Monday, March 12, 2018

O.J. Simpson's confession nonsense

Folks...the son of O.J. Simpson killed both the wife of O.J. and that waiter outside O.J.'s house. Because O.J. was able to tidy up the killing by keeping his blood-covered son in a "safe-house"...O.J. knew...if he...O.J...were accused...he could beat that rap. He didn't do it.

As for that so-called CONFESSION that has been pushed all over TV...O.J.'s description of "how" the knife was used and from where the knife was drawn...all combine to show a BLOODY MESS...something O.J. was never accused of having on or about his his car.

Recall the "planted blood" that already had a preservative in it which was allegedly found in O.J.'s truck? The cops doctored the crime scene to ensnare an "innocent" O.J...never suspecting it was his estranged son who had committed those heinous murders. The cops were too busy framing O.J. and could not be bothered with OBVIOUS details which said the KILLER was someone else.
*The son was given those peculiar shoes...BRUNO MALIS. one time O.J. owned a pair. But he gave them to his son. O.J. never revealed that aspect of his "take-the-heat-for-son" gambit since the shoe print was NEVER made a big part of the prosecution's case. Kato Kaelin knew about the son's horrendous act so he agreed to cover for O.J. in the trial. his testimony...used a script from a 1930s movie where a lady on a phone tells the person on the other end that she just heard a noise as if someone hit the outside wall. That "mention" by KATO at the trial was done to create a half-baked time-line...further defending an innocent O.J.
KATO...KATO...go to McDonalds and get some fries
KATO...KATO...with McDonald burgers comes an alibi