Saturday, April 28, 2018


The sequencing of the human genome has all but been finished with only a few regions where quantum computing will be required to access those "for-now" blank spaces. It's been known for quite some time...for example...that the telomeres...the tips of chromosomes determine "aging". Each time the human cell regenerates...the telomeres grow shorter until there isn't any more telomere and not any more regeneration. The human body...comprised of such cells...from such inability to regenerate...evinces a condition which we call "aging".

If there were some way to retard the diminution of the telomeres...the aging process would also be perturbed. As one researcher in the SCIENCE DEPT. of this BLOG said, "Once we find the chemical that stops telomeres from growing shorter each time the cell regenerates...we will have discovered the secret to immortality. Imagine living 10,000 years."(WSJ A-11;04-28-18).
*There is a critter in the Mediterranean Sea that returns to its infant stage when food disappears. It literally returns from OLD to YOUNG. That DNA sequence which permits such a thing is also found in the human genome. How does the human trigger that mechanism to stop aging? That question is about to be answered.