Tuesday, March 6, 2018


How can a transfer of $130,000 from Mike Cohen to Mr. Davidson be "red flagged"...but...the conveyance of $12 million from Hillary's lawyer to the lawyer for Chris Steele and Fusion GPS not suffer the same scrutiny? The difference is as appalling as it is revealing of just how far the United States has slipped in terms of equal justice,(WSJ A-3;03-07-18).

Perhaps...as STORMY DANIELS said in a 2011 interview with In Touch Weekly...she did have a sexual encounter with Donald J. Trump in 2006. And...maybe...in the closing days of the 2016 presidential election...Cohen tendered the $130,000 to keep STORMY from breaking loose a ribald story of debauchery and clandestine interlude...but...none of that was illegal....although the payments from TEAM-CLINTON to CRHIS STEELE and FUSION GPS were illegal in the sense they were used to fund* an "election rigging" plot.
*The Australian diplomat who started the entire RUSSIAN-COLLUSION investigation was a close friend of Hillary and Bill Clinton and had donated $25 million to the Clinton Family Foundation. HUH? Recall CHRIS STEELE was paid to create a "slam-book" on Trump. That "dossier" was then used as a predicate to get a SPYING WARRANT which enabled TEAM-HILLARY and TEAM-OBAMA to eavesdrop on TEAM-TRUMP...an illegal effort which will eventually be prosecuted...maybe.