Thursday, March 8, 2018


Before a trial...the lawyer stands up and involes the rule of sequestration whereby the witnesses are admonished not to discuss the case or their testimony while awaiting their turn and to remain outside of the courtrom until called upon to testify. This RULE is designed to prevent "orchestration and deception".

However...Special Counsel Mueller lacks the judicial power to impose such a GAG DECREE. Hence...President Trump was entitled to speak to the witnesses who had been interrogated by scumbag-Mueller and his scurvy crew...the same bunch of jacklas who permitted* Hillary and her team to destroy their cell phones and computers.

Although entitled to inquire...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA is claiming Big Don's inquiry as to what Mueller was asking and the answers given thereto somehow amounted to OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. While that accusation is preposterous...the MASS MEDIA knows the "low-information voters"...those voters who absorb anything their told by their Democrat-masters...will believe TRUMP'S inquiry was tantamount to OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.
*Employees of the FBI helped crush some of the computers so that there would not be ANY WAY to track down and prosecute Hillary-the-hag and her merry band of scoundrels and knee-crooking knaves.