Thursday, April 12, 2018


President Trump is receiving the same kind of "bad data" about Syrian military using Chlorine gas in Douma...that General MacArthur received about there not being any Chinese military within hundreds of miles of the FROZEN CHOSIN RESERVOIR. Of course...that "data about China" was intentionally and deliberately FALSE...and...designed to EMBARASS kill his chances of being elected office it was rumored he envisioned holding. Within a few days of that so-called "data"...MacArthur's troops were not only in retreat but a big loss was about to be suffered as a MILLION CHINESE TROOPS poured into North Korea.

It's OBVIOUS...the same kind of "run-aground-on-reef" scenario is afoot with President Trump getting BAD ADVISE...and...being told things that are OBVIOUSLY false. However...with the MASS MEDIA pushing this "STRIKE SYRIA" nonsense...coupled with this "bad data" might very well be...President did MacArthur...won't suspect as much and will go ahead and attack Syria...become embroiled in another quagmire...and...the Republican Party suffer mightily in the November 2018 election cycle as Democrats posture and declare they would never have put American troops into that meat grinder and that they would have pulled the troops out and not attacked Syria based on "false data".
*President Trump was informed by TRUMP-HATING "data-pushers" they were confident that chlorine gas was used and the Syrian military was the perpetrator. And...because President Trump does not suspect he is being LIED TO...he might dispatch some cruise missiles into Syria thereby inviting the Syrians to sink an American warship...down a few jets...and...begin World War the place Revelations described vividly.