Monday, March 5, 2018

14 or 1000

When Austrian steel producers realized their government had imposed* so much burden there was not any way to produce steel profitably if OLD WAYS continued to be used...they elected to modernize...add automation...robots...and...similar equipment until 14 employees could do what 1000 did to produce 500,000 tons.

In America...the VOESTALPINE AG model has been followed by micro-mills...small companies which use few employees and produce enormous amounts of "niche-steel"...tailored to whatever project for which they were contracted.
*President Trump knows TAXING IMPORTS hurts the consumer and protects dinosaurs from bankruptcy. one micro-mill owner said, "Why protect the dinosaurs at our expense. We modernized so that we could compete with China while the dinosaurs remained using the OLD WAY...a way which nowadays is too labor-intensive...too costly...and...too OLD to be competitive."