Friday, March 9, 2018

Seema Verma's duty

Seema Verma...leader of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services...knows OBAMA-CARE is a disaster* but she has a duty to enforce that socialist "whip-and-chain" because it's the law. When asked about her turmoil...she noted that in NAZI GERMANY there were many Germans who did not like the JEW LAWS...but...they helped to enforce them. They knew JEW LAW hurt people...nonetheless...they supported the REGIME. Yes...they knew it was wrong...but...they went along. It was the law. It was the JEW LAW and as law-abiding citizens they were "duty-bound" to adhere and follow the JEW matter how matter how Satanic...they were duty-bound,(WSJ A-2;03-09-18).
*Idaho is working on eliminating the GRIP AND GRAB of OBAMA-CARE...delivering a viable health insurance market that was non-existent due to the idiotic application of OBAMA-CARE. Yet... Verma has sent IDAHO a letter that says she plans on ATTACKING IDAHO because it won't follow OBAMA-CARE idiotic law...a law that is just as bad as the JEW LAWS.