are making a fortune off TEAM-TRUMP. The stock market goes up...and...down...and...those who manage predicting such changes in price are reaping spectacular benefit. One short seller made $1.2 million in less than 72 hours thanks to Big Don and his inimitable approach to life. VIVA TRUMP!
Short selling: borrow STOCK-X...sell STOCK-X when STOCK-X falls in price...and use those purchased shares to replace the ones borrowed...pocketing the difference.
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`Folks...Congressional Republicans haven't stopped looking for misconduct in Obama's administration. To the contrary...they're not going to stop exposing wrongdoing since their strong suit in the 2018 election cycle is to connect Democrats to the misdeeds of others. Yes...the MASS MEDIA will ignore most of the "connecting"...but such outlets as this BLOG will continue to throw mud and see if it sticks.
Kellyanne Conway was asked about the "too-close-to-call" Pennsylvania District 18 race between Lamb and Saccone. After primping with her IVANKA FACE KIT...she declared, "Conor Lamb said the Democratic National Committee promised 10,000 votes from "dead voters"...people who died recently but were still on the voter rolls. Yes...they're dead...but...their vote has one more time of it. While Republicans are repulsed at such morbid use of the dead...LAMB thought the idea clever and worth the gamble."
Stephen Hawking (1942 to 1918) came forward with an idea about BLACK HOLES. Using advanced physics and calculus...he fashioned a theory about time claiming that where there is infinite density...there is not any lapse of time. A BLACK HOLE...for example...has such density that its gravitational field is so strong that even light can't escape its pull. Hawking theorized black holes dissipated eventually...however...through radiation emitted at the event horizon...that spot where light can't escape any longer from the Black Hole's grip. While the evaporation might take 5 trillion years to be explained "why" there was still sufficient information* in the universe to keep it to speak.
*Mother Nature tried to make Stephen Hawking "shut-up" and stop revealing her secrets. Before Hawking died...he told the world that man-made climate change was NONSENSE...that he realized how such nonsense was being used to screw with truth and justice...and...he wasn't about to sit silently and permit such an idiotic myth replace his theory of time.
Democrat Conor Lamb declared his victory over SACCONE and told his supporters he would impose socialism and delete what little liberty remained. He thanked them for their blind loyalty and said he'd send them government-goodies as soon as he could. The crowd cheered boisterously. Here was a real scumbag who'd kill his own mother to advance the cause of socialism.
Of course...the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) and the U.S. Injustice Dept. could not be entrusted with the task of ferreting out "bad guys" within their own ranks. The risk of people using that platform for "pay-back" was too great even for Big Don to unleash. Hence...President Trump directed his spies inside those agencies to commence gathering data so that the "scumbags and rats" can be identified and eased out quietly...taken to a wooded area...and...directed: don't look back.
What if remote-controlled robots were on the lunar this very moment...digging tunnels and making enormous underground rooms the size of 20 football fields with 500 foot high ceilings? Well...folks...that kind of enterprise is afoot...but...its existence kept secret. As one of the investors pointed out, "Secrecy molts no feather....but...when that 50 miles wide rock strikes team will be safely inside the Moon waiting for the horror to pass."