Saturday, April 7, 2018


U.S.Rep. Nancy Pelosi as Minority House leader and Senator Schumer...Minority Senate leader...delivered CRUMBS to the taxpayers instead of great bounty. Pelosi even admitted the TAX CUT delivered "crumbs".

But the complicit MASS MEDIA never then castigated Pelosi-Schumer for the "crumbs" by asking them: "But did you not refuse to increase the 2017 TAX CUT...and...was not "small size of tax cut" due to your refusal to help delete hurdle and shackle preferring to keep the TAX MONSTER alive and at your disposal?

Had such question been asked...the socialist Democrat Party would have been eviscerated...and...rendered ineffectual for a 1000 years in all directions. It might very well be the Republican National Committee(NRC) will being to make this kind of POLEMIC a national theme so that all Republicans can declare themselves aligned with making America great again. VIVA TRUMP!