Wednesday, April 11, 2018


A 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm is the purpose of the Chinese and Vietnamese effort to trade with America. America...instead of welcoming such enterprise...American politicians and their cronies in various industries are raising barriers and depriving the consumer of the "best at least price"...the one thing which separates an unfettered market from whatever is bubbling forth in the minds of politicians.

Instead of an open market model...America is moving towards a FASCIST STATE. If steel and aluminum industries in America are being burdened with government "red tape and tax"...while competitors enjoy an unburdened environment...then...the solution is not to continue into the fascist remove the "hinder and hassle" that is stifling and preventing robust competition.'s true that bad ideas live longer than good ones. Socialism...for instance...creates a ruling elite stomping unwashed masses...while Eco-fascism delivers "tent-and mule". Such horror when finally noticed is the root of rebellion...unless...the MASS MEDIA also wishes such a miasma of misery and privation. Such is what you observe nowadays with the MASS MEDIA championing every "bad idea"...and...besmirching every good one.