Saturday, March 10, 2018


When Kellyanne Conway was told she was unwanted on the campus of Yale or Harvard...that the student body would pelt her with dung-filled balloons and carry "hate-speech" signs...she stepped back and declared:
"Ubi non licet tacere quid cuiquam licet: "If silence is not allowed...what is anyone allowed" ...Such is what CREON...his chief counselor...said to OEDIPUS when Oedipus bade him speak. CREON: "Allow me silence. Can any smaller freedom be requested from a king?" OEDIPUS REBUKES, "Often the freedom of silence is more dangerous than speech to king and kingdom. Then CREON utters these immortal words: IF SILENCE IS NOT ALLOWED...WHAT IS ANYONE ALLOWED."
Naturally...the TRUMP-HATING MASS MEDIA didn't understand what this brilliant lady was framing when it came to the outright interdiction of contrary discourse at Harvard or Yale...both formally hallowed institutions which had forsaken the idea of freedom of expression in favor of "conformity and shove".