Saturday, April 14, 2018
If Hillary-the-hag LIED...her effort would be commended not condemned. Likewise...when JAMES COMEY* was caught LYING UNDER OATH...again...he was congratulated not crimped and bashed. Similarly...assistant U.S. Attorney General ROD ROSENSTEIN in 2016 pushed a FISA WARRANT he knew to be based on LIES...yet...he's still employed and called righteous and forthright. As Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer acknowledged, "What can I depends on who you are. Some people can LIE and get away with it...while others are stomped."
*James Comey was FBI Director during the OBAMA ERA and insulated Hillary-the-hag from criminal prosecution including permitting hard drives and cell phones to be destroyed. He dispatched "stooges" to interrogate Hillary and did not place her under oath and did not have any transcriber there to take down what was said. Comey also refused to investigate CLINTON BUSINESSES...and...FOUNDATIONS since such an effort would have brought down 99% of the Democrat Party. Ouch!

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