Friday, April 13, 2018


Michigan Governor Rick Snyder...a freedom-fighting Republican...was asked about "why" he was discontinuing "free water" delivery to Flint residents. After some reflection and having read scientific reports about water quality restoration...he replied:

"During the OBAMA ERA...when there was an issue about water if West Virginia...a dam that was there for decades suddenly failed and released huge amounts of coal sludge. The DEEP WATER HORIZON calamity in the Gulf of Mexico was also sabotage and intended to help Obama destroy the fossil fuel production dynamic.

The idea was to deliver calamities to support whatever POWER-GRAB Obama wanted. But...the masters of the saboteurs got sloppy and sent some "goof-balls" to unleash another environmental calamity.

Take the ANIMUS RIVER fiasco for instance. It's a prime example of who not to send to perform sabotage. EPA Director Gina McCarthy dispatched "morons" to blow up the Gold King Mine and release a trillion gallons of toxic sludge into the otherwise pristine Animus River Basin. Her instructions were to do it in such a clandestine fashion* that the blame could be placed on INDUSTRY.

In Flint, Michigan...Environmental Protection people...all of them Democrats...were caught poisoning the water with lead. Before they attacked...they were told the MASS MEDIA would protect them as it had done in the GOLD KING MINE DISASTER...and...that their "help" would propel HILLARY CLINTON into the Oval Office.

Yes...folks...when these maggots were told socialism would prevail...these freedom-haters agreed instantly to assist. Of course...they'd help when their input would assure ECO-FASCISM would continue to overtake and replace liberty with what GINA "destructo" McCARTHY loved to call: "freedom-to-obey". we all know...FLINT, MICHIGAN water supply was POISONED with LEAD. It was an intentional POISONING. The pro-poison employees were told not to do what they planned but the doomsayers were pushed aside. There had to be a POISONING...the script called for such catastrophe...and...they were going to "goose-step" deliver."
*Of course...the POISONING that followed will remain hurtful for 10,000 emblem of what ECO-FASCISM can do when given power to impose.