Monday, April 16, 2018
From several spots came components...all assembled and installed in Vero Beach, Florida at the clinic sporting the moniker: FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH(tm). Take for example the 86 year old lady who wants new this and that...and...has the $10 million to buy it...that 86 year old can return to a body of 40 years of age. The BRAIN also can be rejuvenated with several nano-applications that simply add back where something once was.

With the advent of the quantum computer and 3-D printing of human organs...the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH available if only there were some assembly plant where components might be received...assembled...and...installed.

Now there is such a place...but...the PRICE TAG is a hefty one...but...for virtual immortality* what's a few quid, eh Liz?
*Elizabeth Taylor died before the advent of this newest way to stay alive for 1000 years.

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