Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Democrats will lose even more seats in Congress in 2018. Voters know the Democrats will increase taxes. They just saw Senator Chuck Schumer declare he wanted to RAISE TAXES and to spend money as they did when TEAM-OBAMA...of which Schumer was such an integral part...wasted $787 billion on what was later called BOONDOOGLE "shovel-ready" nonsense.

Why would any voter choose to RAISE TAXES? Yet...the Democrats are prepared to offer such promise such "whip-and-chain"...and...somehow...with the skilled assistance of the freedm-hating MASS MEDIA...gain power and impose their socialist Venezuela-like paradise.

To counter this expected onslaught of PROPAGANDA...this BLOG commenced funding FIRST BRIGADES in the same manner as was done in the 2016 victory over socialism...funding these determined people whose mission to arrive first with the most personnel and present TRUTH AND LIGHT...the stuff* that forces the would-be master with envious mob back into the hole from whence they crawled.
*While there is a 20% hard-core freedom-hating bunch...most Americans cherish their freedom and jealously guard it against intrusion. It's this difference in world the view of the parasite...the other the glimpse of liberation by the enslaved...that will continue to deliver this blessed land from the grip of MAMMON, (Matthew 6:24).