Sunday, March 4, 2018


Bob chopped wood for years...selling his pile and living off his labor. One day as Bob was in the woods chopping away...up came inform him wood chopping now required a permit issued by the Forest Minister.

Bob...compliant and peaceful...went to the Forest Ministry to get a permit. He parked his truck in a 50,000 acre parking lot and saw in the distance a huge marble building...itself covering 500 acres and looming into the clouds.

After several hours of walking from one guard post to another...each time revealing identification papers...and...after climbing stairs...all 35,000 of them because the elevators were not operational...BOB approached the 20 foot high ebony doors...2 feet handles...platinum screws holding it all together.

As he came closer...crossing highly polished harwood floors...the doors opened into an enormous hall at the end of which sat BIG TODD TOADSTOOLE behind a cherry wood desk with enlaid pearls. By bangle and boom...BOB knew he'd finally reached the hall of honchos...the big boy spot...the place where he'd find out "why" he was required to have a permit to chop wood as he had done for 40 years.