Saturday, March 10, 2018


Why should President Trump receive 100% of the credit for America's extraordinary turn-around?

As one wizard noted, "If any other person had won the 2016 presidential election...America would still be mired in OBAMA'S tribal socialist miasma...stuck in a web of red tape and onerous tax...the 20th Century NANNY STATE...using such tools of tyranny...mercilessly grinding away...shoving the producer deeper into despair and desperation as the producer struggles with an ever increasing GRAB by BIG GRIP GOVERNMENT."

Such the fate of America if not for the FIRST BRIGADES...those teams around the country whose mission to put Donald J. Trump in the White House and by 2019 deliver unto him a Congress that he could use to dismantle the 20th Century SOCIALIST MACHINERY and deliver America into the 21st Century...a place...where in an otherwise unhampered market...never can there be found an able-bodied pauper.

Yes...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA will do everything to stop TEAM-TRUMP from gaining a filibuster-proof Senate such that President Trump with such rubber stamp could delete laws and rules and deliver America from the clutches of the would-be masters with envious mobs...once and for all...sending the socialists back under rock from whence they came. VIVA TRUMP!