Friday, April 13, 2018


President Trump tape recorded his private dinner with James Comey. On said tape there is not any mention of the dialogue James Comey reiterated in his now-infamous book to have occurred about the GOLDEN SHOWER event wherein President Trump many years before paid 2 hookers to climb atop the bed in which Michelle Obama slept...squat...and...urinate.

According to James that dinner...Big Don pointed out that he'd be in hot water with Melania if she even had a 1% idea that story was somehow true which he knew it was not. Not only did he demand loyalty from Jimmy-boy...but...he wanted the FBI'S imprimatur behind that assurance such atrocity never happened.

Of course...President Trump denied the Melania innuendo labeling Comey a "lying slime ball". As for Comey...he was clever enough to tell the world only he and Trump know if that story were true or not and he wasn't about to say his book was a LIE.

When Comey was confronted...however...about his LYING UNDER OATH to Congress...he smirked and said he was protected by the MASS MEDIA and the Democrats and he didn't have to worry about being indicted. He had dirt on too many people noting how Democrat Jon Corzine stole $2 billion from his clients and escaped prosecution because he had dirt he was willing to reveal.