Sunday, March 11, 2018


When Donald J. Trump felt warm him...came Stormy Daniels...a porn star if such can be so framed. Whatever happened between good taste...should off-camera remain.

Nowadays...however...Trump-haters want to splash whatever on anyone's stage...presenting them in nasty view...laughing when pelted in rage.

What a difference in MASS MEDIA treatment. The MASS MEDIA is tearing down Mike Cohn...Trump's lawyer...for delivering $130,000 of his own funds to Stormy Daniels as part of an agreement wherein Stormy would keep to herself the solace she gave Donald...when he needed it most.

In contrast...why hasn't anyone asked the lawyers for Hillary-the-hag how $12 million was drawn from various funds and delivered to FUSION GPS and Chris Steele to construct a "slam-book" on candidate-Trump by paying Russians to reveal salacious details about Trump's escapades in Moscow?

The freedom-hating MASS MEDIA...though...would never use the same investigative tactic or unleash such fervor to ferret out wrongdoing on the part of the Democrats since the MASS MEDIA is aligned 100% with the freedom-haters whose political mssion statement: impose* the NANNY STATE ON AMERICA.
*Folks..if the freedom-haters can stop TEAM-TRUMP from dismantling their beloved NANNY STATE...they can retain power and continue to push more people into dependency...thereby creating "vote-slaves"...servile supplicants who lick boot in exchange for master's freebie and favor.